25+ Facts About Young K “DAY6” You Have To Know

Young K DAY6

Who is Young K?

Young K (Kang Young Hyun) is a member of the South Korean rock band DAY6. Young K is a talented singer, rapper, and also songwriter. He played the role as vocalist, bassist and rapper in DAY6. Although Young K is still young (24 years old), and just debuted in 2015, he has gained a lot of attention as he performs and shows off his skills on stage. To give all fans more information about Young K, here we will give you more than twenty five facts about DAY6’s Young K, so check them out!

Young K Profile 2017

Birth Name : Kang Young Hyun

Stage Name : Young K

English Name : Brian Kang

Birthday: December 19, 1993

Position : Bassist, Main Rapper, and Lead Vocalist

Blood Type : B

Height L  180 cm

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius

DAY6 Young K Fascinating Facts You Need To Know

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1. Most people know that Young K came from Toronto, Canada, but actually he was born and raised in Ilsan, South Korea before leaving to Toronto.

2. Before being a member of DAY6, Young K was a member of a musical trio in Toronto.

3. Although he is now a singer and musician, he used to dream of being a basketball player when he was younger.

4. People might not realize that Young K appeared in both Dream High 1 and 2 as a backup dancer.

5. Young K has a hidden talent in dancing, he is actually a very good dancer.

6. He once won a Math Dance Competition with his fellow friends.

7. When it comes to the Korean language, Young K is known as a “living dictionary”.

8. Young K loves watching webtoon.

9. Young K graduated from Young Mills Collegiate Institute.

10. He majored in business management.

11. Although Young K speaks English natively, he also speaks fluent Korean, which amazes everyone.

12. Young K loves watching movies as well as playing video games.

13. People think he is weird when they find out that he prefers to sleep on thesofa rather than the bed.

14. Young K said that he feels relaxed whenever he sleeps on the sofa.

15. Young K will be mad if he can’t write songs because he has to attend school.

16. Young K is known as the strongest member in DAY6

17. Young K likes to go to several restaurants and try different foods, he also likes to try weird or unusual foods.

18. Young K is known as multi-talented person because he can sing, rap, dance, play musical instruments, as well as write lyrics, compose songs, and beat box.

19. GOT7’s Jackson and Mark are Young K’s close friends.

20. Young K is now a student in Dongguk University. The good thing about him is that he takes Business Management as a major while other artists usually take majors that suit their career in music or acting.

21. Young K is the DAY6 member who loves to have late nigh snacks.

22. When Young K was still a trainee, he lived with GOT7’s Bambam.

23. Young K’s favorite color is purple.

24. Young K was scouted by JYP Entertainment along with his fellow group friend Don Lee to get to JYP Entertainment audition.

25. Young K back then almost debuted with Wonpil as a dance group.

26. He is now sharing a room with Jae and Dowoon.

27. Young K always feels happy if Dawoon has a vocal lesson.

28. Although he has a lot of friends, during Christmas 2016, he chose to spend it alone drinking grape juice and watching cartoons.

29. Actually Young K didn’t like bass, but he practiced hard to like and master it.

30. Young K’s role model is One Republic.

Does DAY6 Young K Have A Girlfriend?

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Young K is known as the most unpredictable one, other members even said that he has a “Tarzan life”. As a handsome and strong member, people might think that he already has a girlfriend, but actually Young K still prefers to be free and he isn’t in a rush to be in a relationship. He also prefers to spend his time alone.

What is DAY6 Young K’s Instagram Account?

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Instragam is one of the social media forms used by Korean artists to keep in touch with their fans. DAY6 members also use instagram to greet fans, but they are using one account, which is @day6kilogram.

Young K Song Compilation

No. Title Year Highest Chart Position Sales Album
1. “Shouldn’t Have” (Baek A Yeon feat. Young K) 2015 1 2.001.387 Non album
2. “Sky High” (Park Sae Byul 7 Likes,Likes feat. Young K 2015 Non album
3. “Young” (Park Ji Min feat. Young K) 2016 157 13.829 19 to 20