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A Little Information About Nine Muses

Nine Muses is one of South Korea’s girl groups. Nine Muses debuted in 2010 under Star Empire Entertainment. Nine Muses debuted with the concept of graduation and admissions. They have gained much popularity ever since the release of their first album “Let’s Have a Party”. Nine Muses debuted with 9 members, but along their career path, there are many members who left and joined. For now, Nine Muses’ current members are Kyungri, Sojin, Hyemi, Keumjo, and Sungah (who is currently on hiatus). To give you more information regarding Nine Muses, here we will discuss the entire collection of Nine Muses albums and songs for you.


Nine Muses 1st Mini Album: Sweet Rendezvous

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Nine Muses’s very first mini album is “Sweet Rendezvous” released on March 8, 2012. The main track of the album, Ticket, was also released in music video. The music video was released on March 6, 2012. Here is the music video!

Sweet Rendezvous Track List

1.Who R USong Soo YunHan Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo3:20
5.Who R U (instumental)3:19
6.Ticket (instrumental)3:12

Nine Muses 1st Studio Album: Prima Donna

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Nine Muses first studio album “Prima Donna” is the second album after their debut. It was released on October, 14, 2013. The album was mostly produced by Kim Seung-soo and Han Jae-ho who also worked with Nine Muses for Figaro back then in 2011. On September 26, 2013, the album’s track list was released by Star Empire Entertainment and was followed by teaser images and jacket photos of Nine Muses members a week after.

“Prima Donna” was such a success. It ranked seventh on Gaon Album Chart. The main track of “Prima Donna” which is Gun combined western beat, brass, and blues feel. The music video was officially released on October 11, 2013.

Here is Gun music video!

Prima Donna Track List

1.Prima DonnaAhn Jun SungAhn Jung Sung, Hong Seung Hyeon1:07
2.GunSong Su YunKim Seung Su, Hae Jae Ho, Hong Seung Hyeon2:57
3.RumorSong Su YunHwang Hye On, Hong Seung Hyeon3:07
4.A Few Good ManSong Su YunGo Nam Soo, Kim Seung Su, Han Jae Ho, Hong Seung Hyeon2:58
5.Last SceneSong Su Yun, Shin AgnesKim Seung Su, Choo Dae Gwan, Han Jae Ho, Hong Seung Hyeon2:58
6.Just A GirlSong Su YunKim Seung Su, Ahn Jun Seong, Han Jae Ho, Hong Seung Hyeon3:14
7.Miss AgentJeong Yeong EunKim Tae Hyeon, Lee Yu Jin3:16
8.Time’s UpLee Ju Hyeong, G- HighLee Ju Hyeong, Hong Seung Hyeon, G-High3:18
9.OMGSi Jin, RhymerRhymer, Masker Key3:20
10.DizzyJeong Chang Wook, Ham Seung HyoJeong Chang Wook, Ham Seung Hyo3:11
11.WhateverHong Ji YuLee Chang Hyeon3:00

Nine Muses Glue (Non Album Release)


Glue is one of Nine Muses’ best hits although it wasn’t released in an album. Glue is a single and its official music video was released on December 3, 2013. Glue is an electronic dance track. The music video showed how good Nine Muses’ figures could look in red outfits and tight black dresses. The song is really catchy, especially the chorus and auto tuned voice part “I don’t know what to do”.

Let’s take a look the music video!

Nine Muses 2nd Mini Album: “Wild” Mini Album

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“Wild” is Nine Muses’ second mini album. The lead track, with the title Wild (the same as the album title) ranked 35th on Gaon Top 100 Chart when it was released, while the physical album succeeded in being fourth on the Gaon Chart.

“Wild” Track Lists

4.Paper Scraps (Hyujijogak)
5.Living Person (Saneun Saram)
6.Wild (instrumental)

Nine Muses Muses Diary Part. 2: Identity

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Although Sungah was on hiatus, Nine Muses still did a comeback with four members. The album is the extended album, “Muses Diary Part. 2: Identity” which was released on June 19, 2017.

4.Two of Us
5.Hate Me
6.Remember (instrumental)

Nine Muses Muses Diary Part. 3: Love City

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The latest Mini Album Repackage of the Nine Muses was released on August 3, 2017 with the title “Muses Diary Part. 3: Love City”. The genre of the album is dance and ballad. The pop dance track was composed by Nine Muses members, So Jin and Kyung Ri.

1.Love City
4.Two of Us
5.Hate Me
6.Love City (instrumental)