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Meet Another Idol-Actor, 2PM’s Hwang Chan-sung

In 2008, there were many boy groups making their debut. One of them was 2PM, a boy group under JYP Entertainment that is currently consisting of 6 members, and they are Taec-yeon, Nickhun, Jun.K, Jun-ho, Woo-young, and Chan-sung. 2PM is known for their attractive performances. They often do martial arts or other extreme and difficult choreography. All members of 2PM have made their acting debut, and one of the most active members in the acting industry is the youngest member Chan-sung.

Chan-sung made his acting debut in 2006 through the comedy-drama Unstoppable High Kick. Should we see his top movies and dramas?

Chan-sung’s Top Movies


Wasureyaki is adapted from Japanese manga and Chan-sung will play as Yoon Tae-oh along with a young Japanese actress, Ono Ito.

The movie is about a love story between Yoon Tae-oh (Chan-sung) who is working as a veterinarian and falls in love with his childhood friend that he just met again, Miyuki. The story takes is using the myth when we make a pray when the last snow falls, our wishes will be granted.


A Dynamite Family

A Dynamite Family is a movie with a strong family feeling. Chan-sung is playing as Soo-geun along with other actresses and actors such as Yoon Sang-hyun, Song Sae-byeok, Lee Ah-lee, dan Kim Ji-min.

The movie is about Soo-kyo (Yoon Sang-hyun), Dong-soo (Song Sae-byeok), Soo-geun (Chan-sung), Hyun-jung (Lee Ah-lee), and the youngest among all played by Kim Ji-min that are siblings from different marriages of their parents. One day, they are all involved in a case, and through that, they become a real family and love each other just like real family.


Chansung’s Top Dramas

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Last year in 2018 there were many famous dramas and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is one of them. In this famous drama, Chan-sung also took part as Go Gwi-nam. He was not the main character but he played along with many famous actors and actresses such as Park Seo-joon, Park Min-young, Lee Tae-hwan, dan Kim Byun-ok.

The story of this drama is about Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) who is the son of a big company owner also the vice president of the company. He was rich, smart, and handsome, but unfortunately, he is arrogant. The only one that can melt him down is his secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) that has been working for him for years. Lee Young-joon thinks that Kim-Miso is perfect but suddenly she decides to quit the job.



Suspicious Partner

A year before, Chan-sung also took part in a famous drama titled Suspicious Partner. The drama was played by Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon, and Nara. Chan-sung himself was playing as Jang Hee-joon.

This famous drama is using a law-theme with a love story in it. The story itself is telling about Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) who is a judicial apprentice that mistaken Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook), who is a persecutor, as a molester when they were on a bus. Ji-wook then denied her accusation but Bong-hee doesn’t believe him.

Bong-hee then sees his boyfriend, Hee-joon (Chan-sung) who is working as a judicial apprentice, in a hotel lobby with another girl. Because she is mad for what she sees, she says that she will sleep with the next man she bumps into. After that, she indeed bumps into the man next to her and when she looks up, that man is Ji-wook. They then decided to have drinks until she passes out. In the next morning, she finds herself in Ji-wook’s place.

After 3 months, Bong-hee signed to work in Ji-wook’s office and during that time, she tells Hee-joon to pack up his things and get out from her apartment. She then goes to the convenience store and she witnesses someone stabs Hee-joon to death. Police then arrested Bong-hee for this murder. Ji-wook becomes the persecutor and is able to find evidence to prove Bong-hee’s innocence. Because of this case, he then quits his job and becomes a lawyer.

After 2 years, Bong-hee and Ji-wook meet again but they have to work as a rival. Ji-wook represents the defendant of the court case and Bong-hee represents the plaintiff.



My Horrible Boss

My Horrible Boss is a JTBC drama that was aired in 2016. Chan-sung’s role in this drama is as Nam Bong-gi. The other actors and actresses that played in this drama were Lee Yo-won, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Lim Ha-ryong.

The story of this drama is about Ok Da-jung who is the youngest team leader in a cosmetic company who is very ignorant and tempered. She has divorced 3 times and she still doesn’t care about what people say. In the same company, there is Nam Jung-gi. He is the section chief and he is very kind, thoughtful, and nice. Because of him, Ok Da-jung often gets mad.


Brilliant Thieves Royale

Chan-sung once again took a role in another country. If the first one was a movie, this time he is playing in a Japanese drama Brilliant Thieves Royale. His character is Jack and he plays along with other Japanese actresses and actors such as Tori Matsuzaka, Aya Omasa, and Seiji Fukushi.

This drama is about thieves who are competing to steal an Alexa-stoned ring in a party held by a major jewelry company. The ring is known as the “world’s greatest gem” and is said to be cursed, whoever comes in possession of the ring is believed to die early. These 4 thieves don’t know each other until they meet at the party.


KBS Drama Special: Your Noir

In this drama, Chan-sung got the main role as Hyeong-ju. The drama is about Hyeong-ju (Chan-sung) who is a gang member. He begins to follow a woman (Chae Jung-an) that turns out to be the wife of a persecutor (Hong Kyoung-in) who is investigating his gang. The woman turns out to be his old teacher which he liked, and he still has feelings for her.

Chan-sung plays along with actor Hong Kyoung-in and actress Chae Jung-an.


Social Media

Chan-sung once made an Instagram account with @Chansung2004 as the username, but he deleted it. Don’t worry, you guys still can get updates from him through his official Twitter


Latest News

This year, 2PM will be officially 11 years old! But, so far, there is no news of their activities or comeback this year. For Chan-sung himself, he is expected to enlist this year, but there is also no further information about this. But, even so, let’s keep waiting and supporting the group!