List of A-Pink Awards


A-Pink Award

As we know, A-Pink is one of the girl groups that became an influence in the world of K-POP. Already coloring the K-POP industry for almost six years must have brought many achievements, such an awards or trophies.

Their first victory was on M!Countdown with My My song. Their first victory also raised the name of A-Pink among other girl groups. Until now there have been many trophies awarded to them at the Music Show ceremony. And not only have they been awarded in the Music Show, but A-Pink has also gotten a lot of awards in award shows like MAMA, MMA, GDA, SMA.

For example, at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, APink got Best New Female Artist in 2011. At Republic of Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, they were awarded the Idol Music Rookie Award in 2011.

They were also nominated for MTV Best Of the Best and Bugs Music Awards as Hot Debut Star and Best Rookie in 2011.

apink first win

In 2012, A-Pink also garnered many awards. At the Asia Model Festival Awards the got the New Star Award. At the Seoul Music Awards they got a Newcomer Award. And at the Gaon Chart Awards they got the New Artist of The Year.

Pink Panda is certainly proud of the A-Pink’s achievements which have greatly affected the K-POP industry. They never disappoint. Besides that there are many more awards and trophies that A-Pink have gotten for as long as they have existed in the world of K-POP. In total, they got 30 awards in six years.

A-Pink Golden Disk Award

Golden Disk Award 2012

gda 2012

With a full seven member formation including Yookyung, Golden Disk Award is an award event that was visited by A-Pink for the fourth time. With A-Pink’s work done, they managed to bring home the award in the category Best Newcomer Artist“. 


A-pink sang two songs at once with a unique and funny concept. They sang My My and Mollayo (I Don’t Know), which immediately stole the attention of netizen because of its unique concept with themed marionette.

Golden Disk Award 2014


With black and white dress, A-Pink looks very mature and sexy with their slightly open dress style on top. Netizens reacted with love and critizism to A-Pink’s outfits. Some love APink’s very mature and sexy look, while others disagree and say that it damages the image of A-Pink as funny and adorable.


A-Pink accepted the Bonsang Award with BTS. A-Pink sang two songs, Happiness and No No No with a simple and unique concept that stole audience’s attention and caused them to sing along.

Golden Disk Award 2015

gda 2015

The year 2015 was A-Pink’s year because at the Golden Disk Award 2015, they were able to bring three awards at once, Disk Bonsang, Digital Bonsang, and Best Female Performance. A-Pink has really shown their greatness and hard work all along in the Korean entertainment world.


Even if they only sang one song with No No No, A-Pink was able to steal the audience’s attention and get them to sing along.

Golden Disk Award 2016

gda 2016

A-Pink always steal the attention of netizens, even with free costumes and styles that characterize the character of each member, they look very adorable. With style and compact costumes, netizen are always amazed by what A-Pink does.


A-Pink managed to receive an award in the category Disk Bonsang. They also sang two songs at once with Remember and No No No.

A-Pink Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2014

mma 2014

The Melon Music Award is one of the biggest award shows in addition to Mnet Asian Music AwardsGolden Disk Award, and Seoul Music Award. The Korean Idol who won at the biggest award was really honored because their achievements in the K-POP entertainment world were appreciated by all of their fans out there.


One of them was A-Pink. A-Pink managed to bring home the award for the category “Best Dance Artist (Female)” with his song Mr. Chu. Indeed since the beginning of the debut, A-Pink always brings a cute and refreshing concept, not only with their music videos and cute costumes, but from their dance style that is fairly easy to learn and very adorable. With Mr. Chu, A-Pink managed to recieve the award at the Melon Music Award in 2014. In addition to the award show, with Mr. Chu they also managed to receive the award on music shows like at Music Bank on April 11, 2014; Music Core on April 12, 2014; Inkigayo on April 13, 2014; M! Countdown on April 10 and May 8, 2014; and at Show Champion on 9 April 2014.


Even while at the Red Carpet Melon Music Award 2014, they look very elegant and adorable in their black and white themed clothes. Still it’s rare for them to use the concept of sexy for fear of damaging their image.

A-Pink Melon Music Award 2015


Not only did they get an award at Melon Music Award 2014, A-Pink once again received the award at the Melon Music Award for 2015. Even if A-Pink does not bring awards for the “Best Dance Artist (Female)” category, A-Pink made it to the Top 10 Artists, along with San E, SISTAR, Girls’ Generation, hyukoh, SHINee, BIGBANG, Zion.T, EXO, and TOY. They are among the great artists in the Korean entertainment world.

apink at mma 2015

A-Pink sang five songs at once, I Don’t Know, No No No, Mr. Chu, Luv, and Remember, which made the audience excited with the unique performance concept. Naeun performed I Don’t Know with men pretending to be their girlfriends. Then Bomi and Hayoung performed No No No dance with a back dancer, Namjoo brought Mr. Chu with another backdancer, and Eunji sang LUV and all of the audience sang along. The leader, Park Chorong could not attend the event because there was another event that made her unable to participate in the 2015 Melon Music Award with A-Pink.