SHINee Key at SHINee World Concert Tour in Canada

Key is an active member of boy group SHINee that was debuted on 2008 with their title song “Replay”. Key is also well known as an actor for several drama musical and television drama and also as presenter for some music and variety show.

SHINee Key’s Profile

SHINee Key

Stage Name = Key

Real Name = Kim Ki Bum

Nickname = Almighty Key, Diva, Fox, “Umma” (means mother in korea)

Date of Birth = Daegu, 23 September 1991

Height = 177 cm

Weight = 59 kg

Blood type = B

Favorite Color = Pink

Nationality = Korean

Education = Myongji University – Film and Musical and Woosuk University – Culture and Education Contents Development

Residence = Seoul, South Korea

Label = SM Entertainment

Position in group = Lead rapper, lead dance, vocalist

Specialties = imitator, skiing

Language skill = Japan, English, Chinese, Korea

Sibling = None

Favorite food = Fried food and ketchup

Favorite drink = Sweet coffee

Instagram = @bumkeyk (Since 2013)

Motto = Enjoy your life


Along with SHINee, Key already won a lot of awards in the award ceremony and music show with the total of 57 awards. Their first award was “The Newcomer of the Year” at 23rd Golden Disk Award on 2008. Not only with SHINee, He also won “Popularity award” at Golden Disk Award on 2015 with his band, ToHeart. His love in fashion made him one of the best fashionista in K-pop Industries because of his unique taste of fashion although he is not follow the trends. Since 2015, he already promoted to one of SM Entertainment fashion director and has been designing SHINee’s concert outfit. Not only in SM Entertainment, but he also collaborated with some designer inside and outside korea for fashion industries.


SHINee Key Facts

SHINee Key 1 of 1 Album Repackage Photo Teaser

  1. Key was raised by his grandmother since his mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with his work. But it makes him as one of the wealth member of SHINee.
  2. Key was a Cassiopeia and his reason joined SM Entertainment was because of TVXQ.
  3. Key is really good at cooking. He already get a certification for Western Style Cooking Specialist when he was joined a comedy tv “Raising an Idol”.
  4. Key fans name is Lockets.
  5. Because Key always nagging too much, he got “Umma” as a nickname.
  6. Key hates really high places.
  7. Key has a Yorkshire terrier dog and its name is Choco. The reason behind its name because it has chocolate fur and looks like chocolate cookie.
  8. Key close friends are Nicole (KARA ex member), Jinwoon (2AM member), Mir (Mblaq member), Jaejin (FT Island member), Dongwoon (HIGHLIGHT member and BEAST ex member), Seohyun (Girls Generation member), Eunji (A Pink member), and Soyou (SISTAR member).
  9. He once joined a reality show “We Got Married Global Edition” by MBC with Yagi Arisa. Yagi Arisa is a japanese model.
  10. Key really fluent at speaking Japanese.
  11. Key also participates on several SHINee’s album as songwriter. Several of the songs are “Get down” in the album “2009, Year of Us”, rap lyric in the album “Lucifer”, and the track “Girls, Girls, Girls” in the album “Dream Girl – The Misconception of You”.
  12. Key loves BB Cream among his makeup tools. He also has a special bag for his makeup tools.
  13. Key is an easy target to other member to be prank.
  14. Key hates math.
  15. Key is a shopaholic and his dream is to be a fashion designer.
  16. Key’s painting was once features in Kim Dong Hee’s Exhibition on 2011.
  17. Key loves all Studio Ghibli’s work.
  18. When he first met Minho, he thought that Minho was a foreigner and looks older.
  19. Key formed a special unit called “ToHeart” with Woohyun Infinte in 2014 with their title track “Delicious”.

SHINee Key Facts 2015

SHINee Key 2015

  1. Key first love was back when his elementary school and still keep in touch on her.
  2. His high note will suddenly appear if he becomes nervous. But his Daegu accent will come out if he is getting excited.
  3. Fashion, art and music are things that influence Key’s life.
  4. Key once hates to eat carrot, but not now.
  5. Key likes stylish woman.
  6. Key realizes that he sometimes greedy.
  7. Key likes shopping and study when he got a holiday.
  8. Key and Amber are really close. Key likes to call Amber “Baby” and Amber likes to call Key “Boo”.

SHINee Key Facts 2016

SHINee Key Japan DxDxD

  1. Key got his first main role on the drama by tvn called “Drinking Solo” that has already aired on October.
  2. Key along with group mate Taemin took a part in “Make a Promise” campaign organized by UNICEF and Louis Vuitton.

SHINee Key Facts 2017

Key Replay Japan Version

  1. Key will be leaving his position as MC at M! Countdown with his final appearance on 13th April 2017.
  2. Key isn’t attracts to bad girls.
  3. Key owns 30 pair of jeans.
  4. Key will participated in MBC new drama “Lookout” and the drama will be airing on May 2017.

What is Key’s Real Name?

Key Juliette Japan

His real name is Kim Kibum. Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment Producer, gave his stage name as Key because of 2 main reasons.

  1. There are already Super Junior member and U-Kiss member that use Kibum as his stage name at the time SHINee debut.
  2. Key was form from the word “기” that means unlock and the name is easy to call too.

Does Key speaks English fluent?

SHINee Key Drinking Solo

Key is one of SHINee members that can speak English other than Minho. He got a study program as an exchange student to America for 6 month. Not only that, he was sent to overseas by his family to study language.

Please check out the video of SHINee Key speaking English on KBS “One Fine Day” below!