10 Fun Facts About SHINee Members You May Not Know


SHINee Fun Facts

After debuting in 2008, SHINee is now one of South Korean’s popular boy groups. They receive a lot of attention with their unique concepts, colorful fashion, and catchy songs. But, do you know about the members? Or do you think you already know about them? Let’s get to know them more by reading SHINee members’ fun facts below!

SHINee Taemin’s Fun Facts

  • If Taemin wasn’t a singer, he would want to be a police officer and a pilot.
  • When he was a trainee, Taemin used to wear a teddy bear t-shirt.
  • Taemin’s favorite movie genre is horror.
  • Taemin started to like dancing because of his big brother.
  • He wants to have a date at Namsan Tower in Seoul.
  • He often talks to himself.
  • Taemin likes pale-skinned girls and thinks a girl is the prettiest when she is blushing or when she is panicking.
  • Five minutes is enough for Taemin to get dressed in the morning.
  • He likes to look at his eyeballs in the mirror and hypnotize himself.
  • Taemin learns Japanese by watching One Piece. His current favourite Japanese sentence is “お腹ぺこぺこ” (onaka peko peko) which means “I’m hungry.”

SHINee Minho’s Fun Facts

  • Minho likes to read biography books.
  • He really likes the football video game “Winning Eleven.”
  • His favourite comic is Slam Dunk.
  • Minho is the king of sleep, it is hard to wake him up.
  • Minho’s idealtype of girl is a feminine girl with long hair.
  • He can speak Korean, English, and Mandarin fluently.
  • Minho has already accomplished his dreams as a radio DJ, MC, and actor.
  • The first thing he does in the morning is think about what to do and how to spend his time.
  • His favourite movie genre is action and romantic comedy, to relieve stress.
  • The most comfortable place for Minho is his bed.

SHINee Onew’s Fun Facts

  • Onew ranked second in his entire school.
  • Wherever he goes, he always carries a Rubix cube and plays with it whenever he is bored.
  • He really likes having a long time to brush his teeth.
  • Onew wants to learn to draw.
  • Onew wanted to be a scientist.
  • He does not like it when other people call him by his real name.
  • Onew’s ideal type is a girl who has her own character, has good personality and good behavior, and knowing how to cook is a must.
  • To lose his weight, Onew said that in order to exercise he wakes up at 5 am and swims for an hour. After he gets home, Onew skips as much as 4000 times.
  • Onew likes to read any genre of books.
  • He loves to imitate Donald Duck.

SHINee Jonghyun’s Fun Facts

  • His band in high school was called ZION.
  • Jonghyun has a small scar above his left eyelid.
  • Jonghyun has more than 10,000 songs on his MP3 player.
  • Even when he is very hungry, he doesn’t eat instant noodles.
  • Jonghyun would want to wear couple hats and couple t-shirts with his girlfriend.
  • Jonghyun is ambidextrous, he is left-handed but can write with both hands.
  • He loves to tell ghost stories to SHINee members.
  • Jonghyun is the only one in SHINee who can eat spicy foods.
  • Jonghyun thinks that a girl is attractive when she is putting on make-up.
  • Korean Comic TV shows are his favorite TV programs.

SHINee Key’s Fun Facts

  • Key’s first love was back when he was in elementary school. Until now he is still friends with her.
  • Italian food is Key’s favorite food.
  • When Key is scared, he hits something really hard.
  • When he is drunk, he strips, talks a lot, and does aegyo.
  • Key’s favorite Japanese dramas are ‘1 litre of tears’ and ‘Nobuta wo Produce’.
  • His favorite animations are ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, ‘The Simpsons’, and ‘Studio Ghibli movies’.
  • Key loves BB cream and has a special bag for his makeup tools.
  • Key keeps a diary.
  • Things Key hates: running, doing laundry, and math.
  • He has a habit of scratching right under his nose, or just to the side.

SHINee’s Close Relationships with Each Other


SHINee members are close with each other as they have been together for about 10 years. They often show their closeness on stage and off stage. Fans have caught many moments of their closeness and even paired them and made a name for SHINee members pairings. For example, there is JongYu (Jonghyun and Onew), TaeMinho (Taemin and Minho), OnTae (Onew and Taemin), and many more. One of the most popular pairings in the SHINee fandom is JongKey (Jonghyun and Key). Let’s know some fun facts about the pairs!

SHINee JongKey’s Fun Facts

  • They treat each other as brothers.
  • Jonghyun and Key were room-mates before their debut.
  • Jonghyun likes to annoy Key by touching Key’s stuff.
  • Jonghyun and Key are often seen fooling around together in various episodes of SHINee’s Reality Show.
  • Jonghyun and Key were first seen fooling around behind the scenes of M!net Pop Magazine.
  • They often hug each other.
  • When Jonghyun forgets his training outfit, Key always brings it.
  • Key calls Jonghyun “Jjong.”
  • In Key’s wallet, there is a polaroid of Jonghyun and himself.
  • When Jonghyun and Key were trainees, they once went to the cinema together to watch a horror movie. In the middle of the movie, Key got scared and hit someone he didn’t know. After that they had to left because they were embarrassed.

 Facts about SHINee’s Achievements in 2013

  • On January 15, 2013, SHINee received the “Popularity Award” in the 27th Golden Disk Awards.
  • SHINee also won the “Disk Bonsang Award” for the third time in the 27th Golden Disk Awards.
  • SHINee released their third Korean album in two parts. The first part, titled Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You, was released on February 19, 2013. The second part, Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me, was released on April 29, 2013.
  • In November 2013, for the first time SHINee won the “Artist of the Year” award at the MelOn Music Awards.
  • SHINee had their Japan Tour titled “Japan Arena Tour SHINee WORLD 2013 ~ Boys Meet U” from June 28, 2013 till June 30, 2013. Each day, approximately 33,000 fans attended the concert.

So, what do you think about SHINee members and their relationships with each other? Looking at their achievements, they sure are amazing in their own way and still have much more to show the world! Let’s wait and support SHINee’s comeback!