Here’s a List of 2nd Generation Fandoms Which Continue to be Active Now: Shawol, Cassiopeia, and More


For FT. ISLAND, they choose Primadonna as their fandom name since it has the same meaning as their 1st album’s song titled “Primadonna,” which means that their fans are the heroines of their life.

Just like any other group, FT. ISLAND also has its own official lightstick that must be brought by its fans in any concert to show their support for idols. The official lightstick that was a very important thing for Primadonna was named ‘Pentastick.’

Besides that, FT. Island also created the song “Memory” in the mini-album Thanks To which was dedicated specifically to their fans, Primadonna, on their 6th anniversary. The three and a half minute long video contains footage of behind-the-scenes activities of the members, such as Lee Hongki, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan, and Song Seunghyun, also footage of FT Island concerts.


SONE, or which is usually written S ♥ NE (pronounced Sowon (소원) which means ‘Hope’ or ‘Desire’), is the official fan club name of Girls’ Generation. The name SONE was chosen because it means that Girls’ Generation and fans are one (One inseparable part) ‘S (NSD) ONE‘.

But there are also those who say that SONE means Girls’ Generation will grant the hopes or wishes of their fans and hence is called Sowon (소원). SONE has the official fan club color, Pastel Rose Pink. Besides Balloons, Girls’ Generation also has an official lightstick. Girls’ Generation has different official Lightsticks for every concert or tour.

Even though some of the members of Girls’ Generation are no longer in SM Entertainment right now, such as Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Seohyun, SONE is still solid in encouraging members in their solo activities. As for Taeyeon, who is currently focusing on being a solo artist and held a concert a while ago, SONE was seen filling the concert venue and making Pink Ocean for Taeyeon.

Are you waiting for Girls’ Generation’s reunion with 9 members in the future?


After celebrating 1000 days of the release of their debut album, Teen Top still continues their joy by giving presents to their fans titled “Angel” right on day 1004.

Angels need wings [written by CAP]. This is all of you guys [written by Chunji]. I LOVE YOU ♡ [written by L.Joe]. This is an angel [written by Niel]. This is the angel I thought of when I was young [written by Ricky]. This is my heart [written by Changjo],” they wrote. Teen Top members drew the image of an Angel who was then sent to their me2day account.

The figure of Angel is a term for Teen Top fans whom they love so much. Angel is also one of the songs from Teen Top which has lyrics that go, “Girl, You come to me like a dream I will hold you like this and will never let go.” Teen Top really adores their fans who already support them since the very beginning until now and treat them as the special ones.

On their 9th anniversary, Teen Top went on an interview with News-ade and they gave an honest answer about their popularity status. Changjo answered, “We have released many things and we have experienced a lot of declines too. We have to go back up.” C.A.P said if they lost the fans, “(The number of fans) decreased by about 1/4 (25 percent).” Chunji added, “I think the public wants interesting music and is centered on the show when they think of Teen Top, so we try to go back in that direction.”


V.I.P stands for Very Important Person which means that fans mean a lot to BIGBANG. V.I.P is Bigbang’s official fan club which was officially announced shortly after Bigbang released their second EP album, Big Bang Is V.I.P, in 2006. In the album, there are also songs and titles that display the importance of fans for Bigbang (“V.I.P” and “La La La”).

Before there was a ‘Crownstick’, Bigbang fans provided support using a white item color handkerchief each time they performed. Bigbang’s special lightstick is also one of the characteristics of the V.I.P. In the shape of a yellow crown, or what they call a ‘Crownstick’. The crown means power, underlying Bigbangs continuous contribution to the music industry.

“Bigbang is the group I want to be with until I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.” Seungri stated. Fun fact from V.I.P is that they are among the laziest fans in voting, but for some reason, Bigbang always mostly win in competitions and win awards.


Hottest has a motto for its fan club that is “7 letters (in the Hottest word) to represent each different, unique member.” JYP also once explained that 2PM was the peak of the hot weather point and hope 2PM fans can also reach the Hottest point alongside with the meaning of the timezone itself. The symbol and color of Hottest is Pearl Black with 2PM engraving on their balloons and lightsticks.

Fun fact about 2PM’s fandom is that it is taken from the name of their mini-album. Besides being one of the biggest fandoms in Korea, Hottest also has an event where one of the former members of 2PM, Jay Park, was hit by controversy and Hottest still gives him support through the internet and social media.

At that time, Hottest was divided into 2 camps and the fans who supported 2PM’s activities without Jay Park were called Coldest. Besides that, 2PM members also had their own individual meanings for Hottest: “Hottest is the reason for music” – Jun.K, “Hottest is gratitude and thanks” – Taecyeon, “Hottest is an umbrella for my shelter” – Nichkhun, “Hottest is Busan (his hometown)” – Wooyoung, “Hottest is Power” – Chansung, and the last member, Junho said, “Hottest is Love.”