Details About 2AM’s Jinwoon’s Military Enlistment and Recent Controversy


Let’s Meet The Rapper of 2AM – Jinwoon

Jin Woon has the position of main rapper and he is the maknae of the group. He was born in Seoul on May 2, 1991. Jeong Jin-woon (정진운) is his real name. He started acting in 2012, when he had a role in the popular drama,”Dream High 2. Fact about Jin Woon, He close with other 91-liners, his fellow second-generation idols. Jin Woon was under JYP Entertainment, moving to MYSTIC Entertainment when his contract with JYP expired. But don’t worry, even though the members of 2AM aren’t under the same agency, it won’t affect the group’s future activities. They firmly stated that the group would not be disbanding. The members even said that they would prepare for a new album as 2AM after all the members complete their military duties. So wait for it!

Jinwoon’s Military Service

Jiwoon applied to join the military band in January, 2019. His application was accepted and he enlisted on March 4. All of his fellow 2AM members had all enlisted previously. The first member who enlisted in the military was Lee Chang-min, who was discharged in 2014. Im Seul-ong followed Changmin in November, 2017, and Jo Kwon joined the military in August, 2018. He is the last 2AM member who enlisted in the military service, since, as we know he is the maknae of the group. He enlisted on the same day as SHINee’s Key and VIXX’s N, and they will all be discharged on October 7, 2020.

Before his enlistment, his close friends from the 91-liners, Soyou (former SISTAR’s member) and Nicole sent him a sweet send-off via Instagram on February 24. Nicole posted a photo of herself with Jin Woon and So You. She touched Jin Woon’s newly-shaven head and Soyou was smiling while making ‘v-sign’ hand gestures. In the caption, she wrote, “Friend, take care of yourself and come back safely.”

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친구야 조심히 다녀왕☺️

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After Nicole, So You posted another set of images, quoting the first few lyrics to The Private’s Letter, a popular military-themed song, which is often listened to in the days leading up to enlistment. But, sadly, we can’t see the post because she already deleted the photos from her feeds.

Jin Woon upload this photo on Instagram. The photo shows him saluting in military-style hair.

On March 4, The day of enlistment, he uploaded a photo on Instagram. He captioned it with  “I’ve never been gone for so long before, and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I first took down all of the lights. After seeing my desk that’s covered so it doesn’t get piled with dust, it feels weird [Laugh sounds]. I’ll return quickly and make a lot of great songs.”

On the same day he was also spotted at the Nonsan Army Training Center, the enlistment location. He briefly greeted the fans who came to support him.


Not only his fans, but BTS’s V also sent his support. In an Instagram live, Jin Woon said that V called him to wish him farewell. V told Jin Woon to go and come back safely, and Jin Woon expressed how thankful he was for that call.


Jinwoon’s Latest Project Before His Enlistment

Before enlisting in the military, Jin Woon had a concert in late February. He titled his concert as “Wait!!” and held it on February 24. Jin Woon commented, “The past 3 years, we’ve been running nonstop to create a band sound and mood that’s my own. I’ll be taking a break from that now, but before I go, I’ll be giving it my all. Please look forward to it.”


At his solo concert, the singer said, “I will quickly return and show you a more amazing image. Until then, please wait.

Before this concert, he made a comeback for his solo. Let’s check out!

All I Need is You

Jin Woon released his latest mini-album “Koong! Pop!,” in September, 2018. This album contains three songs. The title track is All I Need is You“, and the other two songs are  My Head Hurts (머리만 아파) and Shine. He took part in both writing the lyrics and composing the muscis for the album.

All I Need Is You is a song that talks about how he gets attracted to someone and he can’t stop thinking about her. He made this song based on people around his ages concerns about having a crush amidst a boring everyday life. Jin Woon wanted to make this song fun for  both him and the audience, so they can all sing along on the choruses with him. The music video is filled with retro vibes.


Let’s check out his music video!