100%’s Rockhyun: Profile, Facts, The Unit, Militarty Service, etc

Rockhyun’s Appearance In The Unit


Rockhyun participated in the idol rebooting program The Unit. The Unit was aired on KBS2 from October 28th, 2017 to February 10th, 2018. In the program, idol participants competed in music performances while a group of mentors and judges commented about their performances. Evaluations and votes determined each contestants’ progress in the following stages. Idols that managed to advance until the final stage got the chance to join UNB for the boy group and UNI.T for the girl group.

Rockhyun and other 100% members participated in The Unit. However, all members failed to advance until the final stage. Rockhyun failed to reach the 9th position and ended up in the 14th position.

Rockhyun’s profile in The Unit


Hobbies: Reading comic books and watching the moon

Specialty: Sometimes he burst out laughing alone without any reason

Charming point: His laughing is silly but contagious

Rockhyun’s Military Service


On July 15th, 2019, two 100% members, Rockhyun and Chanyong were enlisted to mandatory military service. The news about their enlistment was posted on the official website. A picture of their recent appearance also appeared on the site. Rockhyun captioned: “Aren’t we look good? We will take care of our health and return safely. Please take care of yourself (PERFECTION) as well! We will meet as soon as possible.”

Before the enlistment, 100% held their last fan meeting event before going to the military base. 100%’s last fan meeting in Seoul was held on July 14th, 2019. Before the enlistment, each member wanted to spend time with fans and make beautiful memories together.

A younger 100% member, Hyukjin joined the military on August 26th, 2019. He was stationed in Gosang, Gangwon province. He wrote: “As healthy Korean men, all 100% members leave Perfection to serve the country and fulfill our duty.”

Rockhyun’s Instagram

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몸 건강히 수료식 잘 마쳤습니다.

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Rockhyun in Mask Singer

Rockhyun appeared on MBC’s The King of Mask Singer and surprised the panelists with his vocal talent. Rockhyun competed with the main vocalists of other idol groups in the Lunar New Year special episode. In the episode, Rockhyun introduced himself as Let’s Gogh and performed “Come What May” from the famous musical movie Moulin Rouge and also performed Kim Bum-soo’s song “Last Love.” The panelists praised his performance and his vocal range. They were surprised when they found out about his debut period and long-time activity as an idol.

However, he failed to advance to the next stage and lost from Klimt. He lost both the duet and the solo performance. He revealed to the audience that he is an active idol and member of 100%. Rockhyun also revealed that he had sent videos of his performance to King of Mask Singer several years earlier but at the time there was no response from the program. He greeted the audience and asked people to listen to 100% music.

Rockhyun frequently posts his activities on his Instagram account and also posts covers of popular songs to his YouTube account.

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