Everything You Need to Know About 1Team

1Team’s Discography

1Team is a group that just started their career and have been in the industry for a year, and this group already has three mini-albums, and the mini-albums are:

Title Release Date Charts
HELLO! March 27th, 2019 Got 23rd position on Korea
Just July 11th, 2019 Got 21st position on Korea
One November 6th, 2019 Got 17t position on Korea


In each mini-album, of course, there are several songs into it, and the songs are:

  • 1st Mini-album
Mini-Album Title Year


  • 2nd Mini-album
Mini-Album Title Year
Just  TAK! 2019


  • 3rd Mini-album
Mini-Album Title Year
One Love It  2019
Make This
Not Afraid


It is obvious that each of the three mini-albums contains three songs. In addition, in each comeback, they released a music video of the song used as the title track. On their debut with mini-album HELLO! they released the “VIBE” music video.

Then for the 2nd album, they released two music videos as well as their first comeback. 1Team released the “ROLLING ROLLING” MV on July 11th, 2019, where this song is a trendy and groovy Pop Hip-hop; moreover the concept that they used is summer-themed. Besides that, on July 23rd, 2019, they released the “ICE IN THE CUP” MV with a similar concept.

For the 3rd mini-album, they released the “Make This” MV on November 6th, 2019, and here’s the music video!

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