25 Pictures of Kim Ji-won’s Best Fashions


Chic and Stylish Kim Ji-won

The star of dramas such as The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Fight for My Way, Kim Ji-won is a beauty truly in a class of her own. Her looks are obviously secondary to her acting, but she most definitely always manages to represent an image of elegance and poise at any event she attends. From red carpets to airports to her characters in dramas, many of her fans and viewers pay a lot of attention to how her fashion becomes an extension of how she expresses herself as an entertainer.

Are you interested in seeing the different looks of Kim Ji-won from throughout her career? Let’s take a look at her sophisticated fashion!

Early Days



In her debut years, Kim Ji-won was seen as innocent and little sister-like with very modest and clean-cut clothing. She often wore pastel colors and illustrative patterns such as floral and cartoons. As seen above, during her interview photo shoot for High Kick 3, Kim Ji-won was dressed in a blush pink baby doll dress with a racing car pattern on it. Although hemmed very short, the dress still represents an image of modesty and purity that is usually associated with young women in their teens. The patterned collar and plain sleeves with white lining were also very stylish with 2012 trends.


The picture above was taken from the set of To the Beautiful You where she starred as the character Seol Han-na, one of the main antagonists of the story. In the picture above, she is depicted with a cropped sweatshirt and black leggings. The character is a rhythm gymnast who is very diligent and hardworking, perfectly matching the depiction above. This is one of Kim Ji-won’s icons as she played into the start of the athleisure trend of the season.



In 2013, Kim Ji-won was set to play Rachel Yoo in the hit drama The Heirs. She went to the cast press conference in a stunning red mini dress that definitely flatters her legs. The dress is cut short with a plunging neckline and a bold red color, yet it still does not seem overwhelmingly sexy due to the puffy long sleeves. This is consistent with her style from the year before. The pictures below, meanwhile, depict her while in character with a very much different style than usual. During her time acting as Rachel Yoo, Kim Ji-won’s image and style even brought back hairbands.


After her stint on The Heirs, Kim Ji-won was cast in the drama Waiting for Love in which she played a more mature and sophisticated leading female role. The style she opted for during the press conference was widely different than her previous looks with a black bodycon with an A-line mini dress and a see-through paneling around her cleavage. This little black dress definitely exudes a more sexy persona compared to her previous looks.


With several hits under her belt, it is to no one’s surprise that she was invited to attend an award show hosted by SBS. It marked her first appearance at an awards show, and Kim Ji-won definitely did not disappoint with a grand, puffed red dress rich with tulle and lace detailing. The dress, although big, did not overwhelm her stature and emphasized all the right things.