Steal The Look Of Gong Minzy To Get A Swag And Stylish Fashion Style!


Although she always appeared swag and tomboyish, Minzy also still often wore some feminine outfits and outfits. This time we will take a look at Minzy’s appearance in a dress, and see the feminine side of 2NE1’s maknae. Minzy wears a Jacquard-Knit Dress from Alexander Wang X HM that costs $91 and makes her look very fierce.

Minzy also often performs wearing a simple dress. She appeared to feature with Epik High on stage 1theK. She wore a dress from the 2014 Obzee Fall Collection. Not for the first time, Minzy looks very cool and fierce even when she is wearing a dress.

Not only when attending an event or performing on stage, Minzy also looks very beautiful in her dress when she arrives at the airport to go to the schedule that she must attend. This beautiful dress is a Blue Pattered Dress from Alexander McQueen that costs $975, and looks very elegant when worn by Minzy.

What do you think of Minzy’s appearance when she’s wearing a dress?

That is all for the information about Gong Minzy and her various kinds of outfits. The outfits that she successfully mixed and matched look very easy for us to copy, right? Well, let’s continue to support Gong Minzy and pray that she will soon make a comeback and promotion in the future, so that it becomes a cure for fans who miss her!