Let’s Find Out Who is Now the Leader of 2PM!


Details About The New Leader of 2PM!

Who missed the powerful South Korean boy-group 2PM? It’s been a while since the last time we were seen their performance on the stage! Some of 2PM members had gone to do their military service, which is why people have been waiting for their next project. Channel Korea will give you the details about 2PM, so stay tuned!

Jay Park, who is famously known as one of the 2PM members, was chosen as the leader when 2PM debuted in 2008. Sadly, Park decided to leave the group in 2010 and returned to USA. Who leads the group now? Channel Korea has introduced you the powerful boy-group 2PM and all the details about their new leader!

2PM Debut with Jay Park as The Leader

2PM Jay Park

As already mentioned, 2PM was debuted in 2008 with seven members: Jay Park, Jun. K (Junsu), Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, and Nichkhun. Their debut song was the hit single 10 Out of 10. At that time, Jay Park was chosen as the group’s leader for several reasons, such as the fact that Jay Park was the oldest of the members and also the other members of 2PM admitted that Jay Park was the most talented one in the group.  He also came from the U.S. and already had experieince in the entertainment industry.

Jay Park was associated with some music videos and had the main role in some singles. While Jay Park was the leader of 2PM, he and the other member debuted with the single 10 Out of 10, followed by the next single, Only You, which was featured in their first mini album, Hottest Time of the Day. Everything went well until some issues arouse around Park’s leadership in the middle of 2009.

Jay Park Leaves 2PM


In April 2009, there was an issue that involved Jay Park. There was a news story saying that when Jay Park was still a JYP Entertainment trainee, he had said that he disliked Korea. He said it on his personal MySpace account in 2005.

The posts was leaked when someone hacked his aacount. The news went out of control and caused some of Korean media to misinterpret it. Due to the ensuing scandal, Jay Park released an apology for it. A lot of people who were angry his posts, and some of them forced him to out of the group. But, JYP Entertainment revealed that Jay Park was remaining in the group. Eventually, Park decided to leave the group in 2009 and returned to USA to calm the situation down. Park also said that he would learn more and study music to improving his ability.

Then Jay Park made an apologyto the other members of 2PM, saying he was sorry for not being good enough as an leader and also as a brother for 2PM’s members. He said that he was really sad to leave the group, but since a lot of people were talking about his scandal and the misinterpretations were getting worse, he thought that leaving the group and returning to the USA was the proper decision at that time.

2PM Without Jay Park as Leader


Right after Jay Park’s departure as a leader, JYP Entertainment revealed that 2PM was otherwise remaining the same and they would continue their career as a six-member group. Since the Jay Park’s departure was a sensitive topic at that time, 2PM went on a hiatus for a while until things settled down.

Even without Jay Park, 2PM continued to successfully chart its own path! After their hiatus for a while, the group released their first studio album, 01:59 PM. Park’s face wasn’t on the album’s cover, but his voice could still be heard in the music. As the title song, 2PM also released a music video for Heartbeat, although Park wasn’t in it.

One of the emotional moments after Jay Park’s departure was when 2PM was performing Again & Again at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2009, the line part of Jay Park’s voice was still heard over the speaker, and a spotlight was shone over what would have been Jay Park’s position.

2PM showed people that even though the number of members had been reduced, they were still successfully raising their career and received a lot of great achievements. The group continued to release albums and they spread their wings into an international debut! 2PM was also involved in a lot of television hosting and endorsements with some famous brands, such as EXR, some of Thailand’s commercial film, Samsung mobile phones, Paris-Croissant Food Company, and many more!

Who is 2PM’s Current Leader?


So, who became 2PM’s new leader? Let’s find out together!

After Jay Park’s departure, the position of leader was left vacant, which meant 2PM had no leader at that time. Following his departure, 2PM just continued without a specific leader, up to the present day.

The main reason a new leader was never appointed was because the rest of the members  thought that the leader position only matched with Jay Park. But still, even though without a leader, 2PM remained solid and united!

Latest News


What’s the latest news from this popular boy-group?

In 2017, 2PM suspended some of their entertainment activities for several reasons, one of them was the military service! Since some of the members have started their obligatory military service, fans have been having to wait for a while for another upcoming project.

Taecyeon was the first member to complete his military service in May, 2019! He also planned to meet with Nichkhun after their meeting in Nichkhun’s first solo concert, HOME, and Chansung, even though he hasn’t met with Junho who was busy with the drama schedule. Meanwhile Jun. K and Wooyoung have also been completing their military service. Following Taecyeon’s discharge from the military, Chansung also revealed his farewell to fans on MBC’s Video Star since he also about to enter the military soon.

But don’t worry! Nichkhun used to promise the fans that 2PM would comeback right after all of the members were discharged from the military service. So, prepare yourself and let’s wait patiently for 2PM’s comeback!

Well, that was all of the details about 2PM and their leader and latest news! Even though we won’t be able to see their performance on the comback stage any time soon, let’s hope for all of the members to return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible! Don’t forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!