24K: Profile, Facts, Line-up Changes

Official Debut

24K is a K-Pop group debuted by Choeun Entertainment on September 6th, 2012. The group consists of nine members including Sungoh, Kisu, Daeil, Hui, Changsun, Cory, Jinhong, Hongseob, and Jeonguk. They debuted with the single “Hurry Up” and the music video was released a day after their debut. But before they debuted, their subunit debuted first in June 2012, with the name 4, and it consists of four members.

24K made their debut stage by appearing on one of the weekly music shows aired on KBS2 and performed their debut single energetically!

You can watch the music video by clicking play on the video below to reminisce of their debut day!

Line-up Changes

After the leader Cory announced that he left the group in early 2019 and also the departure of a few other members, the group planned to make a major change for their next comeback. As we know, Jinhong’s contract ended in June and Hongseob left due to his health problems. Also, Jeonguk left the group because he wanted to focus on his solo career. Then they announced that they will be adding new members to the group and there was also a slight change in the 24K true colors.

After that the name was changed to 24K Season 2, now the group formed by Choeun Entertainment consists of five members and they are Kiyong, Sungoh, Changsun, Imchan, and Xiwoo.

Previously, 24K also made line-up changes for their comeback with “Super Fly.” At that time, they made it with two new members, namely Hui and Jinhong. Before that, the group was on hiatus for two years after their latest single “Hey You.”


Title Album Year
“Rocking Girl” (Sub-unit, 4K) Rocking Girl 2012
“Hurry Up” Hurry Up
“Secret Love” 2013
“U R So Cute (귀여워 죽겠어)” U R So Cute
“Hey You” Super Fly 2015
“Super Fly”
“Still 24K” The Real One 2016
“Only You” Addiction 2017
“Bonnie N Clyde” Bonnie N Clyde 2018


Title Release Date Tracklist
The Real One October 22nd, 2016 “Bingo”
“But I Love You”
“Still 24K”
“Super Fly”
“It’s Heaven”
“Hey You”
“Secret Love”


Title Chart (Korea) Release Date
Rocking Girl (4K – Subunit) 44 June 12th, 2012
Hurry Up 18 September 6th, 2012
U R So Cute 20 August 1st, 2013
Super Fly 22 October 1st, 2015
Bonnie N Clyde 37 May 25th, 2018



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