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K-Pop Male Groups are Booming

The Korean wave is still rolling. Every year in South Korea, a lot of idol groups make their debut, trying to put themselves out into the public eye. Among those many K-Pop groups, let’s take a look at the most popular boy groups in 2017.

K-Pop Boy Bands 2016

Let’s look back a bit to 2016. In 2016, many rookie boy groups had a successful debut. Astro, NCT, and KNK are some of them. Senior groups like Bigbang and Sechskies also finally made their long-awaited comeback. BTS, EXO, and Seventeen also greeted their fans around the world by releasing new tracks and doing concerts. They didn’t just stick to South Korea either. Many boy groups, like iKon and SHINee, also focused on promoting their music in Japan.

Most Popular K-Pop Boy Groups in 2017

K-Pop idols’ agencies wouldn’t want to miss their chance to promote their groups this year.  Many popular boy groups had their comeback and many rookie groups also made their debut. How has your favorite boy group been doing in these past months of 2017? Let’s check if your idol is on our list of this year’s top 30 K-Pop boy groups!

1. BTS


BTS debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. BTS is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) which literally means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They introduced their English group name as Beyond The Scene.

Current Members and Position

  • Rap Monster (leader, main rapper)
  • J-Hope (lead rapper, main dancer)
  • Suga (lead rapper)
  • Jimin (lead vocalist, main dancer)
  • Jin (vocalist)
  • V (vocalist)
  • Jungkook (main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In their debut year, they won the New Artist of the Year Award at 5th MelOn Music Awards 2013.
  • BTS got the Grand Award at 26th Seoul Music Awards 2017.
  • Their title track Spring Day became the first song by a K-Pop group to make it into the top 10 iTunes songs chart in United States.
  • BTS is the first Korean group to be nominated at Billboard Music Awards 2017 and they won the Top Social Artist Award.
  • BTS became the first Korean group who collaborated with The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart for the song Love Yourself: Her on their upcoming album “Best of Me”

2. EXO


SM Entertainment formed EXO in 2011 and debuted them in 2012. EXO originally debuted as twelve members, but in 2014 three of the members left the group and the agency. EXO  now consists of nine members, but they are temporarily promoting as eight members since member Lay is currently busy with his activities in China.

Current Members and Position

  • Suho (leader, lead vocalist)
  • Baekhyun (main vocalist)
  • D.O (main vocalist)
  • Chen (main vocalist)
  • Xiumin (lead vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Lay (main dancer, vocalist)
  • Kai (main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper)
  • Chanyeol (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Sehun (lead dancer, rapper, sub vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • EXO is the first group to win the Album of the Year Award four times in a row at Golden Disc Awards.
  • Their recent repackaged album titled “The War: The Power of Music” ranked #1 on iTunes album chart in 33 countries.
  • EXO featured in “The Guinness World Records 2018 Edition” together with Bigbang.
  • Their title track Ko Ko Bop MV gained 8.8 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.
  • EXO was chosen as the most powerful celebrity by Forbes Korea in 2014 and 2015.



Wanna One is a boy group project that was made by national producers through Mnet’s survival reality show “Produce 101 Season 2.” Wanna One officially debuted on August 8, 2017 under YMC Entertainment. They are scheduled to promote only until December 2018.

Current Members and Position

  • Kang Daniel (center, main dancer, sub vocal, sub rapper)
  • Park Jihoon (lead dancer, sub vocal, sub rapper)
  • Lee Daehwi (lead vocal)
  • Kim Jaehwan (main vocal)
  • Ong Seongwu (main dancer, sub vocal)
  • Park Woojin (lead dancer, main rapper)
  • Lai Kuanlin (lead rapper)
  • Yoon Jisung (leader, sub vocal)
  • Hwang Minhyun (lead vocal)
  • Bae Jinyoung (sub vocal)
  • Ha Sungwoon (main vocal)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Wanna One is the first group who had their debut show-con held in Gocheok Sky Dome, one of the biggest stadiums in Korea, and the tickets are all sold out.
  • Wanna One dominated Korean online music charts an hour after their debut album “1×1=1 (To Be One)” released.
  • Their debut track “Energetic”  won 15 times in Korean music TV shows.
  • Wanna One became the only rookie group to be nominated for a Grand Award this year.
  • They won the New Korean Wave Rookie Award at 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards 2017.



Seventeen made their debut in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. They are known as a self-produced group since the members always participate in the process of making their songs and choreography. The group has three units called the vocal unit, the hip hop unit, and the performance unit.

Current Members and Position

  • S.Coups (leader, main rapper)
  • Jeonghan (lead vocalist)
  • Woozi (lead vocalist)
  • Seungkwan (main vocalist)
  • DK (main vocalist)
  • Joshua (vocalist)
  • Wonwoo (lead rapper)
  • Mingyu (lead rapper)
  • Vernon (main rapper)
  • Hoshi (main dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Jun (lead dancer, sub vocalist)
  • The8 (lead dancer, sub vocalist)
  • Dino (main dancer, lead rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Seventeen won the New Artist Award at Seoul Music Awards 2015.
  • In 2016, they won the World Rookie Award at Gaon chart K-Pop Awards.
  • Their fourth mini album “Al1” ranked #2 on Billboard’s World’s Albums chart and made it into the list of the best-selling K-Pop albums.
  • Seventeen listed in Billboard’s “Social 50” and remained for 13th weeks in a row.
  • Before their official Japan debut, Seventeen’s repackaged album “Love & Letter” got listed into the top five of Tower Records’ daily sales chart.



Winner first appeared on YG Entertainment’s survival program “WIN: Who Is Next” as Team A in 2013. They won the show hence their group name is Winner. YG Entertainment debuted them in 2014. They originally debuted with five members but since member Nam Taehyun left in 2016, they are now promoting with four members.

Current Members and Position

  • Yoon (leader, main vocalist)
  • Jinu (lead vocalist)
  • Mino (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Hoony (main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Winner topped Korean major music charts with their first album “2014 S/S” and received an all-kill.
  • Winner’s single album “Fate Number For” topped Korean major music charts and iTunes charts in 21 countries.
  • Their title track “Really Really” is the best-selling K-Pop song in America on the week of its release.
  • “Really Really” also ranked 3rd on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales.

5. B.A.P


B.A.P is TS Entertainment’s first boy group. They debuted in 2012 with six members. B.A.P is an acronym for Best, Absolute, Perfect. Their comeback in 2017 was a notable one since member Yongguk is back to promote with the group again after his hiatus due to an anxiety disorder.

Current Members and Position

  • Yongguk (leader, main rapper)
  • Himchan (sub vocal, rapper)
  • Daehyun (main vocalist)
  • Youngjae (lead vocalist)
  • Jongup (main dancer, vocalist)
  • Zelo (lead rapper, lead dancer)

Remarkable Achievements

  • B.A.P holds the record as the K-Pop group with the most no. 1’s on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • B.A.P’s tracks from album “One Shot” stayed in Germany’s K-Pop chart Top 10 for 20 straight months.
  • Their sixth single album “Rose” ranked 6th in the Worldwide iTunes Album chart.
  • B.A.P won the Best Korean Act award at MTV Europe Music Award in 2014 and 2016.

6. NCT 127


NCT 127 is a sub-unit of NCT, a new boy group project by SM Entertainment. NCT 127 debuted in 2016 with nine members. The name NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, while number 127 represents the longitude coordinates of Seoul city.

Current Members and Position

  • Taeyong (leader, main dancer, main rapper, vocalist)
  • Mark (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Johnny (lead rapper, lead dancer)
  • Yuta (lead dancer, rapper, vocalist)
  • Win Win (lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Taeil (main vocalist)
  • Doyoung (main vocalist)
  • Jaehyun (lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper)
  • Haechan (lead vocalist, lead dancer)

Remarkable Achievements

  • NCT 127 won the Rookie Award at Asia Artist Awards 2016.
  • Their 2nd mini album “Limitless” ranked 1st on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • NCT 127 tops 11 countries’ iTunes chart with title track “Cherry Bomb.”



YG Entertainment debuted Bigbang in 2006. They are known for their self-composed tracks and called one of the “Kings of K-Pop.” The other members are now focusing on individual activities, in Korea and overseas, while member T.O.P is currently under supervision because of his marijuana case.

Current Members and Position

  • G-Dragon (leader, main rapper, vocalist)
  • T.O.P (lead rapper, vocalist)
  • Taeyang (main vocalist, main dancer)
  • Daesung (lead vocalist)
  • Seungri (lead dancer, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Bigbang is the first Korean group who won the Best Worldwide Act Award at MTV Europe Music Awards 2011.
  • Their latest full album “MADE” achieved an all-kill on Korean music charts and topped iTunes album charts in 19 countries immediately after its release.
  • Bigbang won the Best Artist from The World Award at MTV Awards 2016 in Italy and became the first Korean artist to win it.
  • Their title track “FXXK IT” breaks the record for topping the Korean music charts for 20 days.
  • Since their debut, Bigbang has won a total of 10 Grand Awards.



Highlight is formerly known as Beast. Beast debuted in 2009 under Cube Entertainment as six members. In 2016, member Jang Hyunseung decided not to extend his contract with Beast. Since then, the remaning five members moved to Around Us Entertainment and re-debuted as Highlight in 2017.

Current Members and Position

  • Doojoon (leader, vocalist, lead rapper)
  • Yoseob (main vocalist)
  • Gikwang (main dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Junhyung (main rapper)
  • Dongwoon (lead vocalist, rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Highlight is the first boy group in 2017 who secured the no. 1 spot on MelOn’s standard weekly chart.
  • After debut track “Plz Don’t Be Sad” released, Highlight ranked 1st in major Korean music charts.
  • They won their first triple crown as Highlight in KBS Music Bank with “Plz Don’t Be Sad.”

9. GOT7


GOT7 made their debut in 2014. They are JYP Entertainment’s first new boy group since 2PM debuted in 2008. GOT7 is known for their performances that combine martial arts and b-boying styles. GOT7 debuted in Japan under Sony Music Entertainment in October 2014, just a few months after they officially debuted in Korea.

Current Members and Position

  • JB (leader, main vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Youngjae (main vocalist)
  • Jinyoung (lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper)
  • Mark (main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Jackson (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Bambam (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Yugyeom (main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • GOT7 won the Best Worldwide Act award at MTV European Music Awards in 2016.
  • GOT7’s album titled “Flight Log: Turbulence” debuted at no. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • Their mini album “Flight Log: Arrival” became the best-selling K-Pop album in America on the week of its release.

10. iKON


iKON was first introduced to the public through YG Entertainment’s survival program “WIN: Who Is Next” as Team B with six members. Since they lost to Team A (now known as Winner), their debut had to be postponed. They officially debuted in 2015 with seven members who were chosen through another YG Entertainment’s survival program “Mix & Match.”

Current Members and Position

  • B.I (leader, lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Bobby (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Jay (lead dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Ju-ne (main vocalist)
  • DK (main dancer, vocalist)
  • Song (lead vocalist)
  • Chan (vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Three months after they debuted, iKON won five rookie awards from various Korean award shows.
  • In 2016, iKON debuted in Japan and won the Best New Artist Award at Japan Record Awards.
  • iKON achieved triple crown on M! Countdown with title track “Dumb & Dumber.”
  • iKON first album “Welcome Back” included in Billboard’s Top 10 World Albums.
  • iKON topped iTunes charts in 15 countries with single album “New Kids: Begin.”

11. VIXX


VIXX debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012. The group name and the members were chosen by viewers’ votes throught Mnet’s survival reality show “MyDOL.” VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis.

Current Members and Position

  • N (leader, main dancer, vocalist)
  • Leo (main vocalist)
  • Ken (main vocalist)
  • Hongbin (vocalist, rapper)
  • Ravi (main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Hyuk (lead dancer, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In 2017, VIXX won the Best Boy Group award at Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.
  • VIXX topped Billboard’s World Albums chart with their 4th mini album “Shangri-La.”
  • Their title track “Error” received triple crown on SBS Inkigayo.



Infinite originally debuted with seven members in 2010 under Woolim Entertainment. They first introduced on Mnet’s pre-debut reality show “You are My Oppa.” Recently, member Hoya decided to leave the group so Infinite is now left with six members. They are currently gearing up for a comeback.

Current Members and Position

  • Sunggyu (leader, main vocalist)
  • Woohyun (main vocalist)
  • Dongwoo (main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • L (vocalist, visual)
  • Sungyeol (vocalist)
  • Sungjong (vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In 2010, Infinite won the New Generation Popular Music Teen Singer Award at 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.
  • Billboard Korea listed their title track “The Chaser” as one of the Best K-Pop Songs in 2012.
  • Infinite is the first Korean group to top the Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists chart in 2014.

 13. ASTRO


Astro is a boy group from Fantagio, an agency known for its actors and actresses. They first appeared on a web drama series “To Be Continued” before officially debuted as an idol group in 2016.

Current Members and Position

  • Jinjin (leader, main rapper, lead dancer)
  • MJ (main vocalist)
  • Cha Eunwoo (vocalist)
  • Rocky (main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist)
  • Moonbin (lead vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Sanha (lead vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Less than half a year since their debut, Astro’s 2nd mini album “Summer Vibes” ranked 6th on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • Astro won the Hallyu Special Award at Seoul Music Awards 2017.
  • In their debut year, Astro named as one of the Best New K-Pop groups by Billboard.



Monsta X is a boy group under Starship Entertainment. They debuted in 2015 after chosen through “No.Mercy,” a survival show by Mnet. They made their Japan debut in 2017 under Mercury Tokyo.

Current Members and Position

  • Shownu (leader, main dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Kihyun (main vocalist)
  • Wonho (lead vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Minhyuk (vocalist)
  • Hyungwon (lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Jooheon (main rapper, vocalist)
  • I.M (lead rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • 7 months after debuting, Monsta X won the Next Generation Asian Artist Award at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015.
  • Monsta X album titled “The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter <Beautiful>” ranked 1st on Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • Their repackaged album “Shine Forever” topped iTunes K-Pop charts in 19 countries.

15. BtoB


BtoB is a boy group from Cube Entertainment who debuted in 2012. The name BtoB is an acronym for Born to Beat. The group is known for their powerful ballad songs. From April 2017, the seven members released solo tracks every month as a part of their comeback promotion.

Current Members and Position

  • Eunkwang (leader, main vocalist)
  • Ilhoon (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Minhyuk (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Peniel (lead rapper, vocalist)
  • Hyunsik (main dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Changsub (lead vocalist)
  • Sungjae (lead vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • BtoB topped Korean real-time music charts with pre-release track “Someday.”
  • They received the Hallyu Star Award at Korea Cable TV Awards 2017.
  • BtoB’s title track “Movie” ranked in Billboard’s Twitter Top Tracks.

16. NU’EST W


NU’EST W is a sub-group of NU’EST. NU’EST debuted in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment with five members. Since member Hwang Minhyun is now currently promoting with Wanna One, the remaining four members made a unit and named it NU’EST W. They made their debut with “If You” not long after Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” ended.

Current Members and Position

  • JR (leader, main rapper, main dancer)
  • Aron (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Baekho (main vocalist)
  • Ren (vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Their debut single “If You” ranked 1st on major real time Korean music charts after its release.
  • NU’EST’s title track “Hello” that was released in 2013 climbed up music charts again in 2017.
  • After four years they released “Hello” which was also nominated to win first place at Inkigayo.

17. 2PM


2PM debuted under JYP Entertainment and is known as beastly idol group. The group debuted in 2008 with seven members. In 2010, member Jay Park left the group and since then 2PM has been promoting with six members. Since member Taecyeon left for the army this September, the remaining 2PM members are now focusing on individual activities.

Current Members and Position

  • Jun.K (main vocalist)
  • Junho (main vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Nichkhun (vocalist, rapper)
  • Wooyoung (main dancer, lead vocalist)
  • Taecyeon (main rapper, sub vocalist)
  • Chansung (lead rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In 2010, 2PM’s album “Still 02:00PM” ranked 13th on Billboard’s Top World Albums.
  • Their “Legend of 2PM” album dominated Japan’s major music charts.
  • 2PM’s title track “Promise” topped Asian iTunes charts soon after its release.



Sechskies formed by DSP Media in 1997 with six members. The group actually had disbanded in 2000, but YG Entertainment signed a contract with five members of Sechskies in 2016. The group then made a successful comeback and they continue promoting under YG Entertainment.

Current Members and Position

  • Jiwon (leader, main rapper, lead vocalist)
  • Jaeduck (lead rapper, lead dancer)
  • Jaejin (main dancer, sub rapper)
  • Sunghoon (main vocalist)
  • Suwon (sub vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Sechskies won the Best Group Performance award at Golden Disc Awards 2017.
  • Sechskies’ comeback album “The 20th Anniversary” topped Korean music charts and iTunes charts in 6 countries.
  • They also entered Billboard’s World Albums Chart with “The 20th Anniversary” ranked 9th.

19. SHINee


SHINee made their debut in 2008 under SM Entertainment. They are expecting to be the one who receives the light with the name SHINee. SHINee debuted in Japan under EMI Records Japan in 2011. Since then they’ve not only been promoting in South Korea, but also in Japan.

Current Members and Position

  • Onew (leader, lead vocalist)
  • Jonghyun (main vocalist)
  • Key (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Minho (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Taemin (main dancer, lead vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • SHINee’s album “1 of 1” topped iTunes charts in 16 countries.
  • SHINee won Most Popular Star – Album Division Award in Golden Disc Award consecutively in 2016 and 2017.
  • Forbes Korea listed SHINee in Korea Power Celebrity list in 2014 and 2016.
  • Their album “Sherlock” became the 5th most sold album of the year.



Super Junior is a boy group formed in 2005 by SM Entertainment. The members are originally debuted as 13 members, but member Hangeng and Kibum left the group in 2010. The group is expected to make a come back soon with members who have completed their military services.

Current Members and Position

  • Leeteuk (leader, vocalist, rapper)
  • Heechul (vocalist, rapper)
  • Eunhyuk (main rapper, main dancer, vocalist)
  • Shindong (lead rapper, lead dancer)
  • Siwon (vocalist)
  • Kangin (vocalist)
  • Sungmin (lead vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Donghae (lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper)
  • Yesung (main vocalist)
  • Ryeowook (main vocalist)
  • Kyuhyun (main vocalist, sub dancer)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Super Junior has won three Golden Disk Award’s Grand Award.
  • Their title track “Sexy, Free & Single” stayed at no. 1 for three weeks in a row on Mnet’s M Countdown.
  • Super Junior became the first Asian artist who won the International Artist award at Teen Choice Awards 2015.
  • Their album “Devil” ranked 1st on iTunes charts in Asian and European countries.
  • Super Junior’s album “Mamacita” ranked 1st on Billboard’s World Albums chart.

21. KNK


KNK officially debuted in 2016. KNK is YNB Entertainment’s first boy group. They want their music to knock on the door of K-Pop so they named the group KNK which stands for K-pop kNocK.

Current Members and Position

  • Jihun (leader, main dancer, vocalist)
  • Youjin (main vocalist)
  • Inseong (main vocalist)
  • Seungjun (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Heejun (lead rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • KNK’s 2nd mini album “Remain” ranked 1st on iTunes chart in United States and topped iTunes chart in 5 countries.
  • In their debut year, KNK is included in Billboard’s 10 Best New K-Pop Groups.
  • They won the Netizen Award at Korean Entertainment Arts Awards 2017.

22. TVXQ


SM Entertainment debuted TVXQ in 2003 with five members. They now consist of two members since the other members terminated their contracts in 2009. Billboard described TVXQ as “K-pop Royalty”. Member U-Know and Max are both just discharged from military service this year and are expected to come back from their hiatus.

Current Members and Position

  • U-Know (leader, main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist)
  • Max (main vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Their special album “Rise As God” ranked 1st in music charts in Korea, Japan, and China.
  • TVXQ’s album “Tense” ranked 2nd on Billboard’s World Album Chart and topped iTunes charts in 9 countries.
  • Their Japanese single “Time Works Wonders” made TVXQ as the only international artist with the most Japanese singles sold.



Block B is a boy group who debuted in 2011. They debuted under Stardom Entertainment but moved to KQ Entertainment (formerly known as Seven Seasons) in 2013 due to contract problems. The members also have their sub-units or solo activities.

Current Members and Position

  • Zico (leader, main rapper, vocalist)
  • B-Bomb (main dancer, vocalist)
  • U-Kwon (lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Taeil (main vocalist)
  • Jaehyo (lead vocalist)
  • Kyung (lead rapper, vocalist)
  • P.O (rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In 2012, Block B won the New Artist Award at 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.
  • Track “Yesterday” ranked 1st on Korean major real-time charts and achieved an all-kill.
  • Their mini album “Blooming Period” topped iTunes chart in 11 countries.



Shinhwa first debuted in 1998 under SM Entertainment. After their contract ended with SM Entertainment in 2003, they moved to Good Entertainment until 2008. Since 2011 until now, Shinhwa is under Shinhwa Company, their self-established agency. They are considered as the pioneer of K-Pop idol and they are the longest-active boy group. Shinhwa is the first K-Pop group who managed to do well even after they left their original agency.

Current Members and Position

  • Eric (leader, main rapper)
  • Hyesung (main vocalist)
  • Minwoo (lead vocalist, main dancer)
  • Dongwan (vocalist)
  • Junjin (lead rapper, vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Andy (rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Shinhwa’s latest title track “Touch” listed in the Top 5 of Gaon’s National Digital Singles Ranking.
  • Their album “The Classic” ranked 1st in Korean and Japan music charts.
  • Shinhwa’s title track “Sniper” won triple crown on M! Countdown.

25. SF9


SF9 stands for Sensational Feeling 9. SF9 debuted in 2016 under FNC Entertainment. They are the company’s first dance boy group. SF9 had their mini web drama “Click to My Heart” before they debuted.

Current Members and Position

  • Youngbin (leader, lead rapper, dancer)
  • Zuho (main rapper, dancer)
  • Hwiyoung (rapper, supporting vocalist, dancer)
  • Taeyang (main dancer, main vocalist)
  • Inseong (main vocalist, dancer)
  • Jaeyoon (lead vocalist, dancer)
  • Dawon (lead vocalist, dancer)
  • Rowoon (lead vocalist, dancer)
  • Chani (vocalist, main dancer, rapper)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Three months after their debut, SF9 made it into Billboard’s Global Top 10 Album Chart with “Burning Sensation” ranked 6th.
  • SF9 title track “Easy Love” ranked 1st on United States’ iTunes K-Pop Singles chart.
  • Their mini album “Breaking Sensation” listed in the top 5 of iTunes K-Pop Charts in 14 countries.



Pentagon is a boy group under Cube Entertainment who debuted in 2016. The final ten members were chosen through Mnet’s reality survival program “Pentagon Maker.” Pentagon’s latest comeback title track “Demo_01” was composed by member Hui who also composed Wanna One’s debut track “Energetic.”

Current Members and Position

  • Hui (leader, main vocalist, lead dancer)
  • Jinho (main vocalist)
  • Hongseok (lead vocalist)
  • Yeo One (lead vocalist)
  • Shinwon (sub vocalist)
  • Yanan (sub vocalist)
  • Kino (main dancer, vocalist)
  • E’Dawn (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Yuto (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Wooseok (main rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Pentagon’s Japan debut album “Gorilla” topped Tower Records’ monthly album chart.
  • Their mini album “Ceremony” entered top 15 of Billboard’s World Albums chart.
  • Pentagon won the New Star Award at Asia Model Awards 2017.



Teen Top is a boy group formed by TOP Media. They debuted in 2010 with six members. In February 2017, member L.Joe decided to terminate his contract. Hence, Teen Top now consists of five members.

Current Members and Position

  • C.A.P (leader, main rapper)
  • Niel (main vocalist)
  • Chunji (lead vocalist)
  • Ricky (lead dancer, vocalist)
  • Changjo (main dancer, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • In their debut year, Teen Top received the Best Rookie Group award at MTV Music Awards.
  • Their title track “Crazy” achieved triple crown on TV music charts program.
  • Teen Top album “High Five” topped Hanteo and Gaon’s weekly album charts.

28. B1A4


B1A4 debuted in 2011 under WM Entertainment. The members were first introduced through a webtoon. In January 2012, B1A4 made their debut in Japan under record label Pony Canyon. Not only active as a group, the members are now also active in Korean dramas or TV programs.

Current Members and Position

  • Jinyoung (leader, lead vocalist)
  • Sandeul (main vocalist)
  • Baro (main rapper)
  • CNU (main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper)
  • Gongchan (lead dancer, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • B1A4 won the Golden Disc Award Album Division three years consecutively.
  • In their debut year, they won four awards from various Korean music award shows.
  • Their Japanese album “4” ranked 2nd in Oricon CD albums ranking.

29. UP10TION


UP10TION is a boy group from TOP Media. They made their debut in 2015 with ten members. UP10TION is currently promoting with nine members since member Wooshin is on hiatus due to his psychological condition.

Current Members and Position

  • Jinhoo (leader, lead vocalist)
  • Kuhn (vice leader, lead rapper, vocalist)
  • Wei (main rapper, vocalist)
  • Bit-to (main rapper, main dancer, vocalist)
  • Sunyoul (main vocalist)
  • Hwanhee (main vocalist)
  • Kogyeol (lead vocalist)
  • Gyujin (lead vocalist)
  • Wooshin (vocalist)
  • Xiao (vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • UP10TION’s mini album “Burst” ranked 1st for Korean weekly album sales charts.
  • According to Oricon Japan, their debut single album “ID” became the most sold K-Pop  debut album in Japan.
  • Their debut track “So, Dangerous” MV ranked 9th on Billboard’s Most Viewed K-Pop videos in America.



Widmay Entertainment debuted their first boy group Snuper in 2015. Snuper’s group name meaning is Higher than Super. The group debuted in Japan under Kiss Entertainment in 2016.

Current Members and Position

  • Taewoong (leader, rapper, vocalist)
  • Suhyun (main vocalist)
  • Sangil (main vocalist)
  • Woosung (vocalist)
  • Sangho (main dancer, vocalist)
  • Sebin (rapper, vocalist)

Remarkable Achievements

  • Snuper’s 4th mini album repackage “The Star of Stars” ranked 4th on Gaon album chart.
  • Their Japanese single “Oh Yeah!” dominated Tower Records’ chart.
  • Snuper received Modeltainer award at Asia Model Festival 2016.

What do you think about the list? Does it include your favorite group? There are still a lot of groups out there, working hard and contributing to the global music industry. It doesn’t matter if they are senior groups or newcomers, they can still become popular and successful. 2017 hasn’t ended yet. Let’s wait for other groups to show the world what they’ve got!