Details About 2AM’s Jinwoon’s Military Enlistment and Recent Controversy

Why Jinwoon’s Name Came Up in Jung Joon-young’s Controversy

Jin Woon’s name came up in this controversy because, first, he is a member of the cast of JTBC’s Hitmaker. Other members of the cast are former Super Junior member Kangin, Jung Joon-young, and model Lee Chul-woo. This show is about a group of people who traveled overseas to make music.


Joonyoung’s name blew up so fast because of his controversial KakaoTalk chatroom, ‘tokbang’, involving other stars such as former member of BigBang, Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun), former Highlight’s Yong Jun-hyung, former FT Island’s Choi Jong-hoon, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, and other celebrities. Three celebrities with the initials Singer K, Singer J, and Model L were suspected to be involved in the ‘tokbang’ group chat. The chat included discussions of rape, drugging women and having sex with women who were being filmed without their consent. This is one of the dirty screenshots from the chat in that group.


When Jung Joon-young filmed Hitmaker in Germany, he was suspected of soliciting prostitution. He sent a message to a controversial member of the chatroom, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, “Wow. Berlin is fun. I hung out with [censored] and [censored]. Haha,” and then he responded Jung Joon-young’s message with, “Hahaha. Crazy.” Jonghyun later asked, “Did you have sex? Hahaha,” and Jung Joon-young confirmed, “Yep. Haha. The girls are okay. There are a lot of them from Romania.” That is the translation of the chat below.


Because Jin Woon was filmed with him in Germany, there’s speculation that he also solicited prostitution, the same way Jung Joon-young did. Another reason why netizens think that Jin Woon was involved in this controversy is because the three initials used to name members of ‘tokbang’ chatroom that were already mentioned match those of Hitmaker‘s cast.

On the April 2 airing of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, the producers tried to reach out to the three cast members’ agencies for comment, including Jeong Jin-woon’s agency. Jin Woon’s agency stated, “Jin Woon is in the military. He hasn’t been transferred to a base yet. He’s in the training center so it’ll take a while to confirm. We didn’t know they were acquainted outside of the filming.”

The investigation of the case was still in process on April 4. L, J, and K were suspected to be part of this controversy, though the three co-stars did have a group chat room which included Jung Joon-young in the past. The police didn’t have plans to summon the three of them for additional investigation.

The latest update about this chat room is revealed by SBS’s Morning Wide. They reported that Joonyoung shared inappropriate photos of a flight attendant with his cast-mates. The police confirmed the reports on April 4, stating, “In 2016, Jung Joon-young shared photos of a woman’s body part while in an airplane in two group chat rooms. After investigations, we’ve found the chatroom members included the JTBC Hitmaker cast-mates.” 

In the Hitmaker group chat, the cast-mates responded about how humorous Jung Joon-young was being. None of them attempted to stop his bad behavior. But the police, as previously reported, already confirmed they will not be investigating Kangin, Jin Woon, or Lee Chul-woo for distributing illegal photos.

Based on this investigation, we don’t know if Jin Woon has shared any inappropriate images or videos there, and seem unlikely to find out because the police already stated that they won’t investigate him in the near future. But one thing that he did do wrong is that he didn’t stop his friend for doing something illegal and inappropriate.

Jiwoon’s Latest News


On July 25, several enlisted idols gathered together. They teamed up to make an army song while carrying out their mandatory military service. This project was put together by the ROK army. Jin Woon was part of this project, along with his fellow 2AM member, Jo Kwon. Other stars that participated in this song project include  SHINee’s Onew and Key, EXO’s Xiumin, Wanna One’s Yoon Ji-sung, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, BTOB’s Changsub, actor Kim Min-suk, and Lee Jae-kyoon.

The song won’t be stiff and masculine, but will be easy to sing along with. The purpose of the song is to promote the image of a “friendly military.”  A source stated, “I’ve heard that the recording went well because celebrity military officers with excellent skills took part.” They were seen working in an indoor recording studio. This song reportedly will be released in mid-August. Let’s wait for that!