List of the Best Songs of 2NE1


Knowing More About 2NE1 Discography

Although they have officially disbanded in 2017, the music of YG Entertainment’s first girl group 2NE1 remains memorable and legendary to their loyal fans who are called the Blackjacks. Here in this article, Channel-Korea will provide all of 2NE1’s songs during their career, starting from their beginning in 2009 to their ending in 2017. So, stay tuned!

The Best Songs of 2NE1


Even though you are not the fans of 2NE1, you definitely cannot deny that 2NE1 had so many great songs with easy to remember lyrics that were great to sing along to.  Here we suggest some 2NE1 songs that you can listen to when you feel ecstatic or when you just want to chill out.

2009 – Fire

2009 – I Don’t Care

2010 – Go Away

2010 – Can’t Nobody

2011 – I Am the Best

2011 – Lonely

2011 – Ugly

2013 – I Love You

2013 – Falling In Love

2013 – Do You Love Me

2013 – Missing You

2014 – Come Back Home

2014 – Gotta Be You

2NE1 New Songs in 2016


Unfortunately, 2NE1 did not release any songs in 2016. Instead, they performed on Mnet’s ‘Asia Music Award’ in 2015 as the surprise guests, performing their debut song ‘Fire’ and their most famous track ‘I Am the Best’. On the other hand, in November 2017 2NE1 bid their fans farewell as they released their last song ‘Goodbye’. It was reported that the members of 2NE1 had flown overseas to film the music video ‘Goodbye’ on the 3rd of January 2017. Sadly, the youngest and also ex-member Minzy did not participate in the filming of this music video because she had moved to a different agency, leaving only the three members of 2NE1 namely CL, Park Bom, and Sandara Park to record the project. Even so, the fans of 2NE1, called the Blackjacks, are still able to hear Minzy’s voice in the song and Minzy’s old footage with 2NE1 in the video. Here you may watch and listen to 2NE1’s last song ‘Goodbye’ in the video below.