Former 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon: Profile, Facts, Dating With 9Muses’ Kyungri, Etc.

Jinwoon in Dream High 2


One of the famous appearances of Jinwoon occurred in 2012 in the drama Dream High 2. He played the character of Jin Yoo-jin who was known as a student of Kirin Art School and dreamt of becoming a rock star, even though he had already started his career as a child actor.
Not only that, but he also sang one of the songs of the original soundtrack for the series titled “We Are The B” along with Kim Ji-soo, Jr., and Kang Sora.


jinwoon dream high 2

Let’s take a look at Jinwoon’s amazing performance in Dream High 2, here:

Jinwoon is Dating 9Muses’ Kyuri

jinwoon & kyungri

In 2019, Jinwoon surprised the fans by confirming his relationship status with former member of 9MUSES, Kyungri! Moreover, they have been secretly dating for almost three years since late 2017. The dating news was also confirmed by Jinwoon’s agency, Mystic Story that revealed that he and Kyungri became close after being involved in several programs together. The agency also said that Jinwoon has continued to serve his mandatory military service. Then Kyungri kept on appearing in TV broadcasts as well.

Meanwhile, Kyungri also revealed how they met. Previously, Jinwoon and she had a lot of mutual friends which lead them to meet each other. Then in 2017, they went to the same variety show and started dating ever since that. Not only that, but they also released a duet single “White Christmas” in December 2017 and appeared together in Guys Who Buy New Products which is known as a comedy variety show.

Even though they had to be separated during Jinwoon’s military service, he took the time during his break and went to a public date with Kyungri, and they didn’t mind the public’s attention at all.

And here’s a lovey-dovey picture of the couple: Jinwoon and Kyungri!

jinwoon & kyungri
jinwoon & kyungri
jinwoon & kyungri

Jinwoon and 2AM After Disbandment


After several years in the entertainment industry, each of the 2AM members decided to go their separate ways and pursue their own paths. In 2015, several members didn’t renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment such as Seulong and Jinwoon. However, the agency said that it didn’t mean that 2AM are breaking up. After Jo Kwon left the agency in 2017, it also marked the official disbandment of 2AM. This was followed by the military service schedule for each member such as Seulong in 2017, Jo Kwon in 2018, and Jinwoon in 2019.

Previously, Jinwoon and Seulong revealed their desire to more emphasize their acting careers, while Jo Kwon wanted to focusing on musicals as well as music. Even though they said that it didn’t mean that 2AM would be disbanding, pursuing their own paths and moving to another agency marked the group’s disbandment.


According to Jinwoon’s interview in 2016, it isn’t possible for the members to release a new album. But still, all of the members are in good terms with each other and often meet up. Jinwoon mostly meets with Seulong, since Jo Kwon and Changmin can’t meet often with them. They also revealed that they have been facing difficulties in discussing it even more since they were separated into four different agencies.

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