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Seventeen Funny Memes

K-pop fans are so creative. They like to make a lot of interesting creations about their favorite group, including photos that have been edited, funny photos of their bias, memes, fake chats, fake sub and much more. Each fandom has their own creativity. Now let’s look for creative things made for SEVENTEEN ,one of the most popular groups in Korea. We have collect the memes created by their beloved fans, CARAT. Their fans make the memes usually from any kind of photos that have been taken.

Seventeen Wonwoo Memes

Firstly, we will look through Wonwoo’s memes.

When your friends say that they like your favorite group or group members and add that they know everything about them, and you think,”no way!”. It is only talk, not reality.  When they say that, you know in your heart “No, you don’t know anything”.

It shows that you saw the same Wonwoom, but it’s a very different picture. One is the ugly, funny Wonwoo and the other one is the cool and handsome Wonwoo. It’s very different, but it’s the same person.

When we’re doing our test, especially math, and we find a question that mentions “seventeen”, our brain automatically thinks and sings a song from seventeen. This  example is Mansae. When the brain automatically plays it, we can’t concentrate on the task, and the song will always play in our head even when we don’t want it to. The result is we can’t do the test and we get a bad result.

The meme shows us an example of what it’s like to sit beside the people that we like or our crush. We will sit nicely, cutely, politely and differently when we are with our friends or when we were alone. It is an awkward time because we act differently from our daily selves.

Facial expression we make when we hear a good voice from the vocal line team.

Seventeen Vernon Memes

Now, We will analize memes about the rapper of seventeen, Vernon.

In class when you are spacing and your teacher calls you, you will be startled and your face will look like “Why are you calling me?”.

Maybe this meme is the favorite for seventeen’s fans especially Vernon’s fans. Because when you see the meme, Vernon is saying that you are his future wife and that is a dream for all fans.

You are the one who is always searching for the most updated news of Vernon, love him, adore him and fangirl about him. You can only see him through various media and can’t touch him or even meet him, but the bug is luckier than you because it can touch Vernon’s body, feel it and be close to his body.

The face you make when you’re shocked about something.

It’s not only funny memes, sometimes fans make compliment memes.

Find a boyfriend or a boy who can be cool, handsome and funny, silly at the same time. He not only keeps his cool and handsome image but he can make you laugh and feel comfortable.

Fans have said Vernon looks as handsome as Leonardo Dicaprio.

When your friends didn’t find your jokes funny but you were laughing really hard as though it was really funny.

Seventeen Woozi Memes About Height and Similarity

Seventeen’s Woozi is known for having a small body and sometimes it makes people misunderstand and think that he is still a child. Not only does he have a small body, he also has a cute face. The meme tells us that Woozi is tired of people saying that he is a child, when in reality he is a grown man.

The main producer of Seventeen, Woozi, also looks a like BTS’s Suga. Fans often make it into a memes or pictures about them being in one family. Suga is often the father because he is older and debuted firstm and Woozi is the son because they look very similar.

Another meme’s about BTS’s Suga and Seventeen’s Woozi being in the same family.

When at a fansigning event, Seventeen’s Woozi wears the same ribbon as his “father”.

When Woozi called Suga his father and Suga didn’t want to be his father.

Woozi asks about his mother to Suga, as his father, and he’s sad when Suga says that he doesn’t have any mother.

It’s not only memes about being similar to BTS’s Suga, here are memes from their fans.

The picture on the left is the expression we have when we are having a good time and in a split second we remember our unfinished homework.

Woozi looks so happy when Hoshi said that he is a fairy, which means he is a good guy.


Seventeen Hoshi Memes

This is Seventeen’s Main Dancer Memes collection.

When your friend says that Seventeen doesn’t have any talent. The fans make facial expressions that say “stop saying it, you don’t know anything.”

Hoshi has a small eyes, so fans often make memes about it showing the difference between when Hoshi sees fans and when fans see Hoshi. Fans can completely see Hoshi But Hoshi can only see a line.

The face we make when we heard someone speak about our favorite group or members. The face looks so happy.

Hoshi is also known as a fanboy of his senior SHINee. Fans think it is cute when he released his fanboy image.

You went to your favorite group concert and they notice you while you are waving their light-stick.

The picture shows when seventeen got their first win in the music show. It shows the difference between Woozi’s crying expression, as the one who made the song, and Hoshi’s crying expression, as the one who made the choreography.

Seventeen Seungkwang Memes

We will also look at Seventeen main vocal memes.

When someone who is really attractive walks in front of you and you want to sectretly tell your friend across the room.

Every time fans hear the news about seventeen’s comeback they look like this, because for every comeback they give something new and give a heart attack to the fans.

You were single and you have prepared yoursef for the Valentine’s Day.

Your teacher called you when you were not paying attention to the subject and you’re just right there confused about it.

School time, try to reduce your play time.


Another meme with same picture but different meaning.

Members Memes Part 1

The difference between when the teacher looks at you and when the teacher doesn’t.

When the girl you love is as beautiful as Jeonghan, her brother is cool and handsome as Scoups, and her first love is good looking like Vernon. Her ex-boyfriend looks like Joshua and there are you, looking like Hoshi before debut. You’re very different from her brother, her first love, and her ex boyfriend.

Expressions when you didn’t get the ticket for a concert or fan meeting.

Seventeen Jun Memes

You are in a conversation and someone you don’t like joins the conversation and you make the expression “Please just go away.”.

When you try to be a statue and socialize with it.

You hate it when your mom tells you that you must take your brother along with you if you want to go out.

When someone judges you for listening to K-Pop.

When Jun looks like Super Junior’s Heechul.

Seventeen Leader S.Coup’s Memes

You were eating your sibling’s food and your siblings saw you secretly eating their food.

Your friends are making fun of you, you don’t like it but you don’t want to break your friendship and you act like you’re okay.

Year to year Scoups look like a baby rather than his actual age. He’s becoming more childish.

Comparison of the oldest member, Scoups, and the youngest member, Dino. Eighteen years old Dino looks more handsome and cooler than 18 year old Scoups.

When you successfully don’t eat so it won’t affect your weight.

Seventeen Visual Mingyu Memes

The differences between some girls who, like Jeonghan, think about their hair that growss longer, K-Pop fans who argue about their many bias, and Mingyu who loves food very much.

Before and after debut of Mingyu.

Mingyu affects fans bias list because of all of his great attributes such as his handsome face, his personality and much more.

When you didn’t fall for someone who told you an exaggerate joke.

Seventeen Memes Part 2

You punish your siblings when they’re not polite in front of guests.

The differences between fans, especially CARAT, when seventeen says a word and the others say it.

You as a fan are happy when you see the one that you love become sweeter.