How Will TWICE Look Without Makeup?

K-pop idols have been known for their authentic beauty, whether they are on stage or back stage. The popularity if Hallyu has spread all over the world, as Korea is known for their pretty girls and their specialty in makeup. People nowadays have the perception that Korean girls are beautiful because they put makeup on. But have you ever wondered, what a female k-pop idol look like without their makeup? Here, we will release the photos of TWICE members natural no makeup faces! Let’s check it out and give us your opinions, do they still look stunning without makeup on?

TWICE Before & After Photos

Here are the photos of TWICE members before and after wearing makeup. Let’s check them out one by one!

1. Momo TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


2. Nayeon TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


3. Jihyo TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


4. Dahyun TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

dahyun with makeup

5. Sana TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


6. Chaeyeong TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

Chaeyoung without makeup

7. Tzuyu TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

tzuyu without makeup

8. Mina TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

mina without makeup

9. Jungyeon TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

jungyeon without makeup
Jungyeon TWICE

Another Picture TWICE Member No Makeup

This JYP new girl band who got their popularity through the song “Cheer Up”, was also captured not wearing their make up when they visited a Dental Clinic in Seoul. The pictures spread so fast as soon as they were uploaded to the internet.

1. Momo & Nayeon Looks Natural

momo nayeon

Known for their close friendship, Momo and Nayeon took a picture together as they didn’t put their make up on, what do you think, are they still pretty?

2. Jihyo & Dahyun No Makeup

Jihyo dahyun

These 2 TWICE members are known for having a different visual type, Jihyo who looks more exotic with her big eyes, and Dahyun who has more aegyo with big eyes and a cute smile.

3. Sana Natural Looks


Here is Sana, a TWICE member who was born in Osaka natural without makeup.

4. Chaeyoung and Tzuyu No Makeup

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu were in the same school back then at Hanlim Multi Art School, who do you think looks prettier without makeup?

5. Mina and Jungyeon Withoup Makeup

Mina and Jungyeon

Here are the last 2 TWICE members who took pictures at the Dental Clinic.

TWICE Bare Face Photo-cards

TWICE debuted in 2015, but up until now, everyone is still searching for their very first album photocard because it contains a photocard of TWICE members not wearing makeup inside. So, we gathered each members photocard pictures for you!

1. Momo Bare Face


2. Nayeon Bare Face


3. Jihyo Bare Face


4. Dahyun Bare Face


5. Sana Bare Face


6. Chaeyeong Bare Face


7. Tzuyu Bare Face


8. Mina Bare Face


9. Jungyeon Bare Face


TWICE Bare Faces on Broadcasts


All TWICE members shocked their fans as they appeared on Naver’s ‘V’ apps on March 27. It is not because they suddenly appeared on Naver apps, but it is because they appeared without makeup, which makes them look so natural. The three members that were on the broadcast were Jungyeon, Nayeon, and Jihyo. Every netizen commented “They look pretty even without makeup”, “They would look better without the filters”, etc. The three TWICE members even shouted “Capture us!” as they received a lot of love from their fans.

Who Do You Think is the Prettiest Member without Makeup?


All of TWICE member faces without makeup has been revealed above. Some of them might look different to you, some might look the same. So after looking at all their natural faces, who is the prettiest member without makeup? And are there any TWICE member that you like more when she doesn’t put her makeup on?