About Monsta X

Monsta X is a group of men under the auspices of STARSHIP Entertainment formed through the variety survival show “No Mercy” which was attended by thirteen trainees from STARSHIP Entertainment and in the end there were seven trainees which debuted on May 12, 2015 with debut album titled “Trespass “. The meaning of the name Monsta X comes from the word ‘My star‘, as ‘Mon‘ which means ‘I‘ in French, while ‘X‘ refers to an unknown existence. So the name Monsta X signifies the emergence of a giant that will dominate K-Pop in the future. Monsta X is even planning a comeback next November with a new concept that really awaited by fans. Because of their busy work in Korea and Japan, they have a busy schedule.


Let’s get closer to Shownu from before debut until he debuts and becomes a leader in Monsta X!

Monsta X : Shownu

Shownu Full Profile


Real Name : Sohn Hyun-woo

Stage Name : Shownu

Date of Birth : June 18, 1992

Height : 181cm (5’11”)

Weight : 78kg (172 lbs)

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Gemini

Ideal Type : A pure woman like the actress Gong Hyojin.

Position : Leader, lead vocalist, main dancer

Shownu’s Career History

Shownu is among the top 10 best leaders of a group. Even before debuting with Monsta X, he was a backup dancer for a group or soloist, before becoming a STARSHIP Entertainment trainee he has also been training in several agencies. Let’s look at the career of leader Monsta X!

He was a former JYP Entertainment’s trainee with GOT7, but left due to training absences. He was a JYP trainee for about 2 years. He is good friends with GOT7’s Jinyoung and Jaebum, even while still in No Mercy’s variety survival show, he visited his old friend Jinyoung and Jaebum to ask advice about what to do so that he could debut and feel like an idol like Jaebum and Jinyoung who are actually his seniors even if they debuted in the same year.


In addition to Jinyoung and Jaebum, during his training at JYP Entertainment he was also close to other JYP trainees like Miss A’s Suzy.


Even after his debut to become the leader of Monsta X, his friendship with Jinyoung and Jaebum still continues today. There is no closeness between Senior and Junior, but they are close because of their long lasting friendship. They also introduce other members to each other to become better friends. Their fans are also supportive and happy to see the two idol groups they support always supporting each other.

monsta x and got7

Being a Backup Dancer

Shownu has also been a backup dancer before he made his debut with Monsta X. For example, he has been a backup dancer for the legend Lee Hyori for a while for the song Bad Girl. Netizens were dazzled with Shownu while still behind Lee Hyori’s back dancer, even mentioning that he already looked like an idol at that time even though he was still a trainee.


Fascinating Facts about Shownu

  1. Shownu once wondered why staff always gave him a short sleeves that showed his arm muscles, then one of the staff said that if he dressed Shownu in a long-sleeved shirt it would make him look very fat due to his very large arm muscles.
  2. Shownu is also a member who has a big appetite, he likes all kinds of food except rice.
  3. He is one of the members who took part in the making of choreography for Monsta X.
  4. According to the members of Monsta X, Shownu is a very good leader and it is difficult to make him angry but he is a very firm leader.
  5. The other members choose Shownu as a leader since he is the oldest member in Mosnta X and because of his very strong charisma to be a leader and he is able to organize group cohesiveness.
  6. Among all Shownu members he uses the toilet the most.
    Member : ”If you can not find Shownu anywhere it means he is using the toilet.
  7. The members say if Showu is hungry he will continue walking around the dorm while saying : ”Everyone, are you hungry? Let’s eat something!
  8. Shownu : ”Actually I’m not an easy person to express what I feel. So I do not know how to express thanks to the fans.
  9. He is close with SISTAR’s Soyou. Fans even hope they both have a special relationship beside a relationship between senior and junior.
soyu and shownu