Did 2NE1 CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy Have Plastic Surgery? Before and after Photos

Minzy’s story of plastic surgery with before and after photo

Minzy is known to have done plastic surgery on her face. Quoted from other media, she explained that she has already done plastic surgery on her nose.

minzy 2

From the picture above we could see some different changes in Minzy’s appearance. It’s supposed to be that Minzy has done a nose job. The changes are very obvious.

Park Bom And Her Long History Of Plastic Surgery with Before and After Photos

Since she was as a trainee at the YG Entertainment, Park Boom has been known as the beautiful and cute one. She has a pretty face and she was also a very talented trainee at that time. She also has a proportionate nose and eyes. Actually, Park Boom already had an idol look before she did more than one plastic surgery, as we could see in the picture below.

PARK Boom1

From the picture above we could see the beautiful Park Boom before she decided to do plastic surgery. I personally regret her decision to have plastic surgery. I think she was already pretty without doing plastic surgery.

Ok then without further ado, we will move on to her picture after she did plastic surgery.

Park Boom before and after plastic surgery

We can see the changes in her faces from the eyelid surgery to the chin surgery. Many people think that Park Bom has had plastic surgery more than twice. The latest rumor spread among Korean fans is about the V-shape of Park Bom’s chin. As we can see from the picture above, her chin became more pointed than before. She’s also done a double eyelid plastic surgery to make her appearance become more cute.

Park Bom Was Done A Failed Plastic Surgery

While we are talking about Park Bom’s plastic surgery, there will be a lot of bad things that are said. Since her first debut until now, there have been a lot of changes in Park Bom’s appearance. Some K-Pop fans love her new appearance because it makes her instantly become a Barbie doll. But on the other hand, a lot of fans become frustrated about Park Bom’s plastic surgery. They think that her new appearance made her into a monster which is not cute anymore. Without prolonging, let’s move on to the picture!


As we can see from the picture, we can conclude that Park Bom has done her chin, nose, double eyelid, jawline, and also her bottom lips. Below is the other photo comparison of Park Boom’s plastic surgery.


So, what is your opinion about Park Bom’s plastic surgery? Do you think that she became like a Barbie doll or worse? It’s your opinion!

In South Korea itself, plastic surgery is a common trend, so it would be normal for a celebrity to have plastic surgery. I personally think celebrities are also human. There is a time when we want to be more pretty and handsome, and likewise for the Korean celebrity. So we have to be wise fans who always support our idols.