Potential with 4TEN (POTEN)

4Ten is a girl group under Jungle Entertainment which debuted in 2014 with a four member formations, which included TEM, Eunjin, Hyeji, and Hyejin. And it all began with their song titled “Tornado”. 4Ten means four girls who have potential in the field of music, especially in the Korean music industry. 4Ten has had several member changes and group name changes.

In 2015, Jungle Entertainment announced that Eunji and TEM quit the group and would be being replaced by Heeo, Yun, and Hajeong. 4TEN’s name also changed to POTEN, taken from Potential. However, by 2016 Hajeong was officially out of the group and POTEN is back to 4TEN. At that time they also released their mini album entitled “Jack Of All Trades”.

4Ten Official Accounts and Profile Members

Facebook : 4TEN.2014

Instagram : 4TEN_Official

Daum Cafe : 4TEN

Twitter : 4TEN_Official

YouTube : Official4TEN

1. Hyeji’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Jung Hyeji

Stage Name : Hyeji

Date of Birth : April 2, 1992

Age : 25 years old

Position : Leader, Main Vocalist

Height : 166 cm

Weight : 44 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Aries

Blood Type : AB

Hobbies : Cooking, Listening to Music, Snowboarding, Writing lyrics.

Facts About Hyeji :

  1. She likes Hip Hop music.
  2. She is the original member of 4Ten.
  3. She is the brain of 4Ten.
  4. She can imitated a cat’s voice.
  5. She loves singing and she had a band in junior high school. She is the vocalist.
  6. She does not know about love in a relationship.
  7. She had been training for 2 years 6 months.
  8. She cannot do aegyeo.
  9. She is the first member in 4Ten.
  10. She is good at cooking.

2. HeeO’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Kwak Heeoh

Stage Name : HeeO

Date of Birth : May 2, 1994

Age : 23 years old

Position : Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Taurus

Blood Type : B

Hobbies : Making Fashion Magazine Collages, Watching Fashion Shows, Watching Movies, Writing in Her Diary

 Facts About HeeO :

  1. Her favorite food is chicken.
  2. She is good at cooking Tteopokki.
  3. Her role model is Rihanna.
  4. She wants Maroon5’s Adam Levine as her husband.
  5. She has a charismatic aura.
  6. She likes spicy foods.
  7. She does not like doing aegyeo.
  8. She is a big fans of Maroon5.
  9. She loves animals.
  10. Her favorite fruit is a grape.

3. Yun’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Heo Yoon

Stage Name : Yun

Date of Birth : September 23, 1994

Age : 23 years old

Position : Lead Vocalist

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 44 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Virgo

Blood Type : B

Hobbies : Watching Movies, Organizing

 Facts About Yun :

  1. She can play the “gayageum”, a Korean zither-like string instrument.
  2. She is the mother of 4Ten.
  3. She has a sexy, humorous aura.
  4. She is a fan of Girl’s Generation, SISTAR, dan Son Dambi.
  5. She wants to try to participate in Running Man and Weekly Idol.
  6. Her favorite foods are chicken and rice.
  7. Her ideal type is Lee Jung Jae.
  8. She loves to do something funny to make the other members or people around her happy.
  9. She likes sweet foods.
  10. She loves animals, especially dogs.

4. Hyejin’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Baek Hyejin

Stage Name : Hyejin

Date of Birth : November 21, 1996

Age : 21 years old

Position : Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 46 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Scorpio

Blood Type : O

Hobbies : Dancing, Listening to Music, Eating Delicious Food

 Facts About Hyejin :

  1. She is the original member of 4Ten.
  2. She is the hyperactive maknae.
  3. She once joined the audition “Reply 1994” but she didn’t make it. If she did it, she could have taken Do Hee’s part.
  4. She could dance when she was a kid and that is why she wanted to be an idol.
  5. She can imitate Mad Clown’s voice.
  6. She does not like spicy foods.
  7. She likes sweet foods.
  8. She is the cutest member.
  9. She introduces herself as a maknae when she meets someone.
  10. Her favorite part of her body is her eyes.

4Ten Former Members and Facts


1. Tem’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Esther Tham

Stage Name : TEM

Date of Birth : February 13, 1990

Age : 27 years old

Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Aquarius

Blood Type : A

Hobbies : Listening to Music, Watching Movies, Cooking, Cleaning the House, Writing Lyrics

Facts About Tem :

  1. She was born in the USA.
  2. She can speak English really well.
  3. Her role model is Girl’s Generation’s Yoona.
  4. She has been married and pregnant.
  5. She left 4Ten because she felt she didn’t match with 4Ten’s concept.
  6. Tem introduced herself not as a leader but as a big sister (eonnie).
  7. Since she was 4 years old, she tried to learn dancing and piano.
  8. She had been training for five years.
  9. She likes spicy foods.
  10. Her greatest fearis that she cannot see her parents forever.

2. Eunjin’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Kang Yoojin

Stage Name : Eunjin

Date of Birth : December 3, 1993

Age : 24 years old

Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual

Height : 161 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Blood Type : B

Hobbies : Listening to Songs, Doing Exercises, Cleaning, Shopping

 Facts About Eunjin :

  1. She left 4Ten because she wanted to focus on her life not as an idol.
  2. She loves dog.
  3. She can do vocals beside rap.
  4. Her favorite color is red.
  5. She likes spicy foods.

3. Hajeong’s Profile and Facts


Real Name : Lee Hajeong

Stage Name : Haejong

Date of Birth : September 23, 1997

Age : 20 years old

Position : Vocalist, Maknae

Height : 169 cm

Weight : 49 kg

Religion : N/A

Zodiac : Libra

Blood Type : O

Hobbies : Shopping, Collecting Cosmetics

 Facts About Hajeong :

  1. She can play the flute, guitar, and piano.
  2. She loves to collect cosmetics.
  3. She is the moodbooster in 4Ten.
  4. She likes sweet foods.
  5. She has a lot of aegyeo.

4Ten Members Popularity Ranking


4Ten is the second group under Jungle Entertainment. Previously M.I.B was the first hip hop group under Jungle Entertainment. The 4Ten girl group that debuted in 2014 underwent some member changes and group name changes. TEM, Eunjin, Hyeji, and Hyejin are the first formation with the name 4Ten and they debuted with the title song “Tornado”. They are divided into two groups, vocals and rappers. TEM and Eunjin are in the rapper group and Hyejin and Hyeji are in the vocal group. They successfully steal the attention of netizens with unique concepts and songs.

However, in 2015 TEM and Eunjin decided to get out of 4Ten because they wanted to focus on their own careers. Then Jungle Entertainment decided to add members to 4Ten. Yun, Heeo, and Hajeong succeeded in becoming the next members in 4Ten. 4Ten changed the name to POTEN with five member formations, Yun, Heeo, Hyejin, Hyeji, and Hajeong and they made a comeback with the WHY song in 2015.

In 2016, POTEN returned to the name 4Ten and Hajeong exited for wanting to focus on her education. 4Ten released their mini album entitled “Jack Of All Trades” which successfully stole the attention of netizens with their concept taken from the Disney princess concept.

This mini album has old songs like ‘Tornado’ ‘Why’ ‘GoEasy’, and new songs like ‘Severely’ and a song not so well known ‘OOO’. All songs are adapted to the sounds of the new members.

On August 26, 4Ten released their digital single ‘Tornado’. Two days later they first performed officially on M! Countdown.

4Ten released their second digital single ‘Why’ in January 2015 in Korea and a video for their song was shot in New York City. On July 3, 2015 they released their third digital single ‘Easy Go’ in Korea and also at the July 4th annual celebration at Yongsan Garrison the next day.

  1. HeeO – 26.42%
  2. Yun – 22.78%
  3. Hyejin – 22.32%
  4. Hyeji – 20.05%
  5. TEM (Former Member) – 2.96%
  6. Hajeong (Former Member) – 2.95%
  7. Eunjin (Former Member) – 2.51%