Korea’s All Time Favorite Female Soloist

As most people already know, the Korean music industry is full of boy groups and girl groups but we seldom know about solo artists because boy groups and girl groups dominate the music industry. Despite the little attention given to solo artists, there are some solo artists that made it through the ocean of boy groups and girl groups, with excellent talents in singing, dancing, and also have easy listening songs, and one of them is IU! Let’s check IU’s profile and facts!

IU Full Profile 2017


Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Stage Name: IU (아이유) from the abbreviation I and yoU
Birth date: Seoul, May 16, 1993
Zodiac: Taurus/Rooster (Chinese year)
Height: 161,7 cm
Weight: 44,9 kg
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
High School: Dongduk Women’s High School
Twitter: @lily199iu
Instagram: @dlwldrma
Favorite Movie: Once
Favorite Book: Someday I died
Favorite Color: Yellow and red
Favorite Food: Goguma (sweet potato) and raw fish
Ideal Type: Big Bang’s Taeyang

IU Discography


IU has been releasing great songs that are doing very well on various charts. She is even considered as one of Korea’s digital monsters since every time she releases a song or album, it will be on the top of the charts.


  • Growing Up (2009)
  • Last Fantasy (2011)
  • Modern Times (2013)
  • Palette (2017)


  • Lost Child (2008)
  • Boo (2009)
  • You Know (Rock version) (2009)
  • Marshmallow (feat. Zico) (2009)
  • Nagging (feat. Seulong) (2010)
  • Good Day (2010)
  • Only I Didn’t Know (2011)
  • Ice Flower (feat. Kim Yuna) (2011)
  • You and I (2011)
  • Good Day (Japanese version) (2012)
  • Peach (2012)
  • Every End of the Day (2012)
  • You and I (Japanese version) (2012)
  • Beautiful Dancer (2013)
  • Monday Afternoon (Japanese single) (2013)
  • The Red Shoes (2013)
  • Friday (2013)
  • My Old Story (Jo Dukbae cover) (2014)
  • Twenty-Three (2015)
  • Through the Night (2017)
  • Can’t Love You Anymore (with Oh Hyuk) (2017)
  • Palette (feat. G-Dragon) (2017)
  • Autumn Morning (Yang Hee Eun cover) (2017)
  • Sleepless Rainy Night (Kim Gunmo cover) (2017)



Not only active as a singer and songwriter, IU is also pursuing a career as an actress too. Despite the criticism she received, she is doing her best and improving her acting skills each time she stars in a drama or movie.


  • Dream High (2011) as Kim Pilsuk
  • Welcome to the Show (2011) as herself
  • Dream High 2 (2012) cameo as Kim Pilsuk
  • Salamander Guru and The Shadows (2012) cameo as Pickpocket Jieun
  • You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin (2013) as Lee Soon-shin
  • Bel Ami (2013) as Kim Botong
  • The Producers (2015) as Cindy
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2017) as Go Hajin/Hae Soo


  • A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise (2012) – dubbed Ella’s voice
  • Real (2017) (cameo)

Her Personal Life


IU is the oldest child and has a younger brother. She is not considered as an idol anymore, but she is already a singer, songwriter, and actress – a true artist. She began showing interest in the entertainment industry when she was still a child. But when she was in elementary school, her family’s economic situation got worse and she had to live in poverty.

IU had auditioned for many entertainment companies but failed and got scammed by some companies. She also auditioned for JYP Entertainment but failed and later Park Jin Young stated that he would fire whoever let IU go. However, she did not give up and finally she joined LOEN Entertainment. She debuted in 2008 with Lost Child as her first single.

In November 2012 IU uploaded a photo of her and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk on Twitter and created an uproar thus the dating rumors of her and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk emerged but in the end both of them denied it.

In August 2013 another IU dating rumor emerged after a picture of her and actor Lee Hyunwoo at a cinema went viral. But IU’s company denied it saying they were just friend.

Finally in October 2015 she revealed her relationship with fellow singer-songwriter Jang Kiha. Despite the 11 years age gap, they have been dating since 2013, shortly after IU came on as a guess on Jang Kiha’s radio program. But sadly in January 2017 both confirmed they had broken up.

Additional Facts

  • Suzy, Jiyeon, and actress Yoo In Na are IU’s best friends.
  • IU is known for having a lot of older male fans.
  • IU likes cool weather but does not like being in crowded places since she tends to get dizzy.
  • The reason why she tried to audition at JYP was because she is a Kim Taewoo fan.
  • IU finally announced her fan club name in 2017. Her fan club name is UAENA.

IU is a talented and lovable artist, no wonder she is loved by many people and all her songs are doing great on the charts. She still treats her fans nicely even after 9 years in the entertainment industry, and she keeps gaining more popularity and fans at the same time.