Full Profile of Bastarz: Block B Member


Bastarz the Block B’s Sub Unit

The sub-unit of an idol group may not be a novelty for netizens or fans of their idol group. The agency that forms the sub-unit of the original idol group does this to highlight some of the more prominent members and also indirectly promote their original group with some of their prominent members. For example, Girl’s Generation has Sub Unit TTS ( Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun ) and SISTAR has Sub Unit SISTAR19 ( Hyolyn and Bora ).

Bastarz is a sub unit of the boys group under Seven Season, that is Block B. For other sub units, the agency might chose the most prominent member of the group. But the members from Bastarz, Block B have a unique way of forming a sub unit. They make a game; there are two balls, red and blue, and whoever gets red will enter into the sub unit. B-Bomb, U-Kown, and P.O are members who joined Bastarz and debuted in April 2015.

Bastarz Official Accounts and Profile Members

Twitter : Blockb_official

Facebook : BlockBOfficial

Instagram : blockb_official_

YouTube : 7seasons2013

1. B-Bomb Bastarz Profile and Facts


Real Name : Lee Min Hyuk

Stage Name : B-Bomb

Date of Birth : December 14, 1990

Age : 27 years old

Position : Leader, vocalist, dancer

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Sagitarius

Hobbies : Playing piano, collecting fashion photoshoots

Twitter : @blockb2011

Instagram : @bbomb2011

Facts About B-Bomb :

  1. His skills are popping dance and hip hop.
  2. B-Bomb has won the dance competition “Best Dance Co-X”.
  3. His role model is Rain.
  4. He is the King of Selca in Block B.
  5. He almost debuted with INFINITE.
  6. He is afraid of heights.
  7. He chose the B-Bomb stage name because his pronunciation in Korean is “bibum” meaning “rare” or “only”.
  8. He thinks he is the type of person who actively speaks, but according to other members he is a quiet type.
  9. He is the last member that joined Block B.
  10. He likes to use a hat when going anywhere.
  11. He wants Block B to be as popular as TVXQ.
  12. His favorite movie is Step Up.
  13. His ideal type is like KARA’s former member Kang Jiyoung.
  14. The name of his fandom is Dynamite.
  15. He is the Dancing Machine in Block B.

2. U-kown Bastarz Profile and Facts


Real Name :  Kim Yu Kwon

Stage Name : U-Kwon

Date of Birth : April 9, 1992

Age : 25 years old

Position : Lead dancer, vocalist

Height : 176 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : Christian

Zodiac : Aries

Hobbies : Watching movies, listening to music, reading

Twitter : N/A

Instagram : uk_530

Facts About U-Kwon :

  1. His favorite food is candy.
  2. He is a big fan of Big Bang, especially Taeyang.
  3. His favorite color is black.
  4. His favorite number is 4.
  5. His favorite animal is a cat.
  6. He is the mom of Block B, because he likes to clean the dorm, cook for the others, and scold them if they make a mistake.
  7. He is the dancing machine in Block B.
  8. He can dance while beat boxing.
  9. He likes watching anime, especially One Piece.
  10. He joined in a band while still in junior high school. The band was named S.H.I.T (Super Hero Team Idol).
  11. He once had relationship with model Jeon Sun Hye, and many netizens have criticized him and he lost many followers on his Instagram.
  12. He debuted as an actor in a web drama titled “Jumping Girl”.
  13. He can play guitar very well.
  14. He always brings a book wherever he goes.
  15. His role model is Bruno Mars.

3. Pyo Ji Hoon Bastarz Profile and Facts


Real Name : Pyo Ji Hoon

Stage Name : P.O

Date of Birth : February 2, 1993

Age : 24 years old

Position : Rapper, maknae

Height : 181 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Blood Type : B

Religion : Christian

Zodiac : Aquarius

Hobbies : Acting

Twitter : N/A

Instagram : N/A

Facts About Pyo Ji Hoon :

  1. His role model is Rick Ross.
  2. P.O is the funniest member.
  3. When EunB (Ladies’ Code) died, he was devastated. ecause they were classmates in high school.
  4. His skills are writing and rap.
  5. His ideal type is F(x) former member, Sulli.
  6. His favorite snack is Nachos.
  7. P.O is the only member who does not have a twitter account. He is afraid that one day he will post bad things. But sometimes he uses Block B’s official twitter to make a statement.
  8. As a child, his ambition was to become a president.
  9. P.O likes to bring his MP3 Player wherever he goes.
  10. P.O is the most mischievous member.
  11. The name of his fandom is Charm.
  12. He is very shy towards any woman who is nearby.
  13. He appeared in the music video Kye Bum Zu “Something Special” along with Yoonjoo and Lime Hello Venus.
  14. He is often compared to T.O.P Big Bang because they have similarities such as deep sound, appearance and also the same past (they both had more weight before debuting).
  15. According to the news, P.O’s parents are the owners of Seven Season (agency Block B).

Block B Bastarz Members Popularity Ranking


Block B is known as one of the boy groups with a unique style, including thier members, concepts, and unique songs within the hip hop genre. Bastarz is the first sub unit formed in Block B with a three members formation. The selection of members to enter into the sub unit called Bastarz is very unique. Block B members create a game to determine who will enter the sub unit. They have two balls, red and blue. Any member who chooses a red ball will enter the sub unit, and members who get a blue ball must still support members who enter into the sub unit. This way, the process is fair and no member feels alienated or feels like they do not have the same ability as members who are elected into sub-unit.

B-Bomb, U-Kwon, and P.O are the members who managed to get a red ball and into the sub unit called Bastarz. Bastarz debuted in April 2015 with their mini album titled Conduct Zero. The mini album that they released has six songs, Zero For Conduct became their main song to do the promotion. All the songs that are in the mini album are a creation of Maknae P.O except the song Nobody But You. Also, Bastarz’s date and month of debut is exactly the same as Block B’s debut on April 14th. In addition to releasing in Korea, they also launched it in Japan, but in the form of singles instead of mini albums and they released in September 2015. On October 31, 2016, the sub-unit finally returned with a new mini album entitled Welcome 2 BASTARZ, with their main song Selfish & Beautiful Girl.

  1. U-Kwon – 18.25%
  2. P.O – 13.04%
  3. B-Bomb – 10.76%