Here’s 10 Photos of Hyuna’s Sexy Photoshoot That Will Make You Drool!


The Awesome Princess Hyuna

Hyuna is one of those familiar names from the entertainment industry! Yes, she used to be a member of Wonder Girls in the past but decided to leave. She then joined the band 4Minute in 2009 and even started a solo career in 2010.

Unfortunately, 4Minute was dissolved in 2016, but Hyuna still continued her career as a singer, model, dancer, and also songwriter. Her goddess-like appearance must be one of the most attractive things about her, right? There is not a person that hasn’t noticed this is a photo shoot of hers!

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the goddess Hyuna and all of her sexiest photoshoots ever!

Top 10 of Hyuna’s Photoshoots

Every woman desires to have an attractive and sexy appearance just like Hyuna! Her face, her style, her body, and her aura are almost perfect and appear very sophisticated. Moreover, Hyuna has been famously known for her sexy appearance. Even her gaze, by only looking into her eyes we can easily take note of her sexy charisma! So, here are the top 10 of Hyuna’s sexy photoshoots!

  1. Hyuna looks so damn good in that black hair, right?


2. Her gaze and her pose are almost perfect!


3. Who can resist the sexy aura from Hyuna?


4. What is sexier in this photo, Hyuna or the scenery?


5. She looks effortlessly beautiful!


6. Hyuna must really know how to amaze everyone!


7. The classical photoshoot from Hyuna!


8. Such a beautiful smile, right?


9. Who loves the color of her lipstick?


10. Last but not least, the goddess on earth!


Hyuna’s Photoshoot With Her Boyfriend!

Hyuna doesn’t always do her photoshoots alone, on some occasions, she has also had a photoshoot together with her boyfriend, E’Dawn. They’ve been a couple for more than two years, and both of them have their own charisma! Let’s check out some photos of their photo shoots together, below!

Which one from the photos above do you love the most?

What Are the Latest News About Hyuna?

When was the last time you’ve heard news about Hyuna? Well, as fans, people must be curious about her latest news! So, what is the most recent news about Hyuna?

Well, one of the latest news about Hyuna was about her dancing move appearance with her boyfriend, E’Dawn! Most people have been saying that the two of them were considered to be couple goals or relationship goals due to their dance collaboration for Abusadamente.

Both of them posted their dance practice on their Instagram accounts. If you haven’t watched them dance yet, make sure to take a look at the video below.