Are You a Carat? Let’s Take a Look at these 17 Gorgeous Pictures of Seventeen!

Pledis Entertainment’s 13 Shining Boys!

When talking about the top tier K-Pop groups of the third generation, one of the names that are bound to come up in the conversation is Seventeen. The 13-member boy group from Pledis Entertainment has definitely been making waves as one of the driving forces behind the company’s comeback from their slump a few years back, having managed to gain popularity in such a short time. This is all proven through how Pledis Entertainment has shot up as one of the top three companies with the biggest sales in the first quarter of 2019, with Seventeen contributing nearly 75% of those overall company sales.

One of the reasons behind their success is their ever so loyal and passionate fans, Carats. Seventeen is notorious for always being thankful and appreciating their fans the best way they can, through speeches, updates and even content especially tailored to their fans’ interest. There’s also a reason behind Carats’ passion in supporting their favorite idols, from their superb skills to flawless visuals, Seventeen has got it all. Are you curious as to how Carats view their favorite idols? Or, how the name ‘Carat’ came to be? Well, stay tuned as we dive into the relationship between Seventeen and their fans, Carat.

Carat’s Favorite, Seventeen

Seventeen and Carat is one of those things that cannot be separated from each other as they are always present in Seventeen’s award speeches and social media posts when it comes to thanking fans and more. Before the official announcement of the fandom name, Seventeen opened an online polling and suggestions tab for possible fandom names that included some of the members’ suggestions as well as fans’ favorites, one of them being Carat.

Carat is derived from Seventeen’s first single, taken from their debut album, titled “Shining Diamond.” The song was promoted as their B-side track, but was very prominently used during their pre-debut activities, such as their variety show on MBC, 17 Debut Project. The song marked the band’s first self-composed song, as they have been performing covers for most of their time as trainees, but as they faced new challenges through the show, they finally revealed the song in one of their missions. Check out the music video and live performance below!

Part of the lyrics of the song reads, “Seventeen Carat that you cannot copy,” the inspiration behind taking the name Carat for the fans. Moreover, the song alludes to various imagery involving diamonds, that strengthens the way fans see the thirteen members and how the group is formed. Diamonds themselves are known to be resilient and a highly prized, precious mineral that is usually associated with wealth and luxury, setting the stage for the success of the group. One of the group’s catchphrases also alludes to the way that their fans are the light that helps make them shine, hence the Carat to their diamond in a sense.

17 Gorgeous Pictures of Seventeen

One of the things that attract Carats into joining the fandom is the amount of content Seventeen puts out on a day to day basis, one of them being the gorgeous pictures that can be found in almost all the corners of the internet. Let’s check out a selection of Seventeen’s most stunning pictures that make Carats’ hearts flutter!

Starting off with Seventeen’s overall leader, S.Coups. The eldest member of the group has one of the most unique nicknames, the most known being “SeungHaengSeol,” which is short for “Seungcheol’s actions that makes the heart flutter.” S.Coups is known to have a very warm presence that comforts Carats but at the same time, he is very flirty and likes to tease fans, hence the nickname. This has also made him very popular when it comes to being the ideal boyfriend among Carats. The photo above is just one of many that exemplify this ideal boyfriend personality, which Carats have named the “Boyfriend Shot.” The photo displays S.Coups lying on his back, looking fluffy as ever in a simple hoodie, while messing around with his phone on hand.

When it comes to Jeonghan, the group’s resident angel, nothing is more legendary than his long blond hair when the group promoted their second mini-album, Boys Be, with the title track, “Mansae.” His long blond hair can be listed as one of the reasons why the group launched to stardom, as casual fans and netizens alike started taking notice of the group due to his quite feminine styling. What surprised fans even more when they entered the fandom is that Jeonghan’s personality is nothing like his appearance, with his quite rash wording and jokester antics. The particular photo above is taken from Seventeen’s first fan signing from the “Mansae” era, which also happens to be Jeonghan’s birthday, that caused such a buzz on online forums.

Joshua’s legendary era also happens to be one of Seventeen’s most popular hits, that being the “Very Nice” era. The LA-born member sports a pastel pink hair that has fans calling him “Grapefruit Shua,” as that particular shade of pink reminds Carats of a grapefruit, perfect for the hot summer months during the group’s promotion era. Moreover, Joshua had a very prominent part in the song and choreography, as pictured above, making even non-fans curious as to who was the boy with pink hair that did the heart-shot choreography in the middle of the song.

Next up is Seventeen’s Chinese prince, Jun. Jun has always been known for his alluring and calm charm, which is only due to his limitations when it comes to speaking Korean. In actuality, Jun is a very fun-loving member that is very talkative and animated when he starts going on a tangent. Yet, during the very rare times fans could catch his more subdued side, the result is one like the picture above, taken while the group is on standby at an award show. The picture perfectly captures Jun’s ethereal beauty and charm that Carats just cannot resist.

Seventeen’s own main dancer, Hoshi, is another member that Carats cannot help but be attracted to. The member known for his 10:10 eyes, has always captivated fans with his piercing gaze that does not relent even when he dances and performs on stage. The picture above just exudes the gaze Carats keep raving about, more so with the all-black attire and black hair, something that Hoshi does not sport very often. The alluring and charismatic stage presence is also something Hoshi is known for, that helps amplify the effect of his gaze; no wonder that his stage name is derived from the Korean phrase, “Tiger’s Gaze.”

The cold, city boy image in Seventeen is solely trademarked by member Wonwoo. As the bookworm of the group and self-proclaimed game nerd, Wonwoo is often seen as the most closed-off and introvert member, but this is definitely not true as it is a misconception born out of his usually inexpressive face. Despite it, Carats have gotten used to his stone cold expression and have started regarding as his charm. Some even say that he is the most handsome when he does not realize it, as his resting face, more often than not, just captivates fans as it is with all its stone-cold glory. One of the examples being the photo above, his usual ice-cold beauty further amplified with the presence of the glasses.

Another member that is known to be the more closed off of the bunch is Woozi. As the vocal unit leader and composer of the band, Woozi is often regarded for his outstanding talent and amazing musicality, but another thing he is known for is his hidden talent of being extremely cute. Due to his smaller stature, standing at just 160 cm, and fluffy appearance, with his chubby cheeks and pale skin, mostly reminds fans of a small white puppy.

Woozi is often made to do cute actions and expressions by both Carats and the other members because of it, but on the rare chance Carats pay attention to him on the sideline, he sometimes does these actions without any prompt. Members have even called this out and told fans that Woozi himself knows that he is cute, as much as he tries to deny it, best exemplified by the picture above.

As the self-proclaimed fashionista of the band, what differentiates The8 from the rest of the members is his ability to mix and match fashion pieces, and style himself according to his own aesthetic. This usually comes with several name brands being showcased on his lithe body side by side, from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to Balenciaga and Dior, he has it all. What makes it interesting is that he does not look at all odd or out of place even with a very unique combination of colors, textures, and patterns. His keen sense of style definitely caught the eye of fashion publications and helped him land a photoshoot with the very popular publication in China, Chic Banana.

One of the things that attract Carats at first look when they encounter Seventeen is the height difference that exists between the band members, especially between member Mingyu and the others. Standing at 186 cm, Mingyu’s height definitely sets him apart and also helps establish him as one of the most attractive idols in the industry right now. This aspect also helps him land jobs as a model walking the runway of Seoul Fashion Week and doing photoshoots for fashion publications.

Through those solo activities, Mingyu definitely got a lot of individual exposure and attracted a lot of new fans, but there is nothing like experiencing his height first-hand through a Seventeen concert that really helps anchor in Carats. One of those instances happened to be during Seventeen’s summer 2017 concert, Diamond Edge. The concert marks the first time the band attempted an outdoor concert and during the Hip-Hop unit day, it happened to rain, which gave birth to this glorious photo of Mingyu in all his tall stature glory with the rain just cascading in the foreground.

DK is a member that sometimes fans only regard for his humorous personality and ability to sing to the gods, and because of it, Carats tend to forget that he is also one of the most handsome members of the group. Carats usually see him grinning and making funny expressions to elevate the mood and his loud personality overshadows his sharp, chiseled features that melt Carats’ hearts in the off chance DK is modeling or acting in all seriousness. This photoshoot is one of those moments, where DK is able to explore his more statuesque side with the help of Jenny House salon, the one salon that houses the make-up artists and hairstylist in charge of Seventeen’s looks. They invited him alongside other members to model for their look book, hence this solo photoshoot.

Another member that tends to have his visual appearance forgotten is variety rookie star, Seungkwan. Seungkwan has made a name for himself in the industry as someone who can take on variety show legends, such as Lee Su-geun, Kang Ho-dong, and more. His pure ability to liven up the mood and make light of every situation is very useful when it comes to variety shows. His ambition to appear on-screen also has helped tons at getting him jobs left and right. This though does not stop him from trying to create his own program under Seventeen’s V Live channel in order to connect with Carats.

The program in question is Boo Seungkwan’s Castera, a radio show that airs on the channel when he does has fans recommend him music and he will read out the comments that came along with the song recommendation. Unlike his TV personality, he takes on a more subdued and calmer persona on the radio show, which helps comfort Carats and gives them peace while on their way home from work or tucked in in bed. The picture above, a promo shoot for the show, exudes this same energy which gives Carats the strength and hope.

When it comes to the visuals of the band, Vernon definitely stands out as one of the most appealing members. Dubbed as one of Mnet’s Show Me The Money “Flower Boy Rappers” in Season 4, Vernon is one of the members that has received an outstanding amount of exposure from both Carats and the public for his handsomeness. Some Carats have even come to call him “Ver-caprio,” a riff of Leonardo Dicaprio and his stunning hotshot image in the 90s. This similarity can definitely be seen above, during the group’s photoshoot and consequent photobook with IZE magazine. The wavy blond hair and black and white filter just give off that 90s vintage vibe and play off really well with the image he is going for.

Seventeen’s youngest member, Dino, is someone Carats have quite literally grown up with. Carats have watched him since he was a mere middle school student during their pre-debut shows, up until he debuted in high school, and then now as he has reached adulthood. This has somehow warped the minds of Carats in a way, into always seeing Dino as a boy in their eyes with a charmingly cute eye smile and devastatingly saccharine personality to match. Yet, as time goes by, Carats are forced to deal with the reality that Dino has become a man of his own with a very attractive physique to match. As seen in the photo above, a mere candid shot of Dino at the airport has sent the whole fandom into chaos trying to deal with the fluttering in their hearts.

Seventeen, as a band made up of three different units, has done a great job in creating a very specific image for each and every one of those units. Starting off with the Vocal Unit, the unit that is made up of Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan, usually represented in a very soft, pastel colors that match with the soft, mellow tones of their songs. Meanwhile, the Hip-Hop Unit, as their genre has stemmed from ideas of rebellion, misfits and defiance, are more likely to be styled accordingly. Last but not least, the Performance Unit is known for sleek moves and smooth sounds that can be seen rocking a darker look, with fabrics such as leather and latex as a representation of that image. Check out the photos of each unit below!

Seventeen as a whole, is a band mostly known for their energetic performance and lively vibes, that have even attracted non-fans to come and have the time of their lives at their sold out concerts. That energy is best represented in the photo below, as it captures how Seventeen interacts with their fans while also giving it their all, enjoying the moment on-stage where they just soak in the support their fans have given them. This particular one is taken during their Diamond Edge concert in Seoul, where they had a literal water fight to cool fans off in a midsummer’s night.