Here’s The List Of 00-Liners Who Will Hit Legal Age This Year

Find Out More About These 00-Liner K-Pop Idols Who Are Welcoming Their Legal Age

K-Pop is still one of the most attractive industries for many teenagers around the world. K-Pop fans are still very young, and they are increasingly enthusiastic about all the developments happening in the hallyu wave today. Starting from the trends of music, group members, and variety shows that are still popular, it is also a special concern of many people.

It should also be noted that many boy-group and girl-group members have made their debut by the time they were 17 years old, and by 2020 they have entered their legal year where they will be celebrating their 20th birthday.

Are you curious about the idols who will turn 20 this year? Let’s look in more detail in the article below and see if your favorite idol is included in the list!

NCT Dream’s Haechan

NCT Dream’s Haechan was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 6, 2000. This man, whose real name is Lee Dong-hyuk, is the oldest member of NCT Dream and many say that he deserves to be the older brother in the group because the other members are younger than he is.

Haechan was born with a very cute face, and many people have been surprised how little his face has changed since his childhood. NCT Dream’s Haechan made his debut as an idol in 2016, where he is still 16 years old. A young age, right?

Now Haechan has grown into a man who is more mature, but that does not eliminate the cute side from within him. He is also often seen showing off aegyo, and is very spoiled with his siblings on NCT 127, a sub-unit where Haechan is also still actively promoting.

CLC’s Eunbin

CLC’s Eunbin first appeared on the tv survival show program, Mnet’s ‘Produce 101,’ but he didn’t qualify in the next episode. CUBE Entertainment decided that Eunbin should debut as an additional member in the girl-group CLC in February 2016, and she was present in the High Heels music video.

As for several photos of CLC’s Eunbin predominantly found on the internet, it shows that the visual of this girl born in Seoul, South Korea, on January 6, 2000, did not show any changes with her current visual. Eunbin looked really pretty even in her school days.

Now, Eunbin is growing into a more mature young woman, and she looks more beautiful than before. she has also received special attention from fans because of her visuals and height that can beat the height of the other members of CLC.

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SF9’s Chani

SF9’s Chani is another of the idols who will celebrate their 20th birthday this year. This member of SF9, whose real name is Kang Chan-hee, was born in Daejeon, South Korea, on January 17, 2000. He holds the position as maknae, or the youngest member in the group.

When he was little, Chani already had a face like an idol and he was a handsome boy when he was still in his school days. Chani, who is a member of the group with Rowoon, is the considered the bravest member of SF9.

Besides having a position as a maknae in SF9, Chani is also well-known as one of the idols who frequently perform in K-dramas, such as The Innocent Man (2012), The Queen’s Classroom (2013), Signal (2016), and Sky Castle (2018). Even though he is still young, SF9’s Chani is a talented idol.

G(I)-DLE’s Shuhua

One of the maknae of (G) I-DLE, Shuhua, is also an idol 00-Liner who will celebrate her 20th birthday this year. Shuhua’s birth date is known to be the same as CLC’s Eunbin, and they are close friends because they are still under the same agency, CUBE Entertainment.

(G) I-DLE’s Shuhua, who is a Taiwanese citizen, was born on January 6, 2000, and she has very beautiful visuals. Her face, which is like Chinese Princess, does not seem to have changed at all when we look at her predebut photographs, which have been widely circulated on the internet.

From childhood until now, Shuhua does not have much difference when we talk about her visual and physical appearance. Shuhua, who debuted at the age of 18, is a hard-working idol because she came to South Korea at a young age, and went through her trainee period while also having to learn to speak Korean fluently.

TXT’s Soobin

TXT’s Soobin is known by his real name, Choi Soo-bin, and was born in Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on December 5, 2000. The leader of TXT has cute visuals, and sometimes he can also become a member with a more manly appearance, instead of just seeming cute.

Soobin, who turned 20 last December, is still considered a rookie in the K-Pop industry, and he is still busy in the schedule for promotion as part of TXT under Big Hit Entertainment.

TXT’s Soobin is also a member who has his own charisma and captivates the hearts of his fans. In addition to the more handsome visuals, Soobin also has the nickname as ‘Cucumber,’ because he is very tall. In addition, South Korean media who often cover TXT’s activities have also given nicknames to Soobin, namely ‘Flower Boy’ or ‘Flower-Shaped Sunshines’

IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon is one of the 00-Liners who has been celebrating her 20th birthday. Her real name is Lee Chae-yeon, and she was born in Yongin, South Korea, on January 11, 2000. Chaeyeon, who is known to have a sister who debuted under the JYP Entertainment agency, was once a candidate to be the leader of IZ*ONE because of her very adult nature.

The members of IZ*ONE even have a nickname for Chaeyeon, as the mother of the members. In addition to her more mature nature, Chaeyeon also has visuals that are no less beautiful than her appearance after her debut became an idol. Her face looks the same, and is still as cute as she was when she was little.

She is full of energy and her dance skills are one of her main attractions every time she appears on stage. Despite her young age, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon has been known by her fans as an idol with many achievements, and she must continue to promote in the future and show her talent to the world.