K-Pop Diet Meal (Plan) to Lose Their Weight and Photo Comparison Before and After

Korea is known as a country that has ‘crazy’ trends, especially for K-POP Idols. For K-POP Idols having a perfect body shape becomes their top priority, some of them often do extreme diets to get the perfect body shape. You might be surprised by their diet plan to lose weight.


1. SISTAR Soyou Diet plan and menu

SISTAR Soyou Before Diet

SISTAR Soyou Diet Meal

SISTAR is known as a Girl Group that has a perfect body shape. But, they said it’s hard to get the perfect body shape. Before debut, they could only eat potatoes, boiled eggs and chicken breast, and other fruits or vegetables, without rice. Soyou’s body is the one who attracted the most attention from netizens. She talked about her diet plan, “For breakfast I eat one boiled potato, for lunch I eat three boiled eggs and one bread, and for dinner I eat just three rolls of Kimbab.” And she lost around 15 kg in 3 months.

SISTAR Soyou After Diet

2. SISTAR Dasom

SISTAR Dasom Before Diet

SISTAR Dasom’s Diet Meal

The youngest SISTAR’s member, Dasom is one who has attracted the attention of netizens too. Since debut until now, she has experienced a very rapid body change. She lost around 7 kg in So Cool area. Her diet recipe is only to eat rabbit’s food, which means she only eats cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and fruits that measured out to be around 290 calories. She also eats brown rice and organic bread.

SISTAR Dasom After Diet

3. SECRET Hyosung

SECRET Hyosung Before Diet

SECRET Hyosung Diet Plan

SECRET’s Leader Hyosung body is in the top 20 Korean List. She revealed her secret to getting a perfect body shape, her diet plan is only eating tofu salad for every meal and she can’t eat rice although she want to at least once a day. Before that she only eats one banana in the morning, two boiled eggs in the afternoon, and one soy milk in the evening.

SECRET Hyosung After Diet

4. Kang So-ra

Actress Kang So-ra Before Diet

Kang So-ra’s Diet Plan

Hyunbin’s Ex-Girlfriend, Kang So-ra weighed 72 kg when in high school. Wanted to get the perfect body shape, she’s on a strict diet that makes her body sexy and elegant as it is now. She revealed her diet recipe on Instagram that she only eat grapes, strawberries and broccoli for her lunch. Netizen feel amazed by the diet that Kang So-ra did that changed her body into one that’s sexy and elegant. “Skinny peoples never feel that way. Kang So-ra, you’re really great!!”

Kang So-ra After Diet

5. MISS A Suzy

MISS A Suzy Before Diet


MISS A Suzy Diet Plan

The youngest member and Lee Min-ho’s girlfriend Suzy did an extreme diet too. For breakfast she only eats one potato, for lunch she eats boiled chicken breast, and for dinner she only drinks two glasses of milk. In three months she lost 20 kg. She never imagined to do a diet as extreme as this, but the K-Net always comment about her body when she is on the stage or filming a drama, that her body is too fat.

MISS A Suzy After Diet

6. Park Shin-hye

Actress Park Shin-hye Before Diet

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan

An actress who is often rumored to be close to some handsome actors, used to have a weight that is not ideal. She only ate 300 calories per day. For breakfast she eats one cucumber and drinks milk, for lunch she eats brown rice, cabbage, and chicory, and for dinner she eats vegetables and cucumber to hold off her hunger. Every day she drinks infused water from pumpkins and red beans. She said, infused water like that is good for the people who want to diet.

Park Shin-hye After Diet

7. EXO Xiumin

EXO Xiumin Before Diet

Xiumin’s Diet Plan

A member of the top boy group EXO, Xiumin success lost 18 kg. The recipe is not from dieting but from exercise. “The easiest way to lose weight is to not eat. But your body will become emaciated if you try to lose weight by not eating. So I prepared my own way of dieting by still eating,” he said. The recipe is be active. First, wake up early in the morning and second persevere. “Diligence, effort, and positivity; you can succeed at your diet if you practice these three things.

EXO’s Xiumin After Diet

8. BTS Jin

BTS Jin Before Diet

Jin’s Diet Plan

BTS’ Kim Seokjin, as a visual of the group he only eats one kind of food in one year, which he does just to lose weight. In a day he eats two chicken breasts. For him, losing weight is an important things that he must do as a visual of the group and the result he can lose his weight in one year with chickens.

BTS Jin After Diet


BIGBANG T.O.P Before Diet

T.O.P’s Diet Plan

BIGBANG’s leader T.O.P had surprised fans with a very fat picture of him in the past. But, now T.O.P surprised fans with an ideal body. T.O.P got frustrated with his body and he did an extreme diet, in one month he lost more than 19 kg. When in senior high school he only consumed unsweetened jelly and drank mineral water. And for a snack he ate red beans from the traditional market.

BIGBANG T.O.P After Diet


10. 2AM Changmin

2AM Changmin Before Diet

Changmin’s Diet Plan

2AM’s Main Vocal, Changmin once weighted nearly 100kg and restricted his diet until his weight was 70 kg. The diet that he did takes a long time over 5 years. Thanks to the intentions and regularity of Changmin’s dietary pattern, he could lose 30 kg. “Eating in the morning means less fat,” he said. One potato, milk, one boiled eggs, and multi-vitamin for breakfast. One chicken breast, one potato, and salad without sauce for lunch. One chicken breast and seven boiled eggs for dinner and for snacks he only eats four boiled eggs and half a sweet potato.

2AM Changmin After Diet

These idols don’t just watch out the food that they eat, but they are active too. So, wanna try diet like them? If yes, what diet plan suits you?