25 Pictures of Kim Ji-won’s Best Fashions

Recent Years


In 2017, Kim Ji-won was cast in another hit drama, Fight for My Way. Through her role as Choi Ae-ra, Kim Ji-won attended a round of press events and a photo shoot where she showcased her character for the first time. In the picture below, Kim Ji-won is seen wearing a floral mini dress with a rather interesting cut juxtaposing the feminine print with strong ruffles and structure. This perfectly encapsulated the essence of both Kim Ji-won and Choi Ae-ra.


The picture above was taken from the photo shoot she did with other cast members while portraying the character Choi Ae-ra. The white lace dress that she wore in the picture has a similar feel to the ones she has worn before, solidifying Choi Ae-ra’s image before the drama even aired. The dress is the perfect description of how Choi Ae-ra presents herself as she seems to be very lovely and sweet on the outside but packs a punch when you get to know her as the drama went on.


Aside from her part in the drama Fight for My Way, there are plenty of times Kim Ji-won displayed a more casual style such as during the Fight for My Way cast dinner and her typical airport fashion. The picture above depicts her outfit during the cast dinner where she dressed in a simple T-shirt, jeans, and boots with a dark blue vest to complete the look. Meanwhile, in press pictures of her at the airport right before leaving for a photo shoot, Kim Ji-won stepped it up a bit by switching the T-shirt for a simple white blouse and accessorizing with a black bag and chic, round sunglasses.


Kim Ji-won’s reputation in the industry, as previously stated, has earned her invitations to movie premieres and award shows unrelated to acting. Above, Kim Ji-won is seen attending the premiere for the movie Midnight Runners starring her previous co-star Kang Ha-neul and Park Seo-joon. She is seen again with her iconic semi-casual look of a blouse and jeans with a bag and pumps. Though, this is not the case when she attended the Seoul Music Awards in the same year. As one of the award presenters alongside Park Bo-gum, Kim Ji-won opted for a pink floral blouse and pastel pink A-line skirt for a semi-formal look.




In 2018, Kim Ji-won has mostly focused on promoting her new movie Detective K: Secret of the Bloodsucking Demon. The promo and press tour consisted of a press conference and an interview with various media outlets such as Newsis. In the photo shoot above that came with the interview, Kim Ji-won was dressed in full black and white attire in a color-blocking style that is highly popular nowadays. This look is semi-formal at best, which is a very different feel than the gown she wore for the press conference.


During the press conference, Kim Ji-won was dressed more formally in an off-white knee length dress complete with bell sleeves and lace detailing. The outfit gives off a very soft and subtle allure that is very fitting for Kim Ji-won who presents herself a lot more maturely nowadays. The look is also completed with a pair of nude heels to extend the appearance of her legs.


The pictorial above, different from her past ones, is themed around flowers blooming in spring and summer. The warm tones in the scenery match very well with the yellow floral pattern found on her dress that also has a slight slit on the side. The dress is a perfect mix of sultry and sweet, the best way to describe the home goods she is endorsing in this shoot with Grazia magazine.

So, what do you think of Kim Ji-won’s chic and sophisticated fashion? Do you think you will be following her outfits and accessories anytime soon? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below!