20 K-Pop Idols With the Best Tattoos and the Meaning Behind That Tattoos


K-Pop Idols with Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos have been seen as a form of rebellion and deemed as unattractive in South Korea. However, for some people, tattoos are a means of expressing ones self and healing, including for K-Pop idols. Many idols have decided to ink their body with meaningful tattoos that will always keep them reminded of the important things in life. Both female and male idols rock these bad-ass tattoos. Moreover, some of them also decided that piercings would go well with their tattooed bodies.

Here are your 20 K-Pop idols and their tattoos:

1. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Tattoo


This petite leader of BIGBANG is known for having many tattoos on his body. On every angle, you can probably spot at least one tattoo. His most notable one is “too fast to live, too young to die” on his back right shoulder. This tattoo conveys the meaning that we need to live life to the fullest. Another one is “Vita Dolce” on his upper right arm, meaning “the good life“. He also has two small ‘x’ tattoos above his belly button, making his belly button look like it’s screaming. He also has a Dragon Ball tattoo with eight stars on the ball since his birthday isĀ 8/18/1988.


2. A K-Pop Diva, Lee Hyori’s Tattoo

Lee Hyori is not just a legendary K-Pop diva, but also a nature activist. She has been working on charity work for animals and the environment outside of her celebrity life. To honor nature, she inked “Walk Lightly in the Spring, Mother Earth is Pregnant” on her right arm, along with two flowers. She also has a turtle and heart tattoo on her right hip.


3. Girls’ Generation Tiffany’s Tattoo

Who would’ve thought a Girls’ Generation’s member would have a tattoo? Tiffany marks her left rib with the writing “Toujours belle“, which is French for “forever beautiful“. Interestingly, many fans believe that this particular tattoo is inked to also honor Tiffany’s Korean roots. Her birth name is Mi Young. ‘Mi’ stands for ‘beauty’ while ‘Young’ stands for ‘forever.



4. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Tattoo

Taeyeon’s petite body is home to two petite tattoos. One is the word “sereniTY” above her right elbow and the second one is the letter “I” below her right thumb nail. The first tattoo was inked during the time of her breakup with Baekhyun, and Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation. She purposely asked for the last letter “-ty” to be drawn larger as it represented her initials. The second tattoo is a tribute to her first solo debut.


5. SISTAR Hyorin’s Tattoo

Hyorin possesses many tiny tattoos on her body. But one of her most important tattoos is, in fact, the large cross on her abdomen. The cross symbolizes her belief in Christianity. But, it is also a cover up for her stomach surgery scar due to complications when she was an infant. The scar was a bad memory for her, so she covered it up with something that brought calm into her heart.


6. 4Minute Hyuna’s Tattoo

Hyuna has one tattoo that is deeply meaningful to her among her other tattoos. The tattoo says “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive“. The tough and sexy girl image that Hyuna always displays to the media apparently is just an image. She is actually someone sentimental who loves her mother so much. The tattoo itself is also the symbol of devotion of a daughter to her mother. In “Invincible Youth”, Hyuna broke down into tears when receiving a phone call from her mother.


7. JYJ Jaejoong’s Tattoo

Jaejoon has a large “TVXQ SOUL” tattoo, which dates back to when he was still a member of TVXQ. We can see Jaejoong’s appreciation towards where he is from with his “Mickey” and “Junsu” tattoo. After leaving TVXQ and forming, JYJ, Jaejoong inked his two group mates names on his body. He also inkedĀ “Always keep the faith” for Cassiopeia (TVXQ’s fans), reminding them that everything would be okay despite the separation.


8. BLOCK B Zico’s Tattoo

Zico comes off as a rebel in his image, yet he is another devoted child. He inked his mother’s face on his left chest to show his respect and appreciation towards his mother. He also has a yellow ribbon tattoo as the reminder of the Sewol incident where around 300 people died. It is also a reminder that human error can happen anytime. After Block B received their first win, Zico inked the date next to his bumblebee tattoo in a vertical line.


9. Jay Park’s Tattoo

Jay Park is an artist of many tattoos. And he is also a family man. He inked two tattoos as a tribute to his family. “Always come proper” and “19 55 60 87 89” are, respectively, the life lessons his family always teach him and the birth year of his most important family members. Upon his departure from 2AM, Park received a lot of criticism. However, his fans, “JAYWALKERZ” are always by his side to support his solo career. As a form of gratitude, he inked their name onto his body.


10. WINNER Taehyun’s Tattoo

Taehyun inked two tattoos on her left wrist. The first one is the phrase “STAY GOLD“. Fans believe that this is Taehyun’s way of expressing his feelings for being able to strive with WINNER, enjoying golden time, despite of all the hardships and abuse he used to suffer before today. The second one, just below the first one, is a tattoo of five banana peels. This tattoo represent the five members of WINNER.