Let’s Check Out 15&’s Jimin’s Instagram Feeds!


Meet the Beautiful Singer 15&’s Jimin

Jimin is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and television host, and a member of the vocal duo “15&”. She is also a member of project group “M.O.L.A”, that did not debut from any agency, and is also a co-host for Arirang’s variety show “After School Club”. Jimin was born on June 26, 1997, with the name Park Jimin; she was known as “Jamie” where she lived in Thailand for seven years.


She debuted as a member of duo vocal group “15&” with the single “I Dream”, which was released on October 5, 2012, and performed on the debut stage on October 7, 2012. She and her partner, Yerin, were 15 years old back when they made their debut, which is how the duo got their name.


Jimin’s Instagram Feeds


Since September 8, 2013, Jimin has maintained a personal Instagram account, at @jamiepark, to greet and share her life wtih her fans. She even confirmed it on her Twitter personal account (@jiminpark07). Before she changed her personal Instagram account to @jiminxjamie, some fans thought it was a BTS’s Jimin’s fans account as they shared the same name.


On November 3, 2018, she shared some photos of her fellow project group members, “M.O.L.A”, through her Instagram account. Just for your information, the name “M.O.L.A”  means “I don’t know / Whatever” in Korean. They named it such because they didn’t know what else to name their group, so it became “M.O.L.A”. After they called the group “MOLA”, they decided that it really meant “Makes Our Life Awesome”. The group is made up of several close friends who share the same passion for music, and formed back in 2015 with three members: 15&’s Jimin, UNIQ’s Seungyoun / WOODZ, and Producer Nathan / Lee Kyo-chang. Pentagon’s Kino and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon joined the group later on, as did the sixth member, HOHO Kim, as a musician and guitarist.

She posted a group selfie with her fellow “M.O.L.A” project group members, such as Pentagon’s Kino, Producer Nathan, and UNIQ’s WOODZ, after she finished preparing her 4th song, “Pick Up the Phone (PUTP) (전화받아)”, adding the caption “Where are the other two at?” in a playful manner, referring to SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Musician HOHO Kim.


On December 13, 2018, she shared a video of having fun while eating an egg with chopsticks. Many of her fans left comments such as “Your face look so cute”, “Cutest” also “You’re so pretty”.


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타마고가… 내가 아는 타마고가.. 아니야..

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On December 28, 2018, she posted the teaser video for when she participated in a K-pop Mashup with Vincent Blue.


You can watch the full video that she put the link already in her Instagram bio, or you can watch below!

On January 1, 2019, when everyone posted their New Year’s resolutions or posted their New Year celebration with their loved ones, Jimin posted her own cute meme faces to make her fans laugh.


On January 5, 2019, she posted her bright smiley-face with high-five selfie and a video with no audio that tried to tease her fans to look forward to watching her performance at Channel A’s “Vocal Play” variety show. She performed a Park Won break-up song, titled “Try”, at the show.

On January 12, 2019, she posted several selfies with her featured singer after she performed an a capella version of “This is Me” from the film “The Greatest Showman”, with KHAN and the a capella group “EXIT” at Channel A’s “Vocal Play” variety show. The excellent performance wowed the audience and they received an outstanding score of 99 points. Jimin looks like a queen here!


On January 19, 2019, she posted a video that showed her playing with a black cat, making her fans wonder who was the cuter, Jimin or the cat. The cat is named “Coco”, and belongs to her best friend, Korean YouTuber Quaddurup (@real_quaddurup). The black cat also has an Instagram account (@coco_do_anything) that you can follow.


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나능 맹순데에~~

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She showed her friendship through Instagram by posting a selfie with her best friend, Quaddurup, who is a Korean YouTuber, on January 10, 2019.


She also tried to cutely mimic Peko-chan’s face. As you can see, it is a little girl on the Milky Candy that Jimin was holding. We can’t deny the fact that they look the same here!


She posted a stunning selfie showing her nose piercing and airpods in her ears. She looks fierce here, with the tattoo on her chest, and left a caption “Hi” to her fans, on February 25, 2019.


Latest News


Jimin has been a MC for Arirang’s “After School Club” show since 2014. She is known for being super funny, random, savage, and showing her true personality on the show. During  episode 298, which aired on January 10, 2018, in which Kevin Woo and Day6’s Jae co-hosted with Jimin, Kevin Woo was trying to discuss New Year’s resolutions. Jimin interrupted Kevin and started freaking out to JYP Entertainment’s CEO by saying “JYP!!! Are you listening? I need to sing! I’m a singer. So that’s why I need an album. You know what I mean? I haven’t released a song in at least a year. Are you listening? I need a song!” the other hosts tried to calm her down but she persisted, as reported by Koreaboo. And this went viral because of the live broadcasting. There was so many memes of her #JIMINNEEDSTOSING. You can watch the moment below!

On January 19, 2018, nine days after “Jimin’s New Year Resolution” happened, VIXX’s Ravi announced that Jimin would feature on Ravi’s mixtape, titled “NIRVANA”. On January 22, 2018, Ravi’s mixtape “NIRVANA” featured 15&’s Jimin released. You can watch the music video below!

Finally, what all of Jimin’s fans have been waiting for: JYP took the hint! Jimin finally made her solo comeback with a new EP, titled “jiminxjamie”, on September 4, 2018, after having last made a comeback with a mini-album in August 2016. The first track of the EP, titled “April Fools (0401)”, killed it. You can watch the “April Fools (0401)” music video below!

Now she’s been dropping hints to her fans that she prepared a masterpiece, and asked her fans to get ready for her next project, on January 26, 2019, through her Twitter and Instagram personal accounts.


Wish her all the best with the new project that she wants! As Jimin’s fans said “The queen is back!”