Don’t Miss Out The Funniest Moments From 2018 ‘Running Man’ Episodes!

Kim Jong Kook’s Super Power

In episode 431, Christmas Couple Race, the Running Man cast members had to choose their couple partners. Actor Sung Hoon, singer Hwang Chi-yeol, actress Park Ha-na, Girls Generation’s Soyoung, actress Jeon Hye-bin, and actress Han Seon-hwa appeared as guests on the episode.

Ji Suk-jin and Kim Jong-kook both chose Jeon Hye Bin, but she could choose only one man. Jeon Hye-bin, Ji Suk-jin, and Kim Jong-kook appeared together in Korean variety shows in the late 2000s. Jeon Hye-bin had a crush on Kim Jong-kook, but he always refused her. Competing with Jeon Hye-bin’s past crush, Ji Suk-jin knew immediately that he didn’t have a chance to partner with her. Being generous, she gave a chance for Ji Suk-jin and Kim Jong-kook to compete. Both of the men had to show their super power and impress her. Feeling superior, Kim Jong-kook asked Yoo Jae-suk to sit on his shoulders as he did push-ups. Without a doubt, Kim Jong-kook showed his super power and effortlessly managed to do push-ups while Yoo Jae-suk was sitting on his back. Surprisingly, Jeon Hye-bin chose Ji Suk-jin as her partner. Jokingly, she said she wanted to cheer him up.

Running Man in Funny Costumes

The Running Man members were shooting a special video for age notification in Episode 386. Aptly, the episode is titled Age Notification Race. The winner would have a chance to direct the video, while the losers had to dress in funny costumes during the video recording. There were no special guests,and members had to compete with each other.

Yoo Jae-suk won the competition, and he became the video’s director. As a director and MC, he wears a suit and look very good. During the shooting, all the members scolded him and expressed their discontent, especially Ji Suk-jin, who was wearing a beggar costume. He kept making mistakes and he didn’t follow Yoo Jae-suk’s directions. Haha and Song Ji-hyo wore No-Face ghost costumes, so they could not make any sounds during the shooting. Lee Kwang-soo wore a giraffe costume that suited him well. Jung So-min wore a chicken costume, and she had to flap her wings constantly. Yang Se-chan played the role of a mermaid, and had to lay down all the time. Kim Jong-kook wore rabbit costume and had to squat during filming. It was total chaos and messy video shooting, but very funny to watch.

The Running Man episodes in 2018 were incredible funny and exciting to watch. The scenes are worth watching over and over again.

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