Ex-24K’s Hui: Profile and the Reason He Left the Group

liang hui

Details About the Former Member of 24K, Hui

24K is a Korean boy band that formed in 2012 by Choeun Entertainment. Until the present day, there are already four members who left this group. One of them is Hui. And today, in this article, we will bring you some pieces of information about Hui, their former member. Let’s check this out!


Hui’s Profile

liang hui

First of all, for you guys who don’t know anything about him yet, we will provide you with some information about his profile and some facts about him.

Liang Hui, also known by his stage name Hui, is a former member of 24K that is of Chinese nationality. He was born in Jiangsu province in China on July 18th, 1995. His zodiac is Cancer. Hui’s height is 178 cm (5’10’’) and his weight is 57 kg (125 lbs).

You guys can see Hui’s activities from his social media accounts.

Twitter: @LIANGHUI_0718
Instagram: @lianghui_718

Facts about Hui

liang hui

Hui’s positions in 24K were lead dancer, vocalist, and dancer. He also can speak two languages, Chinese and Korean. Back then, when the auditions for 24K members were being held, Hui was a Chinese member who at first was only going to be with the group during the promotions in China. But, because of his great voice, he became one of the regular members. Hui joined 24K after the departure of two original members, Seokjun and Byungho.

Hui debuted in 2015 with the song titled “Hey You,” but he masked his face. Hui also used to be a backup dancer for the singer-songwriter, Leehom Wang. But then, unfortunately, in November 2017, it was officially announced that Hui has left 24K.

Hui’s hobby is to do fitness, to maintain his body. And not just a great vocalist, he is also good at the popping dance. His role model is BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. And when he was in Korea, Hui attended one of the most prestigious Korean Universities, Kyung Hee University.


Hui’s Debut With 24K

liang hui

In April 2015, 24K released their single called “Hey You,” and in this time their agency also announced the new members’ names, Hui and Jinhong. Hui made his debut with 24K in this music video as he was wearing a mask during the video. Many fans of 24K waited for those names to be revealed then.

The picture below is when Hui was still in 24K.



Hui’s Departure From the Group

liang hui

Even though he got his name to be known as a member of 24K, unfortunately, in November 2017, Hui had t leave the band. According to soompi.com, his former agency, Choeun Entertainment said that it was an act of betrayal” from Hui.

Choeun Entertainment posted a message on the official 24K fan cafe that said Hui suddenly left the group and went back to China a day before the group was supposed to appear on the Korean Music Show Music Bank.

From soompi.com and allkpop.com, the CEO of Choeun Entertainment made the following statement:

“How are you doing? I am Choeun Entertainment’s CEO.”


“First of all, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to all 24U who are supporting 24K on JTBC program Mix Nine.”


“Today, I would like to make a sincere statement about the problem you all are interested in for a long time. Today’s statement is about Hui, Deail, and Songoh.”


“Starting from the conclusion, I need to announce that member Hui is no longer a member of 24K. Starting from November 2016, Hui got some private problems in China and got some time dealing with those problems. On the 7th of July 2017, 24K was scheduled to appear on KBS’ Music Bank but it appeared that Hui left Korea on the 6th of July around 9 PM KST. He sent only one message stating, ‘I just arrived in China and not going to be a part of 24K anymore.’ There was no discussion about the problem he got and everyone was frustrated about him leaving one day before the last music show. But we had no other choice but to make a performance in 6.”


“During the last few months we tried hard to get to Hui via all possible ways but unfortunately, we had no response. We got to know about his personal promotion in China via his SNS. This situation made such a mess for our company and fans that we made the decision to cut the connection with Liang Hui and not work with him anymore.”

“This is nothing but an act of betrayal to the company and fans who were supporting and taking care of him all this time. He forgets about all responsibility that public figures should take and has no right to be an artist anymore.”


“Also for Daeil, a final decision will be made soon as he, too, was having personal promotions and engaged in an act of betrayal. He left his team without warning anyone.”


“Regarding Songoh, the decision about him joining the group again will be made after he completes his military service and completely recovers his shoulder. Right now he is in the military and we can only wait for the decision that will be made later.”


“From now on, Choeun Entertainment will do everything to improve and will never let our fans or members to be betrayed. We will not let anyone play with your feelings.”

“That is why we are not able to work with people that forget what responsibility is. We hope you can support us.”


“Choeun Entertainment and 24K members will trust only in our fans and promise to come back as a better team. I believe we face these difficulties in order to obtain valuable experience.”


“Please, give all your love and support to 24K during the Mix Nine.”

“Thank you”



Choeun Entertainment CEO

Regarding Choeun Entertainment’s statement, Hui then posted something on his Instagram account that said he didn’t have the intention to give an explanation about what his former agency said. It was just being complicated for him and then he had to leave 24K. He also apologized to his fans. Though, there are no more explanations about what really happened between him and his former agency.


Hui in Idol Producer

liang hui

Idol Producer is the iQiyi’s first season of the Chinese reality television show that premiered on January 19th, 2018. The first step involved bringing 100 prospective trainees who are to sign with one of the 31 entertainment agencies if possible. Then, in the finale, nine of the trainees were chosen to debut as boy band through the viewers’ vote.

Hui was one of the contestants that joined Idol Producer in 2018. But then, unfortunately, he was eliminated in the 8th episode of this survival show.


Hui’s Latest News

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On May 15th, Hui posted a couple of photos on his Twitter account. He took a selfie with a cute pose.


And on his Instagram account, he posted some cute selfies, too. And about his activities this time.


That’s all the information about our beloved Liang Hui. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the section below and keep supporting your beloved idols!