25 Pictures of Kim Ji-won’s Best Fashions

Rising Fame



After the success of High Kick 3 and The Heirs, Kim Ji-won started attending more events such as beauty and fashion launches around Seoul as a special guest. This usually requires casual to semi-formal attire, which Kim Ji-won nails in the picture above while dressed in a leather jacket and dark jeans with sleek pumps. She accessorized with a black and white handbag that ties up the look nicely.


Kim Ji-won once again displayed her amazing style when she attended the Kolon Sport summer collection launch. The brand, which was releasing their new collection just in time for the hot summer months, is known for very sporty and fresh looks. Kim Ji-won might have turned up in a cropped trench coat and jeans, yet it seems to fit in with the look of the collection as she spiced up her look using the chili red cross-body bag and chunky accessories.


Aside from events and launches, after the boom in fame she experienced, Kim Ji-won also started doing photo shoots with popular magazines such as Vogue Girl. Unlike her usual style that is typically understated and simple, her photo shoot with Vogue Girl exposed her to looks that are more experimental yet still elegant with the use of everyday fabrics such as denim and cotton.



In 2015, Kim Ji-won laid low with drama offers and chose to only star as a cameo. This allowed her to free up her time to support some of her colleagues in their own film projects by attending movie premieres. Above, she is seen at the movie premiere for Twenty, a movie that stars former co-stars such as Kim Woo-bin and Kang Ha-neul. Her attire is simple yet sophisticated with a white blouse, dress pants, and a handbag. Below, she is seen at another movie premiere for Northern Limit Line where she dressed up in a pair of shorts with a simple dark colored tee, white blazer, and a navy purse.




2016 seems to be the peak of Kim Ji-won’s career with her starring in the hit KBS drama Descendants of the Sun. This resulted in tons of invites to pop up stores, magazine pictorials, and even a brand endorsement deals. Pictured above is Kim Ji-won in one of those instances after having been invited to the opening of the Gucci pop up store in Seoul. She opted to represent the brand by dressing head to toe in Gucci with an off-white floral print dress and signature red and green handbag.


The pictorials Kim Ji-won was featured in are definitely diverse in concept and style. Take for example the pictorial for Singles magazine where she was styled in different shades of pastel pink in a full-on suit and in a dress over blouse combination with underlying accents of white. The pictorial aimed to depict Kim Ji-won as the perfect icon of femme fatale without losing touch with her femininity. The second photo shoot, done with InStyle magazine, features Kim Ji-won and the nature surrounding her with a theme centered around the concept of vacancy. The style is relaxed yet still elegant with a simple white T-shirt with navy floral sleeves and off-white culottes. A weaved hat completes the overall tone of serenity in nature.


As mentioned above, Kim Ji-won did score a brand endorsement deal with Ravenova, a handbag brand that focuses on young adult women. She did a couple of photo shoots with them, but the picture above seems to be one of the more iconic looks that she wore with a floral print mini dress with red accents mashed with a teal bag. This seems to be an odd pairing, but combined with Kim Ji-won’s youthful look, it seems to all work together.


One of the things that idols and Korean stars are very famous for is their airport fashions, and in 2016, Kim Ji-won showed her airport fashion for the first time. In this case, she opted for the simple T-shirt, jeans, and pumps combo that we all know she loves as she is often seen wearing this style. Differentiating though, she dressed things up with a baby blue trench coat that was perfect for the transition months right before autumn. This also warranted her flexibility during and after the flight depending on the weather and climate of her destination. This simple yet clever trick is something that can be easily done to maximize your wardrobe.