2PM’s Junho: Profile, Facts, Military Enlistment, etc.

Junho and Kim So-eun in Music and Lyric


Music and Lyrics is a Korean variety show program that aired on MBC, which brings together two male and female couples as an entertainer. Usually, one is a famous artist and top musician where they will be given a mission to make music and lyrics for a song within 30 days. This variety show is expected to spread the “love” in this case.

In the episode aired on April 1st, 2012, Junho and Kim So-eun were chosen to be the couple in Music and Lyrics. Junho and Kim So-en went on a trip by train to Jeonju to help So-eun get inspiration to write the lyrics of their song.

At first, Junho felt awkward because their first meeting felt quite flat as the two of them were very nervous. But, after arriving at Jeonju, they both went to a restaurant and enjoyed a makgeolli date. They drank together and they talked to one another with the truth. Kim So-eun asked him about his first impression of her, and Junho answered, “I think you’re a very soft person. There’s a pleasant atmosphere? I feel such a thing. Your eyes are so bright.”

Then Junho teased her, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re good or not, we will find inspiration at the end.” Hearing Junho’s answer, So-eun responded, “You’re wrong. I am good indeed.” Then they drank the makgeolli together.


On April 8th, 2012, they went somewhere. Junho accompanied her to go camping with the aim of completing their song production process. Junho sat in the driver’s seat, while So-eun sat next to him. Every time the car would stop because of the road bumps, Junho’s hand reflexively would hold her body, so she won’t get hurt. Very sweet, Junho!

It turned out that Kim So-eun admitted that she melted because of Junho, and she even realized that whenever Junho was like that, he just wanted to protect her. Kim So-eun said that Junho is very elegant, sexy and like a real man. Not only that, they both increasingly had sweet chemistry.

Junho’s Dating History and Ideal Type


This 2PM talented member is often referred to as a single man. From the beginning, he was often rumored to be dating beautiful celebrities. For example, in 2012, he was linked with fellow artist Kim So-eun. They played together in a television drama, Music and Lyrics.

Because of that, he was rumored to have a special relationship and date Kim So-eun. Hearing this, he responded professionally by not saying yes or no.

He’s the type of person who is shy, so it’s difficult for him to approach women. Even so, he has a type of ideal woman that he will date eventually. He doesn’t like a woman who uses harsh words, and he prefers to be given a letter compared to food. Because food will disappear and there’s no comparison to a love letter that can be read many times. He also likes women who want him to be the father of their child. Junho is open about his desire to get married when the time is right and then live happily with the right person for him.

Not only that, but actually Junho is the type that would like to match his personality to the girl he likes. Meaning, that if the woman is calm, he would be calm as well. On the other hand, if the woman is talkative, he is going to compensate for the purpose of matching his personality to the girl’s.

But Junho admitted that finding a girl like that is quite difficult. Therefore Junho says that he will pair with someone who will meet him three times.

Junho’s Enlistment in the Military


On May 30th, 2019, Junho began his service in the military but not as an active-duty soldier. JYP Entertainment said that Junho would undergo his military service as a public worker; this is because Junho has an injury to his thigh, and he has a history of severe injuries to his right shoulder after practicing acrobatics. He received surgery and was diagnosed with a verbal facture. He consistently underwent rehabilitation treatments and exercised but his recovery wasn’t positive.

For this reason, Junho received a grade 4 in the physical examination of the Military Labor Administration and underwent compulsory military service by becoming a public service worker at a facility with a disability. Junho is rumored to be discharged from his duties on March 4th, 2021.

Junho’s Activity on Instagram and Most Recent News

Although he is in the military service, he isn’t an active soldier who goes into direct field. In the midst of his duties, he still takes the time to post photos on his personal Instagram account.

In addition, Junho posted his pet that is a cat where everyone knows that he really loves this cute pet. On December 2nd, 2019, he posted his lovely cat on Instagram, and in his previous post, a week ago, he showed off his cat photos as below!

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꼬리가지고 잘 논다

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Beside his activities with the cat, on November 30th, 2019, there was a piece of news about him and he was known to make a donation by donating his car to a disabled facility. But apparently, he donated it at the end of October. The famous idol and singer donated a Hyundai Grand Starex car, where the car has a price of 30 million won. This happened because the service facility for disabilities needed a vehicle, and Junho gladly donated his car. Someone said that Junho didn’t want his good deed to be known by many people.

It turns out that, in addition to being a multi-talented artist, 2PM’s Junho also has a noble and generous personality. That was all from the article about 2PM’s Junho. So, if you love Junho you can kindly share your thoughts in the comment section!