Number 1 Rating! Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Temperature of Love’

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Temperature Of Love

Temperature of Love is a drama series aired on the Korean TV station SBS in September 2017. Lots of netizens are curious about this drama because the cast is pretty cool. There is Seo Hyun-jin, she is better known as the queen of the romantic comedy genre, and there is Yang Se-jong, a newcomer actor who is on the rise.

  1. An Exciting And Interesting Story

Temperature of Love tells the story of two people who meet each other through online media. After meeting in real life, both of their lives develop in an unexpected turn of events.

2. Presenting A Refreshing Romantic Story

The concept of the drama is not ‘direct-to-the-point’ about how the pigeons of these two lovebirds initially meet as ‘strangers’ before both of them claiming to have fallen for each other at first sight. After trying to define their relationship as a romantic one, they realize that they are not compatible as a couple and decide to split up. But as fate would have it, they meet each other again under the different circumstances explained above. The author translates the meaning of Temperature Of Love as a love trajectory which is the phase of switching from the introduction to the search for real love that grows stronger without hesitation. Oh Jung-sung claims to have fallen in love with Lee Hyun-soo at first glance but is denied by her. Lee Hyun-soo only realizes she actually loves Oh Jung-sung after being separated from him for years. Longing for them to exchange their love, one day, they meet again. However, Oh Jung-sung, who has matured, is now playing tug-of-war with Lee Hyun-soo for rejecting him without guilt.

3. Shows The Delicacy Of Typical Ginseng Country, South Korea

Because Yang Se-jong portrays the character of Oh Jung-sung, who works as a chef, it is no wonder that this drama continually showed the delicacies of the typical food from the Country of Ginseng.

4. Very Beautiful And Handsome Actors And Actresses

It has become a natural thing for the main characters in a drama series to be very beautiful and handsome. This is another main attraction other than the interesting storyline that makes fans want to watch the drama. No exception with the SBS drama series Temperature Of Love. The drama stars handsome actors and actresses from South Korea, namely Yang Se-jong, Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Jae-wook, Jo Bo-ah, Cha In-ha, Lee Kang-min, Pyo Ji-hoon, and Shim Hee-seop. Apparently, the Temperature Of Love drama was able to attract Korean drama lovers to watch the SBS drama series because the actors and actresses were able to anesthetize the audience with their charms.

5. Directional And Cinematographic Techniques Making Stunning Views As If You Are Watching A Classic Romantic Drama Of Yore

The visuals produced are very strong, raising the scent of the love of the two pigeons. Temperature of Love grabs your attention to explore the interactions that are full of ‘chemistry’ between the two main actors.

6. Great Acting Displayed By Seo Hyun-jin As The Queen Of Korean Romantic Comedy Drama

Seo Hyun-jin never disappoints us in any project she takes on. She has proven that she is the queen of romantic comedies that need not be doubted. The age difference between her and the newcomer actor seems to be pretty big, but Yang Se-jong does not reveal the age gap between them. Many viewers thought they were the same age. Seo Hyun-jin ensured that Lee Hyun-soo is in line with Oh Jung-Sung.

7. Presenting A Beautiful And Handsome Cameos

In the drama Temperature Of Love, they featured Korean top actresses and actors, whose acting talents were beyond doubt, starting from Ryu Jin to Park Shin-hye, who were playing cameos in the SBS drama series.

8. The Soundtrack That Makes You Fall In Love

temperature of love ost

It is common for a drama to have several original tracks on its soundtrack, ranging from happy to sad songs that will bring out the most of the drama. In Temperature Of Love, all the songs presented were able to make the listeners fall in love with the sound of the soundtrack filler. Here are some of the songs featured in the soundtrack of Temperature Of Love:

01. You Are – Seunghee (Oh My Girl)

02. 사랑 ing (Love Ing) – Eunha (Gfriend)

03. I Still – Cheeze (치즈)

04. It Has To Be You – Lee Bong-Goo (이봉구) of Gilgubongu

05. The Ending That Only I Know – Stella Jang

06. Wonderful Moment – Fromm

07. At That Time – Jungheum Band

08. Be Confused – Chahee (Melody Day)

09. Just You – Seven O’Clock

10. Shiny Memories – Kim Sun-Kyung (김선경) feat. Lee Ji-Eun (이지은)

9. Based On a Popular Novel

Temperature Of Love is based on one of the most famous novels written by Ha Myung-hee. She is the screenwriter of the SBS drama series Doctors. The Korean title is Chakhan Seupeuneun Jeonhwareul Bakji Anneunda and the English title is Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone.

10. The Drama Was Able To Outperform the Drama Starring South Korea’s Top Idols, Im Yoon-ah And Im Si-wan

According to Nielsen Korea, reported by Soompi, the first episode of Temperature of Love received a rating of 7.1% while the second part reached 8%. The King Loves starring Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Im Si-wan, and Hong Jong-hyun were in second place with 5.8% for the first part and 6.8% for the second episode.

That’s the reason why K-Drama lovers must watch Temperature Of Love. Even though it has already finished, but the drama is still able to make the audience carried away with the chemistry of the cast.