30 K-Pop Idols With the Best Tattoos And Piercings Also the Meaning Behind It

11. Highlight’s Junhyung’s tattoos

Aside from Hyuna, Junhyung also has a tattoo as a tribute to his parents. The tattoo on his chest reads, “Born again still your son.” He thanks his parents for every opportunity possible that has come to him before, today, and in the future. His other tattoo reads “Carpe Diem, Quam minimum credula poster,” meaning “Seize the day, put minimal trust in tomorrow.” This teaches us to put our all every day no matter what we are doing because tomorrow we might not do the same thing or feel the same way. This brings us to his life-motto tattoo that says, “If I would die tomorrow, I would never regret it.”


12. iKON’s B.I’s tattoos

B.I has multiple tattoos on his body, but there are two notable ones. The first one is the phrase, “Like father, like son, as the master, like a man.” This tattoo seems to have been a message upon his father’s embezzlement scandal. The debut of iKon was almost postponed due to the outrage of the people brought about by the scandal. Nevertheless, iKON debuted. The second one is “Nihilism.” This tattoo stands as a symbol of a memoir for all trials and tribulations B. I had to go through to debut.


13. f(x)’s Amber’s tattoos

Tattoos are a way for Amber to express herself and let out her thoughts. Through her tattoos, she is constantly reminded of who she is and what she pursues. Her most noticeable tattoo is the music notes that stand out upon what seems to be a storm. It speaks a lot about her struggles in making music under her company, yet it is the thing she really wants to keep doing.


14. iKON’s Bobby’s tattoos

Bobby has one tattoo on his back that says, “Fear only God Hate only sins.” He has never openly spoken of being a religious individual, but it seems that this tattoo readily represents the life value that Bobby is upholding. This particular tattoo is also special because he shares it with his father, who has the same tattoo on the back.


15. Block B’s Taeil’s tattoos

Taeil has a soft face, which is why most people can’t imagine him having a tattoo. But in all reality, Taeil’s body is covered by many tattoos! He has a cheetah face, flower and grenade, 777, MVP Lucky, an eye, a wasp, and an anchor tattooed on his body. However, there has not been any information regarding the meaning of these tattoos.


16. BIG BANG’s Taeyang’s tattoos

Taeyang’s upper back tattoo clearly shows his devotion towards Christianity and all its symbolism, more specifically, the Cross. The figure of Jesus Christ can be seen on the tattoo, both when He was crucified and when He came back for men. At the front, on his upper chest, a tattoo of the word “Passion” is inked. The letters of the word are made according to the Bible – snakes, nails, and thorns. If put together, he is wrapped with the passion of the Christ around his front and back.


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17. WINNER’s Seunghoon’s tattoos

Seunghoon appreciates his teammates and all the hardships they had to go through to debut as WINNER. He inked the group’s logo on his back. It is not the usual black and white, but the galaxy gradation and big enough to be easily spotted.


18. B.A.P’s Yongguk’s tattoos

It’s hard to take your eyes off of the topless Bang Yongguk. It is even harder since there is a huge tattoo spread across his chest! The tattoo reads “Viva La Revolucion,” which is Spanish for “long live the revolution.”


19. EXO’s Chanyeol’s tattoos

At EXO’s fan meeting, Chanyeol finally talked about his newly-made tattoo. Fans took notice of the tattoo when he rolled up his sleeves, and the tattoo was visible. He told everyone that the tattoo is, indeed, real. However, the meaning behind the tattoo has been kept a secret from fans. Hmm… that makes everyone even more curious!


20. NU’EST’s Baekho’s tattoos

Baekho has two noticeable tattoos on his chest. The first chest tattoo is the phrase “N’abandonnez pas,” which is French for “Never give up.” It is a self-reminder to always go forward in whatever he does, as an individual and NU’EST member. The second one comes later after the first tattoo; it is a star symbol with the phrase “What you give is what you get.” This tattoo conveys the message that your kind or bad deeds will also be repaid with the same kind of bad deeds from others.





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K-Pop idols with piercings


The Korean entertainment world is not only about music or drama; Korean people are also known to have a high and quite distinctive fashion sense. In the last few years, their fashion has grown due to the influence of Western styles. One of them is piercing.

Nowadays, almost every K-Pop idol has some part of their body pierced. Not a few have more than one piercing. K-Pop celebrities make piercings as well as jewelry.

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1. NCT’s Yuta’s piercings


Yuta has 8 piercings on his body, according to his fans, mainly ear-piercings. Yuta surprised the fans with his belly button piercing in the “Kick It” promotion time. March 2020 will be forever known as Yuta exposed his belly button piercing, the month that all NCTzens discovered. It’s an incredible contribution to the aesthetic of their recent comeback, for which we will be forever grateful.

In addition to that one, he’s always shown a passion for numerous ear piercings, so it wouldn’t be surprising if, in the future, he shocked us with a new facial or body piercing. With a variety of piercings, many fans love Yuta for his look. He looked very fond of matching numerous types of earrings in black and silver. Also, fans can not wait for his other piercing; fans hope he will have a piercing tongue or nose.

2.  NCT/WayV’s TEN’s piercings


Ten is known for his enthusiasm for dazzling accessories. However, his multiple ear piercings are the most dazzling of them all: 11 in total. At any moment, he can usually be seen wearing seven to eight earrings. His piercings list contains standard lobe on both ears, 2 upper lobes on both ears, 2 industrials on the left, 1 forward helix on the left, 1 outer conch on the right, 1 helix on the right. He is currently the member with the most ear piercings in the group. He has always liked jewelry in general; he also likes to wear many necklaces and hand jewelry. In an American interview, TEN said that he wants to open his own jewelry brand in the future. His love for jewelry is undeniable.

3.  ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s piercings


Hongjoong has tried all styles, lengths, colors, and shapes of earrings. He has said that he would love to have more in the future, and while fans have only seen them in his ears as of now, fans can not wait to see what the future will bring for this lover of piercings. Hongjoong still wears his character-matching earrings. To add a certain accent, Hongjoong usually puts on one or two long earrings. Some suggest a piercing of the tongue may be an alternative.

4.  iKON’s Bobby’s piercings


Seeing piercings in the ears of one of the iKON members is not rare. An iconic collection of piercings, no doubt. One of his signatures is the series of Bobby’s brow and ear piercings, though to be frank, it is impossible to imagine him at this stage without all the piercings. He’s tried them all and made his mark in fashion thanks to them, from glossy, statement ones to minimal shapes and colors.

5.  Monsta X’s I.M’s piercings


I.M himself has proclaimed his love for metallic highlights both on his clothing and also in the context of piercings; another idol whose collection of ear-brow piercings has become an icon, and we are almost sure that we will see him playing with freshly pierced additions even more in the future. In selecting the right piercing combination, he attempts to match them perfectly with each one of his clothes, adding a little extra boost to his look.

6. BTS’ Jungkook’s piercings


Our golden maknae, Jungkook, holds a record among his hyungs as the member with the most piercings in the group. This boy has nine piercings! He just announced a new one. There are three lower piercings in both of his ears. He used to have 2 helix piercings, but he hasn’t worn them in a while. They might be closed. In his left ear, he now has 4 piercings. The first one in the row is recently added. This makes him the BTS member with the most earrings. Today, tattoos and piercings have become a lot more common, and the reasons people get them are extremely varied.

7.  BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s piercings


Some of these beautiful K-Pop idols decide to get their ears pierced quite a lot but instead look cute and beautiful, instead of being ‘naughty’ like many people think. This applies to Jisoo from BLACKPINK. She has 3 piercings on her left ear and 5 on her right ear. Her piercings surprised many fans. In total, she has 8 piercings on both of her ears. Although she has so many piercings, it does not turn her look into a more dark version, but it turns out to complement her princess-like face so much, making her even more beautiful and cute.

8. GOT7’s JB’s piercings


As we can see above, JB wears several piercings, seven in total! His right ear has four piercings, and his left ear has three. Of all the Got7 men, he is someone who has the most piercings. We find him particularly good looking with all of those piercings. Combined with his dazzling black hair, his metallic colored piercings stand out. To his general appearance, the black ones add manhood.

JB surprised his fans one day by appearing with two lip piercings. Fans said he had gone crazier with his piercings and done something different with his lower lip, but then, with no mark on his lower lip, he took them off in front of his fans. So those were, clearly, fakes. Even though some of us wished they were true, deep down, because he got even better! He stated via V-App that he wanted to pierce his nose and eyebrow bar, but we don’t know whether or not he will do that.

9.  IZ*ONE’s EunBi’s piercings


IZ*ONE’s Kwon EunBi has been praised for the earrings which she was seen wearing. Fans love how stunning she looks with them, and the earrings that she wore gave her a glamorous look somehow. Kwon EunBi seems to prefer large and stylish earrings, and fans also love this look of hers. Sakura, her fellow member, said Eunbi has 8 piercings. But Eunbi herself said that she has 9 piercings. So who is right? Some fans said that maybe the 9th one could have been more recent than Sakura’s information. So, in total, EunBi has 9 piercings on his body!

10. GFriend’s Eunha’s piercings


Besides her innocent and cute persona, GFriend’s Eunha surprisingly has many piercings on her ear! Yes, some people with piercings fit the negative stereotype, but that does not mean that there are not respectable people who do what they are supposed to do and still have piercings. In fact, many wonderful, brilliant people happen to have piercings, just like Eunha. Eunha’s appearance became more feminine by wearing several piercings at the same time as this unique model. Her favorites are black and silver. She has 11 ear piercings, 7 on her left ear and 4 on her right ear.

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