Here’s a List of 2nd Generation Fandoms Which Continue to be Active Now: Shawol, Cassiopeia, and More


The South Korean female duo, Davichi, are known for their golden voice and ballad songs that can make anyone’s heart instantly melt. Their fan base also includes a large number of people as they have already debuted more than 5 years ago. On January 24th, 2015, Davichi announced an important message for their fans through social media that they finally have an official fan club.

Davichi informed their fans, who were already following them through Facebook, and anonymously chose the fan club name DAVICHI CHORD and revealed that the ‘Chord’ actually represents additional notes of music. Kang Min-kyung also shared the meaning behind the fandom name since there’s the famous “Da Vinci Code” movies and books that have been so popular, they decided to make something inspired by the title and choose DAVICHI CHORDS as their fandom name.

Lee Hae-ri also stated that they realize the sort of people who like their music and they decided to draw attention by giving their fans an official fan club as DAVICHI CODE. They also have a fan manager to take care of the fans while they keep supporting them and also interact with them.

That was all the information about 2nd generation K-Pop fandoms that have continued with their activities giving a lot of support to their bias in every promotion they have done and will continue to do so in the future. Well, let’s hope that the large fandoms will keep doing their best and there will be no fan war with each other!