Let’s Take a Look at 15&’s Ji-min’s New Mini-Album ‘jiminxjamie’!


JYP Entertainment’s Artists, 15&’s Ji-min, Comeback With a Mini-Album!

Are you familiar with one of the members of the singing duo from JYP Entertainment, 15&’s Ji-min? The main vocal, Park Ji-min (박지민), who was born on July 5th, 1997, stated that her duo group with Baek Ye-rin has already disbanded but there is no official statement from JYP Entertainment.

However, 15&’s Ji-min got her chance to shine again this year by releasing a mini-album, jiminxjamie, using her new stage name Jimin Park. Who’s excited about her comeback this year? Raise your hand! Well, if you want to find out more about Jimin Park’s mini-album, jiminxjamie, let’s scroll down and find out in this article below!

Solo Career


15&’s Jimin started her career as an idol when she won the first season of the competition television show K-Pop Star in 2011 by winning the first place. 15&’s Jimin chose to signed under JYP Entertainment on May 21st, 2012, and 4 months later, JYP Entertainment announced that 15&’s Jimin would debut along with her mate, Baek Yerin. The duo group finally debuted with the release of the digital single “I Dream” on October 5th, 2012.

After a long time of hiatus, Park Jin-young, or also known as JYP, announced that 15& Jimin would make her solo debut on April 5th, 2015, and release her debut single “Hopeless Love” under the new stage name Jimin Park.

The next project of Jimin Park was revealed by the producer group Sweetune. The project was announced as a collaboration with Eric Nam for a Charity Project where they would release a duet song, “Dream,” on May 28th, 2015.

Jimin Park is also known to have many friends that come from boy bands. On August 14th, 2015, Jimin Park announced that she has formed a group with UNIQ’s Seung-youn and rapper Nathan. The group was named M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome) and a few days after announcing the group’s name, they released their first track “My Way,” on August 20th, 2015.

Two months later, M.O.L.A released another track, “Trick or Treat,” on October 31st, 2015, and Jimin Park’s line was a rap one in this song.

On August 23rd, 2016, Jimin Park released her first EP titled 19 to 20 with the title single “Try.” Through her V-Live broadcast, Jimin Park stated that her first EP would be the first self-composed album and share with the fans about her own life.

After only appearing as a co-host in After School Club for 2 years, Jimin Park had a chance to release her second EP jiminxjamie which she herself composed for the most part of this mini-album.

Let’s check out Jimin Park’s mini-album, jiminxjamie, and the album details below!

Mini-Album jiminxjamie


On September 4th, 2019, Jimin Park released five new songs with a new EP titled jiminxjamie. The title song was named “April Fools” (0401) with an R&B tune that comes with trap beats which could make every listener groove along this song, as well as the other tracks, such as “Do You” (feat. OLNL), “Count You Out,” “Pick Up The Phone” (feat. Kino, Woodz, Nathan), and “Stars” (Prod. by LambC).


jiminxjamie is basically composed by Jimin Park and the title reflects on her dual identity as the singer Park Jimin, and her other personality as Jamie Park. Each of the five songs is very easy to listen with a different vibe from R&B Pop, Funky Hip-Hop and Pop Ballad along with the good lyrics from every track.


No. Title
1 April Fools (0401)
2 Do You? (위니) (feat. OLNL)
3 Count You Out (하나 빼기 둘)
4 PUTP (전화받아) (feat. Kino, Woodz, Nathan)
5 Stars (별) (Prod. by LambC)

Although her fans really support this comeback, there are, however, some of the music listeners who have quite a different opinion about this particular mini-album. Basically, Jimin Park has a smooth R&B voice which poured out every time she sang in this mini-album.

Seoulbeats explained about their opinion about the album jiminxjamie which came out good but not as impressive as they expected. The production seems to be the major issue when it comes to the song’s genre and they describe it as “noisy” when the song added many vocal lines or instruments that aren’t really synced with the line, especially for “Count You Out.”

While another major issue comes from the mixing but they said that JYP Entertainment did terrible this time. In the title track, Jimin Park’s voice is buried and drowned with the instruments which cause the whole song to become messy. However, “April Fools” (0401) is the best choice in this album as the title track and it’s also the only song that makes Jimin Park become the center voice.

jiminxjamie is actually a good album recommendation but it doesn’t reach it’s full potential when the production has mixed too many instruments in the songs and it ended up being too noisy.

The Title Song “April Fools”


On September 4th, 2018, Jimin Park finally dropped her latest music video and made a comeback with “April Fools” (0401)!

The song is basically a dark R&B song along with the music video concept. The music video is 19+ rated because Jimin Park is in a scene where she accidentally commits murder. However, the song is about a breakup and the end of love where one of the lovers isn’t letting her ex to come back anymore.

Besides being aesthetic, “April Fools” (0401)’s music video scenes have a beautiful frame yet it is still a dark concept. The first scene that is being shown from the video is one where the ex-boyfriend is coming to Jimin Park’s house with a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a cake.


The ex-boyfriend has brought gifts for her, but she doesn’t want to accept them and they end up pushing each other. The cake falls down on the ground and the guy accidentally steps on it falling backward and hitting his head on the ground.


Jimin Park rushes to him and quickly checks whether he is okay or not but he’s dead after the accident. Jimin Park panics at this time and a moment later, a delivery man arrives at her place, so she quickly drags her ex-boyfriend to sit on the dining table while she is sitting in front of him.


After the delivery guy scenes, Jimin Park brings the ‘corpse’ of her ex-boyfriend to the sofa in the living room and invites people to a party using his phone.


Before the party starts, Jimin Park drags her ex-boyfriend again and hides him under the bed.


During the party, a couple enters the bedroom where Jimin Park’s ex-boyfriend is ‘hidden’ under the bed and the rated scene where the couple is making love begins. The bed is shaking really hard but he isn’t at all conscious.


After the party ends, Jimin Park checks the ‘corpse’ which she put earlier under the bed only to find that he isn’t there anymore because the bed was broken. You can see in the last scene, her ex-boyfriend slowly walking out from her bedroom with a broken back as the bed fell on top of him, but he ends stepping on the cake once again and falling over.