Shinee Key

Dating rumour of SHINee Key

SHINee member, Key, has been closed to several girl group member. Some of them are Nicole (KARA ex member) and Eunji (A Pink member). But, are they just close as a friend or more than friend?

SHINee Key Real Girlfriend?

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Since Key debuted along with SHINee, there were many rumors around SHINee. Dating was one the frequent rumor that they got. Since Key is closes to some member of girl group like Eunji and Nicole, there are several rumors around them that lead fans curios about their relationship.

Key and Nicole Dating Scandal.

Key and Nicole

In K-pop industries, it is usual to have a friend from the same year of birth. Key and Nicole both close friend since they were 91 liners. They dating rumor rise since they were both support each other and always seen to be together on some events outside their schedule.

Here are some evidences that lead them to dating rumor:

  1. On 23rd March 2010, there was an episode on SBS Strong Heart when Nicole revealed that SHINee’s Key has been pushed her on diet.
  1. On 2012, Key participate along with the other friends celebrate Nicole birthday. A video by Nancy Lang on facebook showing that Nicole and Key were standing side to side in front of cake while singing happy birthday song in Korea language with the others.

  1. Key SHINee and Nicole KARA ex member had been seen to attend the “Ultra Music Festival Korea 2014” at Jamsil Sports Complex’s Olympic Main Stadium. Nicole uploaded the picture of they were going together into her instagram (nicole_jung) on 16 June.

Even though there are still many rumors around them, they had already denied their feelings for each other and saying that they had a sibling-like relationship. But who knows what will happen in the future, right?

Key and Eunji Relationship.

key eunji

Key SHINee and Eunji had been appeared as a couple on a TV variety show “We Got Married” in 2013. They appearance made many people thought that they were dating, since they look good and natural on the screen. Key even said that Eunji was his ideal type of woman in a magazine interview. Both of them admitted that they were still keep in touch after the show despite their schedule.

Key and Eunji Appearance on We Got Married.

key eunji wgm

Key SHINee and Eunji were appeared on several episodes of TV variety show “We Got Married” in 2013. The first meeting was when Taemin and Na Eun invite them to have a double date at the café on the 8th episode of their “We Got Married”. They even had an on-air dating episode on “We Got Married” as only an unmarried couple on several Taemin and Na Eun episode of “We Got Married”.

On 2014, Key appeared as a married couple with Yagi Arisa, a Japanese model, on “We Got Married Global edition”. On their wedding ceremony, Eunji came along with another A Pink member and expressed her envy feeling toward the couple. Key even shock and embarrassed to saw Eunji on the wedding.

Key and Eunji Had Their On-Screen Reunite on M! Countdown 2016.

key eunji mcountdown

Key was one of the M! Countdown MC on 21st April 2016 when Eunji had her comeback stages with her new song “Hopefully Sky”. Many fans expressed their happiness toward them as they can be seen together again on-screen after they last appearance on “We Got Married”.