Are You Seventeen Members Ideal Type?

Seventeen is one of the new Korean rising stars, debuting in 2015. Seventeen is a newcomer to the K-pop industry, but everyone would be familiar with this boyband full of charming guys. Debuting with 13 members, including Jun, DK, Hoshi, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Dino, Vernon, Seungkwan, Joshua, Woonzi, Wonwoo, The8, and Mingyu, Seventeen succeeded not only in debuting but also in getting every girl’s attention. Although they are new, girls out there, including you, must have gone crazy for them. But do you know what their ideal type of girl is? It is the thing to know so that you can get extra points to get their heart. That’s why we have prepared a compilation of what Seventeen members ideal type is for you.

Seventeen’s Ideal Type Description

1. Seventeen S.Coups Ideal Type


S.Coups’s ideal girl is someone who works hard, just like him. He likes someone who is an extrovert. Being a girlfriend of the Seventeen leader, it means you have to be a mom for all of the Seventeen members, so if you want to be S.Coups’ ideal girl, you must have a big warm heart. Not only that, S.Coups likes girl who can support him and becomes his number one supporter. A girl who will protect him (fiercely) even though he doesn’t actually need protection, but for him being protective means she cares about him a lot. S.Coups ideal type is someone who lets him spoil her, but he will also respect her independence.


As for his ideal appearance, S.Coups (Choi Seung-cheol) doesn’t have a lot of criteria, but he likes a girl who has tanned skin and someone who smells good. S.Coups is a loveable guy, so a cheerful girl will be a good match for him. Someone who is confident with herself would earn extra points as well.


He also prefers girls who like hip hop and rap. S.Coups also likes girls who can cook and eat a lot. So, if you don’t know how to cook, be prepared to get a lesson, because he wants to eat delicious food cooked by his girl (and probably you also need to cook for the other members too).

2. Seventeen Jeonghan’s Ideal Type


If you think that the angel of Seventeen wants his ideal type to be someone who is super feminine, you are right. JeongHan’s ideal type is a girl who is petite and cute. He likes a girl with a cute haircut. Someone who has double eyelids and has a puppy-like face.


For Jeonghan’s ideal personality, he wants someone who cares about him a lot. Although he likes a cute girl, he would prefer his ideal type to be someone who is not shy and not so loud (someone who can control her voice). Either she is an extrovert or introvert, it doesn’t matter much for Jeonghan. He likes someone who can be a little bit serious, but can also be crazy with him. Someone who is smart and doesn’t ask to hang out often, someone who can just chill with him at home. His ideal type should not be someone who only wants fancy dinners. Jeonghan also likes girls who can be both immature and mature depends on the situation, but the important thing is she has to be kind toward others.


And the last requirement is a little bit unique, JeongHan wants his girl to not only love him, but all of the Seventeen members and wants her to buy their album. Someone who is supportive toward his career as an idol.

3. Seventeen Joshua’s Ideal Type


Joshua’s ideal type of girl is someone who is caring towards him, someone who loves him and is very affectionate. Someone who cares a lot just like his mom. As for extrovert or introvert, Joshua said that he is okay with both because he is actually more talkative than others think he is, but he also prefers someone who can stay calm at times. But he wants a girl who can stay both at home and also go out with him. Joshua likes someone who has passion and drive.


As for appearance, he doesn’t ask for a super perfect girl, but Joshua mentioned he likes someone who looks pretty, cute and has a good personality. But, the good thing is Joshua doesn’t really care about his ideal type’s fashion sense (so you can still wear whatever you like around him).

4. Seventeen Jun’s Ideal Type


The most important criteria of Jun is that she is innocent. Jun likes someone who has an innocent and clean image. Someone who looks pure, just like an angel. Jun likes someone who also looks elegant. But he also mentioned that he likes a girl with a sexy look.


As for his ideal personality, he likes someone who is energetic and someone he can be playful with but also shy. Someone that is supportive, encouraging, and can understand him wholeheartedly. Someone who will always think about him, but can also bond with the other Seventeen members.

Bonus points if she can speak Chinese so that it is easier for him to communicate with her.

5. Seventeen Hoshi’s Ideal Type


Hoshi is super cute when he was asked about his ideal type because he mentioned that he wanted someone who loves him and someone he can “give and take”. Hoshi wants to have a girlfriend who he can give chocolate to and get hugs and kisses in return (for sure, you would be willing to give him chocolate every day). He likes a “homey girl”, he wants his girl to make him feels like “home” whenever they are together. Just like Jun, Hoshi prefers someone who is an extrovert but also has a shy side (someone who can blush easily) because he thinks that it is cute. As he likes a homey girl, his ideal type is someone who prefers to hang out together with a small group rather than go partying. He also wants to hang out with his girl often.


As for her appearance, Hoshi likes someone who smells good. Someone who is cheerful and will laugh at anything that he says, but not when he is in a serious mood. He likes a girl with a bright and beautiful smile.

Not only that, he also wants a girl who is tolerable and supportive toward his career as an idol and will not be jealous when he is surrounded by his fans.

6. Seventeen Wonwoo’s Ideal Type


For Wonwoo, his ideal type is someone who matches him in terms of appearance and also personality. Wonwoo is known as one of the most quiet members, but actually he is not that quiet, so he prefers a girl who he can talk to but can also be a good listener and he can trust. He likes a girl who is serious but at times can be cute and dorky so he can have fun with her. He wants someone who he can feel safe and comfortable with. He also likes a girl who loves books because he thinks girls that loves books are smart.

7. Seventeen Woozi’s Ideal Type


Seventeen Woozi’s ideal type is someone who is more of an introvert and calm. But at times, she can also be cheerful and bright. Someone who is caring and honest is definitely his ideal type. Someone who is serious and careful but can also be fun with. Woozi prefers a girl who has a passion for music so he can relate to her. He is okay with a stubborn girl because he thinks a stubborn girl will be able to take care of him and remind him when he is overworked.

8. Seventeen DK’s Ideal Type


DK (Dokyeom) has a good ideal type of girl in terms of appearance. He likes girls with long and dark hair and also has good looking legs (chopstick legs) and innocent eyes (puppy eyes). DK likes a girl who has a beautiful smile. Someone who has a lot of aegyo, is cute, and clingy is definitely his ideal type. But he also likes someone who looks sexy.


DK’s ideal type of girl must have a kind personality and be sweet. He also prefers someone who is fun and cheerful so he can be happy with her. His ideal type of girl is someone who has a gold heart and is genuine toward others. Not only that he wants his girlfriend to be someone who is younger but is able to balance him out. DK likes to stay at home and he wants his girl to be like that as well.


He also likes someone who is open minded and can understand him well. When he feels stressed and sad, he wants his girlfriend to be a good listener. Someone who can understand and see through his heart, someone who knows when he is in a bad state although he is smiling and looks just fine outside.

9. Seventeen Mingyu’s Ideal Type


Mingyu’s ideal girl is inspired by his mom. He wants to be with someone who is caring and kind (just like his mom). He wants a girl who is understanding, and also thinks about him all the time. Someone he can be relaxed with and can make him feel like he is at home whenever she is around, someone who is not hot tempered, someone who is carefree is his ideal type of girl. Mingyu also likes someone who is romantic and sweet. He adores an independent woman with a different way of thinking (unique and mature girl), but also innocent. He wants a mature girl, because he wants his girl to be tolerant toward him being liked by a lot of girls out there. Someone who is also a good listener and is easy-going.


His ideal girl appearance is someone who is charming and likeable but can look shy, especially with him. Mingyu also likes a girl who is tall just like him (only inches shorter). He also likes girl with a chic style.


Other information about Mingyu’s ideal type is he likes someone who is gentle. He also prefers a girl who doesn’t rush marriage and wants to build a family years later (maybe because he still wants to focus on his career). So if you want to be Mingyu’s girl, be prepared to get married late.

10. Seventeen The8’s Ideal Type


The8’s (Xu Ming Hao) ideal type is someone who has a personality that is like Seventeen’s Joshua. He likes someone who is caring and loving. A girl who is kind and cute (has a lot of aegyo) is his ideal type. And he also wants a girl who is kind to everyone, not only to him. Someone who is a positive thinker who thinks about him all the time.


The8 wants his girlfriend to watch him do b-boy. Someone who is able to speak Chinese would also be a bonus because he wants to communicate easier with her. For him, someone who is not too loud and also not too quiet is ideal. The8 also mentioned that he wants his girlfriend to be proud of him, no matter what he does.

11. Seventeen Seungkwan’s Ideal Type


Seventeen’s SeungKwan also revealed his ideal type. He personally likes girls who have big eyes and fair skin. Someone who is cute and looks cheerful.

Everyone must know that Seungkwan is super dorky and because of that his ideal type is someone who is also a huge dork, so that she can tolerate him and have fun with him. He likes extroverts and sassy girls. While other members prefer girls who are not too loud and not too quiet, Seungkwan prefers someone who is loud and easy going so that he can always talk with her. He also likes independent and ambitious girls (always appears confident). Someone who is relaxed, not hot tempered, and chill is Seungkwan’s ideal type of girl.


Seungkwan wants a girlfriend who has passion about music. Someone who is supportive of his career and pushes him to be able to reach things that he wants to achieve. Someone who is honest and outspoken just like him. He wants to be with a girl who will always stay by his side, even more when he misses home. Someone who is a girlfriend but also a best friend for him.

12. Seventeen Vernon’s Ideal Type


While everyone likes a girl who has long fine hair, Venon prefers girls who have a short bob haircut. Although Venon doesn’t have any specific criteria for his ideal girl it has been a public secret that Venon likes girls who have long pretty legs. But for Venon a beautiful heart is more important than a beautiful face.


For Venon, the most important thing from his ideal type is that she is chill. A girl who will always support him and listen to him, especially when he is insecure and afraid to show others what he actually feels inside. Someone who is also expressive toward her own feelings. He wants someone who is caring and affectionate, someone who will embrace him as a person not only an idol. Vernon also prefers someone who is not too much of an extrovert. And last but not least, a girl who has a kind heart.


13. Seventeen Dino’s Ideal Type


Seventeen’s Dino likes a girl who has a pretty face but is cute and has a lot of aegyo. Although he likes someone that is cute he totally likes a noona type so that his girlfriend can take a good care of him. Dino might be the youngest (magnae) among Seventeen members, but he is really enthusiastic about having a girlfriend soon.


He prefers girls who are the same age as him or a little bit older. Although she is older, she must be cute all the time. He likes noona type because he wants someone who can support him in his career and other aspects of his life, he wants to have a long lasting relationship with his ideal girl so that she can see and help him grow as a person. Since he is only 19 years old, he needs someone who is patient and doesn’t rush things. He needs someone who will help him navigate dating life. A noona that he can trust but doesn’t see him as a kid.


Dino who has been known for liking noona type girls once shocked fans as he was suspected to be dating Min Kyung noona from Plendis Entertainment agency. There was a video of Dino that went viral on internet, saying that “Ming Kyung-a nado jinjja saranghae” (I really love you too, Min Kyung). 

Seventeen Ideal Type Outfit

After reading all the criteria of Seventeen members’ ideal girl, you must also be curious of what kind of outfit will make you look good in each of Seventeen members’ eyes or outfits that they prefer their ideal girls to wear on some occasions, like daily life, at parties, amusement parks, dates, etc. So here, we made a compilation of Seventeen’s ideal type outfits for you!

1. Seventeen S.Coups’ Ideal Type Outfit

s.coups ideal girl outfit
s.coups ideal type outfit

2. Seventeen Jeonghan’s Ideal Type Outfit

jeonghan ideal type outfit
jeonghan ideal type outfit

3. Seventeen Joshua’s Ideal Type Outfit

joshua ideal girl outfit
joshua ideal type outfit
joshua ideal type outfit

4. Seventeen Jun’s Ideal Type Outfit

jun ideal type outfit
jun ideal girl outfit

5. Seventeen Hoshi’s Ideal Type Outfit

hoshi ideal type outfit
hoshi ideal type outfit

6. Seventeen Wonwoo’s Ideal Type Outfit

wonwoo ideal girl outfit

7. Seventeen Woozi’s Ideal Type Outfit

woozi idal girl outfit
woozi ideal type outfit

8. Seventeen DK’s Ideal Type Outfit

DK Ideal type outfit
DK ideal type outfit

9. Seventeen Mingyu’s Ideal Type Outfit

mingyu ideal girl outfit
mingyu ideal girl outfit

10. Seventeen The8’s Ideal Type Outfit

the8 ideal girl outfit
the8 ideal type outfit
the8 ideal type outfit

11. Seventeen Seungkwan’s Ideal Type Outfit

seungkwan ideal girl outfit
seungkwan ideal type outfit

12. Seventeen Vernon’s Ideal Type Outfit

vernon ideal girl outfit
vernon ideal girl outfit

13. Seventeen Dino’s Ideal Type Outfit

dino ideal girl outfit
dino ideal girl outfit

Seventeen Ideal Type Age Gap

Age gaps have always been a thing that is discussed whenever people talk about ideal types but nowadays in South Korea it has been a common thing for men to be with girls who are younger or older. Seventeen members are all still very young, even Dino is still under 20, but do they consider age as a criterion for their ideal type? And how old are the girls that Seventeen members wish to date? Do they prefer to date a dongsaeng or a noona? Here we will give you the answer!

No.Seventeen MemberIdeal Type Age
1.S.Coups 18 – 26 years old (4 years older to younger)
2.JeongHan 18 – 25 years old (3 years younger to 4 years older)
3.Joshua 18 – 28 years old (3 years younger to 7 years older)
4.Jun 17 – 24 years old (3 years younger to 4 years older)
5.Hoshi 17 – 24 years old (4 years younger to 4 years older)
6.Wonwoo 18 – 22 years old (2 years younger to 2 years older)
7.Woozi 19 – 24 years old (his age to 5 years older)
8.DK 17 – 22 years old (2 years younger to 3 years older)
9.Mingyu 18 – 25 years old (1 year younger or 3 years older)
10.The8 16 – 20 years old (2 years younger to 2 years older)
11.Seungkwan 16 – 21 years old (1 year younger to 6 years older)
12.Vernon 16 – 21 years old (2 years younger to 3 years older)
13.Dino 15 – 20 years old (2 years younger to 3 years older)


Seventeen Ideal Type Height

Before, we have discussed the ideal age gap of Seventeen members. But for you to have more specific explanation regarding Seventeen members’ ideal type, we also provide each of Seventeen members ideal height criteria, so check it out!

No.Seventeen MemberIdeal Type HeightOther Explanation
1.S.Coupsaround 156 cmdoesn’t really care about height
2.JeongHan155 cm – 165 cm
3.Joshuaaround 155 cmdoesn’t really care about height
4.Junaround 158 cmdoesn’t really care about height
5.Hoshiaround 155 cm
6.Wonwooaround 159 cm
7.Wooziaround 142 cmdoesn’t really care about height
8.DKaround 157 cm
9.Mingyuaround 163 cmas tall as him, but only inches shorter
10.The8 around 160 cm – 165 cm
11.SeungKwanaround 152 cmlikes tall girl
12.Vernonaround 153 cm
13.Dinoaround 148 cm

After reading all those explanations regarding Seventeen members ideal types, do you match the criteria? To which member of Seventeen do you belong to? If you don’t fit the whole criteria of your bias, don’t you worry because it will keep changing as time passes, and we will keep you updated!