Ex-2AM Changmin: Profile, Facts, Cross-Dressing Scandal, Current Agency, Etc.


Who Is Lee Chang-min?

Lee Chang-min, or famously known as Changmin, achieved his popularity as a 2AM member! He is also known for his amazing vocal talent, being successful as a K-Pop idol as well as a solo singer. In this article, Channel Korea will get you up close and personal with Changmin. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

Changmin’s Profile


Lee Chang-min (이창민) was born on May 1st, 1986, in Busan, South Korea. Currently, he’s 34 years old (international age), or 35 years old (Korean age). He has 179 cm of height and 72 kg of weight, and his blood type is A. He is known as a South Korean singer and member of the popular boy band 2AM. Changmin was in charge of the position main vocalist and rapper in the group. As far as his education is concerned, he attended Gaepo Elementary School. Changmin also went to Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts.

Aside from being known as a singer, Changmin has also made several appearances in TV shows. He used to be the host of the cooking TV show Food Essay (2011), then appeared in musical project La Cage (2012), The Three Musketeers (2013), and Friends (2013). Changmin has been active in the entertainment industry from 2008 until the present day; he has been a part of JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment as well. He is also associated with the groups 2AM and Homme.

Changmin’s Facts


Here are several interesting facts about Changmin!

– Changmin’s nicknames are Pidol and Mongmin
– He is fluent in English, which is because he was raised in Canada
– Changmin finished his military service before his debut in 2008
– He was the oldest member of 2AM
– Before his debut, he used to be overweight and had several moles on his face
– Changmin loves to sing Trot songs
– His ideal type is someone with a kind personality, but not the innocent type
– In 2015, Changmin left JYP Entertainment and moved to Big Hit Entertainment
– After his departure from Big Hit Entertainment in 2018, Changmin established his own agency and named it The Bsky
– He has an Instagram account under the name @p.f.changmin

– He was only a trainee for three months in JYP Entertainment, then due to his amazing vocal skills, the agency added him to 2AM
– When he sings, he has an amazing vibrato voice

Changmin’s 2AM Era


Changmin’s era in 2AM is considered by many to be one of the most precious times. As he was the oldest member of the group, he appeared with a mature image and always took care of the other members, just like their leader Jo Kwon. During the debut of 2AM, Changmin also got a lot of attention for his strong charisma, as well as his perfect abs.

Watch one of Changmin’s performances with 2AM, here:

2am changmin
2am changmin

Changmin’s Discography

Here’s the full individual discography of Changmin:

Extended Plays

Title Album Details
The Bright Sky
  • Released on April 11th, 2018
  • Label: The Bsky
  • Format: CD, Digital Download



Year Title Album
2008 Superman (feat. Mario) Non-album single
2009 Graduation (with Jo Kwon) Non-album single
2011 Please Don’t Go (with San E & Outsider) Non-album single
2013 Meet, Taste, Right?! Kimpira Project Part 1
2014 The Very Last First (with Melody Day) Non-album single
2019 Talking is Easy Non-album single


Soundtrack Appearances

Year Title Album
2009 Don’t Swallow A Dream Comes True OST
2011 Can’t I Love You Dream High OST
2012 Road of Tears Dr. Jin OST
2013 I Only See One Person You’re The Best, Lee Soo-shin OST
2013 Moment The Heirs OST
2014 Saying I Love You Hotel King OST
2014 Hope Jang Bo-ri is Here! OST
2015 Mirage Super Daddy Yeol OST
2016 That Light Trails Musical Turnadot OST


2016 Only I Can Musical Turnadot OST
2016 My Name That Cannot Be Sung Musical Turnadot OST
2018 Stand By Me Just Between Lovers OST