2NYNE: Full Profile, Songs, Dance Covers


Let’s Find Out More About 2NYNE!

Lately, the K-Pop industry has been drawing a lot of attention from people because of the emergence of new K-Pop idol groups. Because of that, K-Pop music is now known in almost every country, all around the world. Most K-Pop idol groups usually have at least four members, but there are also K-Pop groups that are made up of just two members, thus becoming known as a K-Pop duo, such as Bolbbalgan4, KHAN, Davichi, and many more.

And it would seem that recently, K-Pop duos are quite popular and many of them have begun to emerge. Among them is a duo that debuted in 2020, namely 2NYNE. There may be some of you who are still unfamiliar with these rookie artists, which is why Channel-Korea is going to introduce you with all the relevant information about them. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Full Profiles

2NYNE, or spelled as ‘Two Nine,’ is a pop-dance group duo that was debuted by Cowz Entertainment in March 2020. Their label Cowz Entertainment is also a new music label, and 2NYNE is the first group that the agency represents. So, to get to know them better you can check out the profile information of each member!



Name: Kyma (키마)

Date of Birth: –

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer.

Weight: –

Height: –

Blood type: –

Zodiac: –

Nationality: Korean

Kyma’s Facts:

  • Kyma looks more tomboyish than Jella.
  • In their single “TARA -Y-A,” Kyma has a bigger part of singing and rapping.
  • Kyma is really good at rapping.
  • Her voice is really unique and it has its distinctive characteristics.
  • Kyma looks energetic every time she is rapping.



Name: Jella (젤라)

Date of Birth: May 23rd, 1993

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer.

Zodiac: Gemini

Weight: –

Height: –

Blood type: –

Nationality: Korean

Jella Facts:

  • The member whose birthday was celebrated for the first time after debut is Jella, which is in May.
  • Jella has beautiful, cute, and sexy visual all at the same time.
  • She is good at dancing.
  • Although it hasn’t been officially said yet, but she is arguably said to be the visual of the group.

Music Video & Concept

On February 28th, 2020, 2NYNE uploaded a visual teaser as well as a group introducing video with the snippet of their song. Then, on March 1st, 2020, 2NYNE’s official YouTube Channel was updated with a video teaser of every individual member and the first member that popped up was Kyma. After Kyma, on the next day, that is on March 2nd, 2020, the 2nd teaser was uploaded and the last member Jella was officially introduced.

Then through their official YouTube Channel named 2NYNE OFFICIAL, on March 6th, 2020, their first music video from the first single with the title “TARA – Y-A” (따라와이야) was released. The concept that they used for this music video debut was a girl-crush concept with swag style, and the concept is very suitable for their music.

If we analyze the video, we can see that in some scenes, they are rocking the swag style, and in others, they appear like princesses from a faraway kingdom. In “TARA – Y-A” (따라와이야), their rap and vocal skills, especially Kyma’s voice, sound great and their dance choreography looks so cool!

And for those of you who haven’t watched the official music video of their first single, you can click play on the video below and enjoy!

Stage Performance

Starting from their debut until now, 2NYNE still haven’t made a stage debut. They have not made a performance after their debut, even though they are in the middle of promotions which should take place in weekly music programs broadcast on some TV channels. But on the day of their debut, the members did a performance in the JBTC variety show Sugarman Season 3. In the variety show, Kyma and Jella performed with ZAZA by singing the old song “In the Bus” that they had re-arranged into a new version.

Sugarman Season 3 is a variety show program that puts together two teams to compete against each other. Every team is given the challenge to sing old songs rearranged into new versions.

Kyma and Jella sang, danced, and rapped very well. From their performance, it was obvious that Kyma is very good at rapping, and Jella is very good at dancing. They both managed to impress the judges and make them enjoy themselves throughout their performance.

If you are curious about their appearance, you can see them by clicking play on the video below!

2NYNE also made a practice dance that they did in front of a bus stop, in accordance with the title of the song “In The Bus” that they sang in Sugarman Season 3 with ZAZA (자자). And here is their dance practice video X ZAZA (자자) “In The Bus”!

2NYNE’s Content On Their YouTube Channel

Before debuting, 2NYNE often did dance covers of songs from various singers or K-Pop groups. On 2NYNE’s YouTube Channel, they often upload videos of Kyma and Jella showing their dancing skills.

The first video uploaded by the 2NYNE OFFICIAL YouTube Channel was Kyma’s dance cover video. In the video, Kyma dances a song from KARD titled “BOOM BOOM,” and her dance looks really energetic, and also the outfit that she wears really reflects her personality.


Then, not only Kyma, but Jella also showed her dancing skills in the next video uploaded on their YouTube Channel. Jella dances the choreography of “Adios” by girl group EVERGLOW. Jella dances in a cute black outfit, and she dances with very agile and expressive movements, which you can check out in the video below!

They use their YouTube Channel not just to upload dance cover videos, but it also serves them as a bridge connecting them with their fans. They communicate with their fans by sharing various types of content of their activities, such as dance practices, behind the scenes footage of their dancing or other activities, and their greeting videos.

They also did a popular dance challenge in early 2020, which is Zico’s song with the title “Any Song.” So, here is their video of #AnySongChallenge uploaded on their YouTube Channel, 2NYNE OFFICIAL.

Latest News!

Seen from all of 2NYNE’s social media, it seems like there hasn’t been any information about their schedule going forward. But based on their official Instagram account @2nyne_official, they actually share their activities which, most of which are dance covers.

On their Instagram, the members often share their daily lives uploading photos of them. Such as on June 16th, 2020, @2nyne_official posted members’ photos after doing a shooting, and they went to a café to buy a drink and chill for a while.


A few months earlier, member Jella had her birthday and she celebrated it with her fans by sharing a photo of herself with a birthday cake. She additionally, uploaded a video where she extends her gratitude to her fans and everyone who celebrated her birthday.

That’s all the information about 2NYNE. Having in mind they are still a rookie group, some information about them is still not available. But don’t be sad, you can still learn about their activities through their Instagram and YouTube Channel.

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