2NE1’s Sandara Park: Profile, Movies, News, Wedding, Husband, Net Worth, and Plastic Surgery

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After 2NE1 officially disbanded in 2016, Sandara had to start her career again alone without the other members. In Talking Street, she was a little worried about starting everything alone, but the support from the people that loved her continued, and that must be a great support system for Dara.

In 2017, Sandara was a presenter on Get It Beauty, a variety show that shows you tips and tricks about how to be effortlessly beautiful and perfect. Sandara is also active as a YouTuber. she shares her activities such as business trips to foreign countries, her birthdays, and obviously about her fashion through DARA TV. On her channel, she’s also brought guest stars like Seungri, CL, and many more.


About her acting career, one of the films that starred her, 107th Night, was a semifinalist at the Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards and also will be shown there.

Recently, Dara also headlined in JTBC4’s variety show MIMI SHOP. MIMI SHOP is a beauty salon does makeovers for many people. MIMI SHOP is the result of Viu, a streaming platform for Korean and Asian dramas and variety shows that collaborated with JTBC4 to bring fans and Asian influencers on their variety show.

Sandara also does makeovers for some of the lucky people that go to MIMI SHOP. She was with H.O.T’s Tony Ahn, actress Shin So-Yul, model Kim Jin-kyung, and rapper Cheetah. The appearance of WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon also surprised people. They were talking about Korean makeup that has been affected by makeup trends in Asian, especially south-east Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.


Not just about makeup, MIMI SHOP always talks about life, dreams, and also love. The episodes of MIMI SHOP can be watched on Viu.