1the9: Profile, Facts, Official Debut, and Most Recent News

Pre-debut: Under Nineteen


Before 1THE9’s debut, the members all participated in Under Nineteen, a survival show where all the participants were under 19 years old. This program was attended by 57 participants under various agencies with the aim to debut as members of 1THE9, and it was on the air from November 3rd, 2018, until February 9th, 2019.

The nine members of 1THE9 were ranked by getting high votes so they can enter the group. Yechan made it to 9th position, Seunghwan was 8th, Sungwon 7th, Yongha was 6th, Taekhyeon on the 5th place, Yechan ranked 4th, Taewoo 3rd place, Jinsung 2nd place, and then the first position was won by Doyum with 678,953 votes.

In this program, the groups were divided into three teams, which were vocal, performance, and rap team. The vocal team consists of Jinsung, Yechan, and Taewoo. The performance team consists of Seunghwan, Junseo, and Doyum. The rap team comprises Sungwon, Yongha, Taekhyeon, and of course, these three teams were filled by other contestants as well.

Well, here are a few videos of their performances during the show!

Pre-debut Track


Before making an official debut, 1THE9 first promoted the group. For this reason, they released their pre-debut song on April 7th, 2019, with the title “Domino.” Their pre-debut song was produced directly by Crush and Gxxd, and 1THE9 also did a collaboration with Crush.

This song is about a relationship between people that is slowly collapsing like a domino. This song presented Crush’s participation in singing and producing, also this song was so meaningful for Crush because 1THE9 was the 1st idol group whose album was directly assisted by Crush.

This pre-debut song also entered their first mini-album titled XIX. Their pre-debut song “Domino” shows their cool dance choreography with a concept that isn’t too far from their age, and the genre for this song is kinda like Pop R&B, also the tempo is reminiscent of the 90s era. So for that, you also have to watch the music video below!

Official Debut

After the members were announced as winners of Under Nineteen in the top nine and entered the 1THE9 official line-up, this group debuted on April 12th, 2019, under the label that overshadowed them, namely MBK Entertainment. 1THE9 contains nine members from different agencies, and they signed a contract as 1THE9 for only 12 months.


They made their debut according to a schedule that had been planned before by releasing their 1st song titled “Spotlight.” They uploaded the music video on April 13th, 2019, where this song was a Latin American style pop-dance song combining an impressive rap. Then, after they released “Spotlight,” they released their first official mini-album titled XIX.

1THE9 made their first stage debut on the weekly music program that airs on MBC Music Core the day after their debut, which was on April 13th, 2019. At that time, they used an outfit in accordance with the concept photo, which is yellow and white which made them look so bright.

Until now, their debut music video has only reached 1.2 million views. So, therefore, to keep support them, you can do so by watching their music videos, for example, their debut music video “Spotlight.” Check it out below!



1. XIX (April 13th, 2019)

Title Arrangement Music Lyrics
“Domino” (featuring Crush) (Prod. by Crush and Gxxd) Kwon Se-young, Crush, Gxxd. Gxxd, Crush Hangzoo, Crush
“Spotlight” Scott Russell Stoddart, Kyler Nico, Jhun, Ryan S. Danke
“The Story” (우리들의 이야기) TENTEN
“R.N.R.H (Right Now Right Here)”
“Domino” (featuring Crush) (Prod. by Crush and Gxxd) Instrument Kwon Se-young, Crush, Gxxd.
“Spotlight” Instrumental Scott Russell Stoddart, Kyler Nico, Jhun, Ryan S.


2. Blah Blah (October 17th, 2019)

Title Arrangement Composed  Lyrics
“Blah” Primeboi Primeboi, th!nk, whyminsu, 1THE9 members  Primeboi & 1THE9 members
“Move” Primeboi, Whyminsu Primeboi, Yechan, Taewoo, Sungwon, Doyum
“Drive” DANI Primeboi, DANI, th!nk, Yechan, Doyum, Taewoo Primeboi, th!nk, Yechan, Doyum, Taewoo
“U” Primeboi, Whyminsu Primeboi, Whyminsu, th!nk Primeboi, th!nk
“Stay” Primeboi, 12!3 Primeboi


3. Turn Over (July 16th, 2020)

Title Arrangement Composed Lyrics
“Bad Guy” Gusten Dahlqvist, VO3E Christian Fast, Gusten Dahlqvist, Gabriel Brandes, VO3E JQ, BOMNA, 다0, J14, 박지효(makeumine works), 김태성, 유용하, 박성원
“Bad Guy” (inst.)
“GLOW” VO3E, Maxx Song, Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack ZNEE, Sungwoon
“Dream in the Sky” Command Freaks 김태성, Command Freaks, Moon Kim 김태성, 김나영, 박성원
“PARADISE” VO3E, Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack 배연지, 원지윤, 김긍정


Program Year Channel
Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope 2019 MBC FM4U
Idol Radio MBC
Under Nineteen 2018–2019 MBC
Wonderland 2019

1THE9’s Disbandment

As we previously mentioned, this group has a contract for only one year. 1THE9’s contract is reported of expiring on July 8th, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they postponed it and officially disbanded on August 8th, 2020.

Before the contract ended, 1THE9 released their 3rd mini-album titled Turn Over on July 16th, 2020, along with the music video released for one of the tracks “Bad Guy.” PocketDol Studio has sent a document to each member regarding the reschedule, although it will end in August, 1THE9 can still continue their remaining activities scheduled after August 8th.

Not only the last album, but Taekhyeon also celebrated his last birthday with 1THE9 members. This can be seen in the @official_1the9 post!

That’s all about 1THE9: from members’ profiles to the latest news. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below!