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Most Shocking Scandals in the K-POP Industry 2017

Scandals happen in any entertainment industry but especially in the K-POP Industry. There is always good news but also bad news in the K-POP Industry from Dating, Drugs, Bullying, and much more. Agencies always do their best to protect their idols or artists from issues or the truth about scandals. Check this out to know the full story behind the most shocking scandals you must know.

K-POP Scandal 2017

1. BIGBANG’s TOP – Drugs


This time BIGBANG’s Leader, T.O.P is involved in a big scandal, he was involved in the use of drugs. Examination also state that the man born in 1987 tested positive for consuming marijuana.

In the chronology of the incident, the police have suspected T.O.P for a long time. In March 2016, 2NE1’s fashion designer was caught consuming marijuana in Los Angles, California, United States. The arrest of 2NE1’s fashion stylist also dragged some idols closer to her, including T.O.P.

But T.O.P is not alone in drugs cases, former JYP Entertainment trainee, Han Seo-hee, was also involved with T.O.P. during the inspection and police found that T.O.P smoked marijuana with her. At first, T.O.P denied the allegations and said he just use electric cigarette but with the evidence, he can not deny the allegations. He said he had smoked marijuana with Han Seo-hee since last year. Han Seo-hee said she has been extremely stressed because her debut was delayed as she almost debut with GFRIEND and GUGUDAN. That is why she turned to smoking marijuana and meeting T.O.P.

I have been extremely stressed for a long time. And I made the wrong choice that I can’t take back. This is happened in one week and that week is the worst week of my life and I feel sorry for it. I am ashamed of myself and I accept the punishment that will be given.” she said.

The first news about T.O.P consuming marijuana, he when he was on a 3-day break from military duties. T.O.P will allegedly receive a suspension of the indictment while he finishes his mandatory military service. Until that time, he will be restricted to remain inside his assigned military station, the Gangnam Police Station. If found guity, T.O.P could face up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 50 million won ($44,560).

Because of his drugs case, the police department did share that other BIGBANG members were also drug tested and the results for all of them was negative.

2. SHINee’s Onew – Sexual Harassment


Another scandal hits the leader of the group. Onew is entangled in a legal affair due to a sexual harassment case.

The incident took place at a nightclub, around 7:10 PM local time. Onew was arrested by police, after a friend of the victim phoned the police.

Onew admitted visiting the club because of his friend’s birthday, he can not remember what he did because he was too drunk.

At 5:30 PM local time, Onew with five friends visited a club in the Gangnam area because of his friends birthday. He ordered two bottles of champagne and drank it with his friends, then they danced and had fun. After drinking a bottle Onew looked very drunk.

At 06:30 PM local time, Onew looked very drunk and almost unconscious. He fell off balance and touched the victim’s leg. The victim was angry and said that Onew sexually harassed her. Onew wanted to apologize but could not say it because it was completely unconscious.

At 06:50 PM local time, Onew was unable to stand up. He tried to sit at the table and held the victim’s foot once more, he thought the victim’s legs was a pole.

At 07:00 PM local time, the victim felt that this time Onew did it on purpose. Although his friend apologized, the victim still reported it to the police.

When the police arrived at the club, they questioned the truth to Onew but he could not communicate well because he was very drunk.

At 07:10 PM local time, Onew, the victim, and his friends headed to the police station. The victim stated that Onew touched her twice, and Onew’s friend stated that it was accidental because Onew was so drunk at the time.

Because of the spread of this case, Onew decided to leave the Age of Youth 2. Although the director is not willing about the departure of Onew from this drama project, the director still support whatever Onew’s decision is.

Parties from SM Entertainment have also confirmed the departure of Onew from Age of Youth 2. Despite differences in statements from SM Entertainment and Staff Age of Youth 2, they are still asking fans to continue to support Onew’s decisions.

3. EXO – Scandals Member


SM Entertainment became the most successful agency to create a group with the highest popularity, examples include Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ, BoA, and now EXO.

EXO’s popularity increases every year. Five years after debut it is not easy as there have been many scandals that have made EXO loose their identity.

1. Kris, Luhan, Tao out from EXO

Three members from Mandarins left EXO at the same time.

Kris and Luhan left EXO in 2014 by filing several demands because they feel aggrieved by SM Entertainment, while Tao left EXO because of injuries that he did not recover from and was treated badly by the agency.

Kris and Luhan left after EXO releases “Overdose” followed by Tao’s departure after releasing “Call Me Baby.” Now they focus on their solo careers in their own country.

2. Relationship in the Agency

Starting from a dating scandal between EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon in 2015. Initially they had denied and said that their relationship is just as friends. Before the debut, Baekhyun already liked Taeyeon, because he thought Taeyeon was a senior figure who is very friendly and concerned with his junior. Not long after, SM Entertainment confirmed their relationship and they have been together for more than 3 months. However, their relationship was widely criticized by fans so they chose to split up.

In 2016, SM Entertainment confirmed the dating relationship between EXO’s Kai and F (x) Krystal. Their scandal unfolded after they were both caught visiting a hotel to swim together and they kissed in the pool became public. Despite the many criticisms from fans, they chose to relax on relationships. However, now they choose to split up because of their schedules.

3. Fans told Lay to leave EXO?

The last is a scandal about Lay as he was absent from the schedule with EXO several times. Even during the concert, Lay did not participate and was busy with his own schedule in China such as solos and dramas.

However, issues appear to be related to Lay’s absence. Lay could not take a job because of a problem between Thailand and Korea. This year is a year of concern for EXO-L, some of them expected Lay to go back to EXO and some of them expected Lay leave EXO, so as not to be a barrier.

4. Idol School – Bullying

lee chaeyeong

The survival program “Idol School” gets a lot of public attention because it presents many talented girls. At that time, it was not yet aired but some scandals have already hit the Idol School trainees.

One of them is Lee Chae Yeong, she is rumored to be a bully in her school. Lee Chae Yeong is a trainee of JYP Entertainment. She even had to be removed from school because of her bad attitude. Netizens even prove it with a photo of Lee Chae Yeong while still in school. Although MNET has denied it and said that Lee Chae Yeong has no bad record, she will still participate in Idol School.

During the press conference, she spread a smile that was directly criticized by netizens because of it’s falsehood.

5. Kim Hyun Joong – Pregnant Scandal with His Ex


KeyEast Entertainment confirmed the bad news about the actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong. After the scandal with his ex-girlfriend that his ex-girlfriend falsified her pregnancy with Kim Hyun Joong, now he is involved in a drink driving case.

On March 26, 2017, Kim Hyun Joong was drinking near the house with friends and was asked to move his car by the parking attendant. He drove for a while,” said representative of KeyEast Entertainment.

The agency said that the he did not drive more than a kilometer while moving his car, but he was obliged to do a blood test.