Girls Generation TTS Profile and Songs

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Three Angels of Girls’ Generation

When South Korea is mentioned, there might be several boy and girl group names that come to your mind, and Girls’ Generation must be one of them. Girls’ Generation became widely known after their hit “Gee” in 2009. After the success of Girls’ Generation, S.M. Entertainment then formed a sub-group of Girls’ Generation, known as Girls’ Generation TTS (TaeTiSeo) in 2012. Girls’ Generation TTS consists of three Girls’ Generation members, the main vocal Taeyeon, and the two lead vocals, Tiffany and Seohyun. This sub-group had been active for five years and they released several songs and albums. Here we will reveal the Girls’ Generation TTS profile and songs for those of you who want to know more about them.

Girls’ Generation TTS Profile

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Name : Girls’ Generation – TTS / TaeTiSeo

Nickname : TTS

Members : Taeyon, Tiffany, and Seohyun

Main Group : Girls’ Generation

Main Label: S.M. Entertainment

Fanclub Name : SONE (pronounced as So-won)

Fanclub Color : Pastel Rose Pink

Girls’ Generation TTS Member Profile



Stage Name : Taeyeon

Real Name : Kim Tae Yeon

Position : Leader and Main Vocalist

Date of Birth : March 9, 1989

Place of Birth : Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea

Instrument : Guitar

Unoffcial Fanclub Name : TaeGang



girls generation tiffany

Stage Name : Tiffany

Real Name : Stephanie Hwang

Korean Name : Hwang Mi Young

Position : Lead Vocalist and Main Rapper

Date of Birth : August 1, 1989

Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Instrument : Piano and Flute

Unofficial Fanclub Name : Fanytastics



girls generation seohyun

Stage Name : Seohyun

Korean Name : Seo Joo Hyun

Position : Lead Vocalist and Maknae

Date of Birth : June 28, 1991

Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea

Instrument : Guitar, Piano, and Violin

Unofficial Fanclub Name : SeoMates

How Was Girls’ Generation TTS Formed?

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Girls’ Generation TTS was formed by each of the Girls’ Generation TTS member’s desire to continue working in the music industry. After gaining a big success and popularity from 2009, Girls’ Generation suddenly went through an unannounced hiatus because most of their members have their own individual activities, both in television programs and television dramas. Three of Girls ‘ Generation members, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun wanted to still focus on music activities. Therefore, S.M. Entertainment announced that there would be a sub-group with the name “Girls’ Generation TTS” on April 19, 2012.

Facts About Girls’ Generation TTS

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1. Girls’ Generation TTS is Girls’ Generation sub-group that will focus on vocals, showing each member’s great vocal ability.

2. The name “TTS” is made up of the first syllable in each member’s name.

3. Girls’ Generation TTS became the first female artists and the third Korean artists that ranked first on the Billboard World Album chart more than once.

4. Girls’ Generation once said in an interview that their main goal is not to be visually entertaining, but to be vocally entertaining.

5. Girls’ Generation TTS had their own variety show during promotion, named “The TaeTiSeo” back in August 2014.

6. Each of Girls’ Generation TTS singles and albums brought them many awards.

7. They received the Bonsang Award during the 24th Seoul Music Awards in 2015.

8. Not only that, Girls’ Generation TTS also brought home the Disk Bonsang from South Korean music industry’s most prestigious “Golden Disc Awards”.

9. All of Girls’ Generation TTS members were hosts for the weekly music program “Show! Music Core” when they were about to debut.

10. Two of Girls’ Generation TTS members, Tiffany and Seohyun, left both Girls’ Generation as well as Girls’ Generation TTS in October 2017.

Girls’ Generation TTS Best Songs

1. Girls’ Generation TTS – Twinkle

“Twinkle” is the debut song of the sub-group Girls Generation TTS. “Twinkle” was released on April 29, 2012. If you are looking for an upbeat but light song, “Twinkle” would be a good song for you. The song itself is very fun, easy listening and it sticks in your mind. Many people said that it was a smart move for Girls’ Generation TTS to make a debut of a vocal sub-group with a spunky uptempo instead of ballad or mellow song. Although it is not a ballad song, Girls Generation TTS’s members succeed to show how powerful their voices are, especially because the song consists of many high note parts.

2. Girls’ Generation TTS – OMG (Oh My God)

Here is another best hit of Girls’ Generation TTS. “OMG (Oh My God”) is a funk or retro inspired song with strong edge. It has a big band style brass and also percussion instruments which make the song sound fun. Each of the members again shows their powerful and high tone voices in “OMG”.

3. Girls’ Generation TTS – Holler

“Holler” was released as the lead song of second mini album. The song has a similar vibe to their first song “Twinkle”. What makes this song easy listening is the light music as well as light and simple lyrics, especially the repetitive “Holler, Holler, Holler”. Although the song is not so easy to sing, the chorus is easy to remember.

4. Girls’ Generation TTS – Dear Santa

From the title of the song, which includes “Santa”, people will directly know that it is a Christmas special edition song. “Dear Santa” was released on December 3, 2015. At the beginning of the song, Seohyun played the piano, accompanied by the soft but strong vocals of the three members. But after a minute, the song vibe changes into a happy and fun vibe with cheerful and happy music and rhythm. “Dear Santa” was released in 2 versions, a Korean version and an English version. It tells a story about a girl who wishes her boyfriend could spend Christmas day with her. What makes this song more special is the lyrics were composed by Girls’ Generation Seohyun.

Complete List of Girls Generations TTS Albums

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During their 5 years as a sub-group, Girls Generations TTS has released 3 EP (extended plays) or mini albums. Here we will reveal all of their albums as well as their track lists for you!

1. Girls’ Generations TTS First Mini Album “Twinkle”


girls generation tts twinkle album

The first mini album ‘Twinkle” digital version was released on April 29, 2012 and the physical album was released on May 2, 2012 as the debut album. “Twinkle” album succeeded in reaching the first rank on The Billboard World Album as well as the second rank on The Billboard Heatseekers Album.

“Twinkle” Track List
No.Track TitleLyricsMusicArrangementLength
1.“Twinkle”So Ji EumB. Fraley, J. Fraley, J. SolisSunst Blvd.3:28
2.“Baby Steps”Joy FactoryJimmy Andrew Richard, Sean Alexander, Tom Roger, Jimmy Burney, Joachim AlteJimmy Andrew Richard, Sean Alexander, Tom Roger, Jimmy Burney, Joachim Alte3:56
3.“OMG (Oh My God)”Kim Jung BaeKenzieKenzie3:25
4.“Library”Jo Yoon KyungSharon Vaughn, Didrik Thott, Sebastian ThottHitchhiker4:03
5.“Goodbye, hello”Kim Boo MinHitchhikerHitchhiker3:52
6.“Love Sick”Kang Ah DeunHwang Chan HeePJ3:26
7.“Checkmate”Kim Boo MinHitchhikerHitchhiker3:27

2. Girls’ Generations TTS Second Mini Album “Hollar”

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Two years after, the second mini album “Hollar” was released on September 16, 2014, and the physical album on September 18, 2014. “Hollar” brought Girls’ Generations TTS again to first place in The Billboard World Album chart as well as Gaon’s Weekly Chart.

“Hollar” Track List
 No. Track TitleLyricsMusicArrangementLength
1.“Holler”Mafly / Figge Bostrom, Anna EnghFigge Bostrom, Anna EnghFigge Bostrom, Maria Marcus 3:03
2.“Adrenaline”Kim Min Jung, MaflyIna Wroldsen, Lucas Secon, Mich Hansen, Jnas Jeberg, and Yoo Han JinIna Wroldsen, Lucas Secon, Mich Hansen, Jnas Jeberg, and Yoo Han Jin 3:29
3.“Whisper”Brian KimAndrew Jackson, Im Gwang Uk, and Martin Hoberg HedegaardIm Gwang Uk, Im Chaese-op 3:38
 4.“Stay”Brian KimCaesar & Loui, Olof Lindskog, Hayley AitkenCaesar & Loui, Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken 03:31
 5.“Only U”SeohyunLauren Dyson, Sebastian Thott, and Erik LidbomSebastian Thott 3:37
6.“Eyes”MaflyAlbi Albertsson, Mara Kim MUSSASHI2:39

3. Girls’ Generations TTS Third Mini Album “Dear Santa”

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“Dear Santa” is the third and last album from Girls’ Generation TTS which was released on December 4, 2015. Bringing up the Christmas concept, the “Dear Santa” album became one of the albums that would be suitable for you to listen to in December.

“Dear Santa” Track List
No.Tract ListLyricsMusicLength
1.“Dear Santa”SeohyunSimon Petren, Andreas Oberg, Gustav Karistrom, and Maja Keuc3:58
2.“I Like the Way”Jam FactoryBardur Haberg, Courtney Woolsey, Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen3:11
3.“Winter Story”Choi So YoungJamie Jones and Matt Wong3:22
4.“Merry Christmas”Seojeong, Lee Seu Ran, and Kim In HyeongJamie Jones, Matt Wong, Jack Kugell, Paulina Cerrilla3:45
5.“First Snow”MaflyIm Kwang Wook, Ryan Kim, Amanda Moseley, Hunnykilla, and Chase3:13
6.“Dear Santa”Simon Petren, Gustav Karistrom, and Maja KeucSimon Petren, Andrew Oberg, Gustav Karistrom, and Maja Keuc3:59