Long Hair vs Short Hair: Which One Do You Prefer For 2NE1’s Minzy?

Long Hair

Not permanently committed to short hair, Minzy has also tried various long hair hairstyles for comebacks and solo activities. Let’s take a look, shall we!

Comeback Home

In 2014, 2NE1  made a comeback with the album ‘CRUSH.’ They choose the song ‘Comeback Home’ as the title track, which was a pop number with some EDM thrown in. For this era, Minzy finally appeared for the first time with long hair. Want to know what kind of long hairstyle she had? Let’s check out in the pictures below!

2ne1 gong minzy

The first teaser picture shows Minzy with a pink color layered from dark to light, with a share of a dark purple hair color. She has this bob hairstyle, but some of her hair has a longer length (we don’t know if it’s her real hair or extensions).

2ne1 gong minzy

In the next teaser, Minzy appeared with long hair in a high ponytail hairstyle. But this time, her hair color was more of a dark red rather than a pink color. Also her bangs look more messy and side-swept. This look is included in half of the music video.

2ne1 gong minzy

On the ‘Comeback Home’ music video, Minzy also come out with a hairstyle like in the picture above. Here, she’s wearing another high ponytail and her bangs appeared longer, so they covered up half of her left eye and face. So which one do you prefer, the messy bangs or long bangs?


2ne1 gong minzy

After her departure from 2NE1, Minzy started to pursuing a career as a solo artist. In 2017, she debuted under Music Works Entertainment with her first album, called ‘Minzy Work 01: “Uno”‘ with the title track ‘Ninano’. Rapper Flowsik was featured in the song.

For her solo debut, Minzy first came out with a messy, medium-length hairstyle. Her hair color in the first teaser (which became the album cover) was black, just like the picture above. Then, in the second teaser, she changed her hair colorto blonde.

2ne1 gong minzy

In the music video, her hair appeared to be longer than in the teaser.

2ne1 gong minzy

To see more of her hairstyle and color, you can check out her official music video for ‘Ninano’ by clicking below:

After the release of her solo MV, Minzy held a press conference prior to her solo debut. Her appearance looked more feminine and girly,the opposite of her look from during her days with 2NE1.

From the picture below, we can see that Minzy has straight and messy blonde hair. The color included light blonde, light brown, and some bits of her natural black hair color.

2ne1 gong minzy
2ne1 gong minzy


On her ‘Minzy Work 01: “Uno” album, there is a song called ‘Superwoman,’ written by Minzy herself. For her appearance, she totally looks the same as she did in the ‘Ninano’ MV.

2ne1 gong minzy

This song also had a special performance MV, let’s check it out below!

All Of You Say

2ne1 gong minzy

In 2018, Minzy released her first English digital single, ‘All Of You Say.’ This song is also a gift for her fans, to celebrate the first North American ‘DANCE BREAK TOUR’. The song itself is a combination between reggaeton, K-Pop, and hip-hop.

In this comeback, Minzy’s hair color went back to black. Her hair is not that short, but not that long either. She also wore it with a slight wave.

2ne1 gong minzy

Here is a picture of Minzy’s picture taken while they were making the music video for ‘All of You Say.’ Her looks are totally on point, don’t you think??

2ne1 gong minzy

If you curious and want to know more about her latest comeback, just click this official MV for ‘All of You Say,’ below:

That was all for today’s article about Minzy’s short vs. long hair. Have you decided which one is the most suitable hairstyle for her? Leave your honest answer in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article with the other people, so they can catch up on the latest information about their favorite Korean artist with Channel-Korea.

Well, until we meet again, see you later everyone!