Learn More About Boy Band 24K: Members, Discography, Instagram, and Latest News


If you want to listen to 24K’s songs, you can see the full list of their discography here!

Title Year
Studio albums
The Real One 2016
Extended plays
Rocking GirlĀ (as 4K) 2012
Hurry Up 2012
U R So Cute 2013
Super Fly 2015
Bonnie n Clyde 2018



Title Year Album
Rocking GirlĀ (as 4K) 2012 Rocking Girl
Hurry Up Hurry Up
Secret Love 2013
U R So Cute U R So Cute
Hey You 2015 Super Fly
Super Fly
Still 24K 2016 The Real One
Only You 2017
Bonnie N Clyde Bonnie N Clyde


If you want to see the music videos of their songs, you can watch them below:

If you want to see more of them, you can visit 24K’s official Youtube channel here.